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Favorite Temperature

Discussion in 'Vaporization Discussion' started by Cole420, Sep 30, 2011.

  1. biojuggernaut

    biojuggernaut Snob

    Seattle, Washington 98133
    yooo lets chill homie. Im in NE!
  2. herbgirl

    herbgirl cannabis aromatherapist

    the land of pleasant living
    I've found that recently the lower temps tend to make me twichy, maybe it's the strain. either way. I'm better off above 400 f, preferably 440 on the trusty ion. lower temps are so much tastier, but just aren't for me right now - unless i'm looking for twitchy, that is.
  3. mistergyro

    mistergyro Well-Known Member

  4. VapeCritic

    VapeCritic Bud

    I'm over here now
    These are the temps that I like with these 3 vapes:

    Volcano Classic - 6 on the dial (about 374F, or 365-383F factoring temp flux)

    Extreme-Q - 383-392F - true vape temp slightly lower than core temp setting

    Vapir NO2 - 350-355F - runs a lil hot so i use a lower temp than normal
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  5. Mathair Naduir

    Mathair Naduir Cannabis And Vapor Connoisseur

    Personally, I would only use the temp on any vaporizers as somewhat of a gauge to help you achieve your "sweet spot" right away, on a daily basis. I wouldn't fixate over temp's and what not.

    My keys to know if I'm vaping right:

    Color (golden-brown, baked herbs!)
    Vapor Production (Vapor/Air ratio; any experienced vaporist will know if they are getting a good hit, regardless of temp, solely based off of vapor production and quality).

    Add more!
  6. sal69

    sal69 Member

    From what i have found Out THc needs the highest temp, about 205c.
    Cbn i think will boil at 185c.

    So according to that you Need about 210c to Release all the Fun particels from the herb.
    I use a volcano digital so i can select the temp i want to use and is Petty accurate.

    I Feel that using 210c right away will give you a very harsh bag Almost like Smoking pure in a pipe.
    I do Not like that, i want the experience to be pleasant,

    So i Start at 170c, this will create a very tasty bag Full of flavoids.
    But there will be close to Zero THc. I continue at this lower temp until the Taste gets weaker, a sign that everything Boiled off that will boil at this temp. Then. You can gradually increase the temp until you Hit 205c or 210c.
    The Taste will Not be very harsh and this Way you can really Extract everything.

    You Need to use at least 7 on the volcanO Classic or 205c on the digital to get the THc from the herb.
    There is a study showing that 6 Bags at Setting 7 will Leave next to Nothing in the herb.
    Below that its Aroma therapy. You will See effects, because After all there is more than THc in there but much will be left in the herb.

    Also the volcano Poo will Look very different After such a Treatment. Judging by the Looks of it there is Not much left ;)
  7. sal69

    sal69 Member

    Sry i Used my iphone for this posting ...
  8. Skeena

    Skeena Standing stone faced like a statue.

    I used to start at a lower temp like 180c and move up to 200-205 but now I just start at 205 and do 2-3 bags and then refill the bowl. Makes for some killer abv when I don't fill many bags(extreme q)
  9. t-dub

    t-dub Vapor Sloth

    I may be wrong but I thought THC had a boiling point of 157*C/314.6*F?

    Also: I have had some irritation issues and now vape at 365*F or lower. Its working well with flowers. Its really hard waiting for the Cloud since I can have that, or some glass for my HA, but not both. So I patiently await my turn at moisture conditioned vapor nirvana. :)
  10. sublimationpurist

    sublimationpurist formerly stephenking

    I like a low temp vapor, about where my Myrtle wood PD is at.
  11. JustOnCloud9

    JustOnCloud9 Ate the Kumo Kumo no mi

    Sky Island of Ooo
    190 Celsius on my ol' EQ
  12. Nosferatu

    Nosferatu Well-Known Member

    I agree, I like high temps, i use the 3'0clock position on the cloud. Twelve o'clock is apparently 400F so I think three is about there, probably more like 430F. One thing I noticed is I find low temp vapor more irritating and less effective because i have to take in more hits for the same buzz, while higher temp satisfies me quicker and gives those full hits, also with the cloud they are smooth and tasty hits. None of my friends care for lower temps either, but to each his own, its all the same in the end. :peace:
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  13. Choism

    Choism Well-Known Member

    I like high temps, not sure of the exact temperature though. 3 o'clock on the ssv and a thick koozie on the crz is perfect for me.
  14. Old_Hippy

    Old_Hippy Well-Known Member

    I have been running my LBCB (little black chinese box) at 386 for 14 months now believing that hotter was better. But lately I've found the vapor gets harsh and hot and hurts my throat.
    I saw a vid on youtube where the guy said that THC "boils off" over about 380, and that seemed wrong to me cos I was vaping hotter than that and i KNOW there was plenty of the good stuff in the steam :smug:

    But after reading this thread I tried vaping at 368 and found it gave a good result without the loss of consciousness that sometimes happens at the higher temp :mmmm: ...and more importantly, no bad feelings in my throat.
    And I do think that it makes a difference what product you use, but unfortunately I have zero control over that...in a black market situation you have to be grateful for whatever you can get, and no-one is able to tell you what you're smoking...and I doubt that anyone but the grower knows that, and they're not saying.

