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Favorite Temperature

Discussion in 'Vaporization Discussion' started by Cole420, Sep 30, 2011.

  1. Mr.Sifter

    Mr.Sifter Well-Known Member

    oh thanks,

    so there is no need to go beyond 200-205°C ?

    i received my aromed yesterday and tried it at 190-195°C with a heavy indica strain.
    the effect after 5-10minutes was a nervous sativa effect without the calming smoothness i am used to.

    i really need the antipsychotic effect of the CBD in order to enjoy the THC effect.
  2. m0sh

    m0sh Singer Song Writer Stoner

    How long have you been vaporizing?
    If you combust you will soon realize what you get from smoke and what you get from the high.
    When you smoke at 450C you get really sedative from the smoke itself,now with vaping you hardly "feel it" but trust me once you get used to vaping and understand that smoke is just causing you to be tired - then you will see the differences...

    Heavy indica is not THC free and therefore you should also feel Euphoria...
    But you should feel it much more in the body then in the head...when I get an almost pure sativa I feel it only in my head and nothing in the body...but then again I tried yesterday this fine unknown strain at 200C for 20mins until I felt the popcorn taste...and damn I was numb!!!

    About going more then 200C
    You can sure go beyond and see how it affects you...
    There are still a lot of sedatives stuff (CBC,CBG and THCV) in 200C and above...I usually save it for my ABV that I will use sometime...but the higher you go the more sedative you'll feel.
  3. Mr.Sifter

    Mr.Sifter Well-Known Member

    i dont necessarly want to sedated but yesterdays experience really shocked me.
    its been 2 years since i first tried a vaporizer (volcano classic)

    so i know about the clarity of the high.
    However i still miss the body high and this blissfull feeling you get from smoking indicas.
  4. vorrange

    vorrange Vapor.wise

    Mr. Sifter, with combustion you burn 30% of compounds present in the cannabis, that is a lot of THC going to waste.

    And THC is what gives the euphoria, so that plays a part in the difference you felt with the indica.

    Also, try a slower pull so the temperature is higher and you get more CBN/CBDs.
  5. Mr.Sifter

    Mr.Sifter Well-Known Member


    i will definitely give it some more tries.
    My goal is to get rid of combustion at all.

    No more smoking cigarettes and using herbes only with the aromed.
    and once again, it is not the THC i'm looking for.
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  6. vorrange

    vorrange Vapor.wise

    I get it, you like the couch lock. But with vapours you get more THC than with smoke, that is a fact. Just keep buying pure indicas and you'll be fine.

    If you are from the US and can easily get your hands on some good hash, it generally has a lot more couch lock than weed. Dunno how to vaporize it in a Zap, maybe with a bed of herbs first or some cotton but maybe a Zap expert can chime in..
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  7. Gandalf

    Gandalf Well-Known Member

    I'm starting to realize that I prefer the higher temps as well. I just got an Arizer Solo after using PD as my only vaporizer for a while, and quickly figured out that I needed it to be on its highest setting, 7, to get the same effects I was getting from my PD. Never knew my PD ran so hot - but I like it!

    I do see the appeal of the lower temperatures, as I was enjoying getting high and doing work at a setting of 4 on the Solo. The high was much more functional than I'm used to. Really nice to have a variable temp vape now so I can play around with these things.
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  8. vorrange

    vorrange Vapor.wise

    My thoughts exactly, i would not trade one or the other.. i like the taste and freshness of the first hits and the haze that settles when i hit the higher notes.
  9. Makai

    Makai Member

    Don't know where the Aromed temp sensors are, but the temperature you set is not necessarily the temperature which reaches the herb. So you should go higher with the temperature until you get your desired effect.

    If you kept the partially vaped herb you can vape it again at higher temperatures to get the CBD out of it. I sometimes keep it for the evening because I don't want the couch lock effect in the afternoon.

    Btw if you're addicted to nicotine you should try e-cigarettes to get rid of tobacco combustion. But inform yourself in forums first, so you don't buy a shitty one.
  10. vorrange

    vorrange Vapor.wise

    Somehow i read Aromazap instead of Aromed.. i am not sure anyone tried but i think it shouldn't be difficult to put some hash on top of the herb and then the hash will melt into the herb.
  11. KeepItLit

    KeepItLit Active Member

    recently on my extreme q i have been keeping it at 200 C and its been great every single time. just let it heat up for a few minutes and your good to go
  12. luchiano

    luchiano Well-Known Member

    The Aromed calculates the temperatures within the bowl and the temperature you set is the actual airflow temperature not necessarily the heater temperature so no need to set the temperautre differently.

    It sounds like you didn't release the THC but just the essential oils and they give that euphoric effect and it sounds like you used a lot which isn't necessary. I advise just using enough to scatter the screen around .05-.10 grams(make sure you grind real good),, inhale according to the directions of inhaling at a rate to where the red light keeps blinking so you know the temperature of the heater and the bowl is accurate. Inhaling to hard will stop it blinking and this is not what you want. Set the temperature to 190c, inhale 2-3 times, then raise the temperature up to 200c-202c as this will release the THC and inhale until the vapor is done. I f you want to get more body effects raise the temperature up to 441f to try to get some of the beta-carophylene which effects cb2 receptors but you might not feel the need to go that high as you may be satisfied already. If you want to get higher just repeat the process but be aware because the vapor isn't being rushed into the body like a real thick vapor using a lot at once(.20-.30 grams), it will hit you more slowly and catch you off guard to how high you are so don't think it isn't doing anything if you are used to thick smoke/vapor.

    BTW, CBD doesn't give a calm high because it doesn't effect your brain but your body. It's the essential oils that do that which is why labeling indicas and sativas for energy or calming is starting to get dated. Check this video out:
    Indica and Sativa Marijuana Classification

    Click to play YouTube Video

    What Are Terpenes?

    Click to play YouTube Video
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  13. luchiano

    luchiano Well-Known Member

    The reason is because the PD runs at about 385f and the herb sits in the hot metal bowl that heats herb a little more so it is releasing way more THC(boils at 392f) than if you vaped at 375 or lower. Those temperatures just release essential oils and other things like CBD and CBN but not THC according to Dr.Hornby and it makes sense to me. Number 7 on the Arizer solo is 410f so that is why you felt the similarities between it and the PD as you were releasing THC and no THC at lower temperetures
  14. Qatmaster

    Qatmaster Member

    So AZ
    Some of us aren't looking for a "sweet spot" so much as a specific effect, like, say pain relief... So the temps are quite important for us. You wouldn't notice the differences if you were vaping for entertainment and pleasure. And, frankly, when I'm in pain, I dont GET high, I get relief. If you don't understand that, I'm very happy for you, and that is NOT a sarcastic remark. I actually hope you never quite get it how mmj and pain work, because that would necessitate you having a painful condition of some kind. But rest assured, if you do NOT have such issues, there are different reasons for vaping than mere enjoyment. I so wish that could be my main reason!

    On the other hand, I just got an arizer solo, and I mean, today! I've been "walking the ladder" on it, and that's an amazing experience. I wish I could know for sure what temps are actually being produced at each of these levels, but my personal experience with my Volcano tells me that 2 is around 145ish c, and 3 is around 160ish c. That's how it FEELS to me. I'm currently searching for a chart of the Solo's temps, but I know that my draw affects those temps, so even when I find the list, it won't be exact. As long as it's somewhere near my faves: 145, 160, 175 and 190, I'll be happy.

    I make huge use of my abv, btw. Volcano and Solo produce medibles, and all other abv goes to making vape juice and oils. I have made several batches of each now, having achieved reproduceability on butter, glycerin vape juice, semi-solid oil from Everclear (made with reclaim and cleaning tools as well as kief and hash). So that's another reason I like temp control in vaping. I vape at low temps and that decarbs my stash, essentially. Works, from the results, anyway. A post-surgical friend voted for the vape juice and the oil. He was already hooked on butter.

    Just another viewpoint, friend. Glad you don't have to worry about dosing or other minutae when you vape. I'm only saying that some of us DO have to worry about it.
  15. CarolKing

    CarolKing Singer of songs and a vapor connoisseur

    Solo Temps:
    7. 210 C 410F
    6. 205. 401
    5. 200. 392
    4. 195. 383
    3. 190. 374
    2. 185. 365
    1. 50.

    My fav temp on the Solo is starting at 4 then go up to 5. I go up to heat level 6 too, but not always. I usually save the higher temps for a WT.

    I vape for pain also, sometimes the sweet spot means when the temp starts to make things feel better. The sweet spot can also mean flavor. It just depends on the meaning of the individual.

    Oatmaster, Those above posts are from 2 years ago.
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2014
  16. HarmlessJohnny_5

    HarmlessJohnny_5 Well-Known Member

    hmmmm, I wonder what my underdog is running at. My nylon stems certainly char, my glass is probabbly missing stuff, the solo at 7 is not that much better than my nylon stems so if that's around 410F.... am I missing all of the THC-V if I should happen to get a strain that has some?
    The high temps hurt my throat and especially my lungs, they just turn juicy and painful. I do -not- want to burn smoke, can't take the smoke :) But more than anything else I want THC-V, it's my marijuana mission, I'll almost certainly grow for the purpose of high THC-V ratio content one day. But I want to use my vapes :)

    On the one hand, my dang solo it seems will not cook off THC-V. But on the other hand is there any reason to think I can't harvest my ABV bud and then make oil out of it, containing all that THC-V I'm leaving behind?
    Might be nice I mean, it's not just about getting some THC-V in there, it's about getting a high 'ratio' of thc-V. I've I'm vaped out most of the non THC-V already then what I harvest should contain ahigh ratio of THC-V, assuming my strains contained some thc-v anyway.
    end result, you get wax with a very high thc-v content. Wonder how intense and trippy -that- would be like :D
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  17. max

    max Out to lunch

    Let's keep in mind that this thread is about preferred temps, and not about how to use a particular vape or what the temp range on it is. I'd hate to have to have to start deleting posts that are getting too off topic. This section, General Vaporization, does not deal with specific vape models at all, and questions about this or that model should be asked in the appropriate thread in Vaporizer Discussion.
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  18. CarolKing

    CarolKing Singer of songs and a vapor connoisseur

    My preferred temp is dependent on what vaporizer I'm using. A 380 degrees on one vaporizer is different on another depending on the air path for me. I like to keep around 375 for flavor but for pain I like to go around 390 and above. Too high of heat I use water filtration to avoid lung irritation.

    Dryness of material used makes a difference too.
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  19. stressed

    stressed Well-Known Member

    good morning!

    on my extreme Q, using the bag, i go back and forth between 370F and 392F. the 370 is a nice high but the 392 is stonier. i'm liking the stony feeling more these days and keep it around 392 about 90% of the time. it cures what ails me! :)
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  20. throwawaytre3s

    throwawaytre3s Well-Known Member

    On my EQ, my rotation usually starts like this. 1 bag on 220C, with fresh load. Stir it up a bit, then set it to 215C, two bags, then one bag at 210. This is usually in a group setting, with 3 or 4 friends. I can't imagine taking that many bags to the face, I'd be out there man.
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  21. RUDE BOY

    RUDE BOY Space is the Place


    Seems to me it may be better to start at the lower temp of 210C and work your way UP to 220C.

    once you vape at 220C you've used up a bunch of the goodies you would get starting at 210C.

    I like to use lower temps during the day 350F-375F and bump it up at night to near combustion temps, Works for me.
  22. throwawaytre3s

    throwawaytre3s Well-Known Member


    Ooh, I may have to try that once I'm able to vape again!

    edit: Thanks for the tip, man!
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