    Those of you living in medical marijuana states are very lucky....don't let the Feds take your meds!!
  15. pakalolo

    pakalolo RoboMod v4.0a (unstable) Staff Member

    Other side of your screen
    You are still at the high end of my range. I start at 160°C (320°F) on my Extreme. I rarely go above 190°C (374°F). Note, however, that these are just indicated temperatures and not the actual temperature at the point of vapourization. I don't know which LBCB you're using but the odds are high that its temperature is even less reliable than the Extreme's. They're not really temperatures anyway, they're reference points that allow a consistent experience. You can also compare with other devices, as long as you realize that one manufacturer's 160° could be another's 170°. I feel comfortable comparing Extreme to Extreme, but it's difficult to know how any other model compares, much less LBCBs.

    Back to your original point, I recommend that you find the lowest temperature that delivers vapour and start out from there. The vapour will be thinner but tastier, and as you've discovered, easier on your throat. The effects will also be different, which might not be to your liking. Some people need or want the effects of components that require higher temperatures for release. On the other hand, starting low lets you vapourize in steps. When you stop getting vapour at one temperature, move up 5 or 10 degrees. Keep doing this until the taste is too nasty, which happens for me at around 190°C. I know (because I've tried it) that my Extreme ABV typically will have a few high temperature hits left in it if I can tolerate the taste. It's still good pain relief/sleep-inducing stuff if I need that.

    Everyone is different, and every vapourizer is different. You have to experiment and find the right combination for you.
  16. badbadbiker

    badbadbiker Member

    I really think it is not the temp that is the more important variable it is the amount of surface area involved in the heating element. It allows you to keep your temps low and the tasty factor high. but i only smoke concentrates. WHy you ask? it is because i could never bring myself to throw out material that wasnt burned black and that defeats the purpose of vaping as far as i am concerned
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  17. golantravize

    golantravize professional metaphysician

    The best temperature to vape is 190C or 374F. Setting 3 on my Arizer Solo.
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  18. golantravize

    golantravize professional metaphysician

    Have you read the article, or just the abstract?
  19. Hippie Dickie

    Hippie Dickie The Herbal Cube Manufacturer

    where the Cube rules!
    i agree. i had been using 385° for quite a while, and then dropped it down to 375°F and the vape density and extraction (and effect) stayed the same -- and not as hot.
  20. pakalolo

    pakalolo RoboMod v4.0a (unstable) Staff Member

    Other side of your screen
    I have read the full study, and I can tell you that chernn is correct, that is what the study says.

    The problem here is that this study, and every other one I have read, does not take into account the results of stepping up through the temperatures. 446°F (230°C) has maximum cannibinoid content and the best ratio to undesirable by-products because that temperature is high enough to release almost all the cannibinoids at the same time. Note that this high temperature also increases the amount of undesirables, but the ratio is reduced because of the greater increase of desirables.

    The study tests at 170°C, 200°C, and 230°C. They do not take the sample vapourized at 170°C and see what happens when you re-vapourize at 200°C, yet this is a common and I think more likely method. At each of the two lower temperatures, the ratio of undesirables to cannibinoids is higher than at 230°C, but it is not clear what ratios you would see if you stepped up through the temperatures, which is the way I and many others use our devices. Ultimately, if you go all the way to 230°C then it seems to me that you will release exactly the same amount of cannibinoids and tars whether you stepped up or went directly there, so at the end the ratio ought to be the same. If that is the case, and the initial temperature had a higher ratio than the high temperature (230°C), then the ratio at the intermediate steps must be lower. Indeed, the study shows that as temperature increases, the ratio drops.

    I don't like high temperatures because the taste is much worse and the vapour is much harsher on my throat and lungs. I might not be releasing as much of the desirable components, but I have my ABV to process if I want to recover more. I still get the effects I'm after, which might not be true for people seeking relief from pain, nausea, or insomnia. What this study does confirm is that vaporizing does dramatically (their word) reduce the amount of undesirable components compared to combustion.
  21. golantravize

    golantravize professional metaphysician

    Thanks for the thorough response and good fact checking! I agree that temperatures higher than 200C (my vape goes to 210 and does increments of 5C, (185-210 total)) become too unpleasant to warrant possible extra effects, especially when I can't tell the difference. I keep the ABV but I don't really do anything with it, I just don't want to leave a trail of ABV all the time.

    As far as stepping ups through the temperatures, It's not more efficient, but it can be fun for sure. I do think a lot of people start too low though, much below 180C and you won't get vaporization of most cannabinoids. I wish I could cite studies but I did not save them as they were presented to me.
  22. natural farmer

    natural farmer Well-Known Member

    High in a Greek mountain!
    Personally I prefer vaping at my m105 Solo's highest temp which I believe it has been measured at about 220C. After two years in vaping and by not using any glass tube or bubbler, my teeth are becoming quite sensitive and I can't handle more than 3-4 hits comfortably. Hense the high temps which medicate me faster and give me the full effects of any particular strain in two or three 45-55 sec/220C-possibly-lung-busting hits (depending on the amount I put in that bowl)... Taking it slowly and building up also takes much more time, even if you use a vapor cooling glass and I prefer to get the effects immediately when I need it. This is also very comfortable when out and about. Sneaking in a WC or something and be ready in a couple of minutes and for the next couple of hours is just FANTASTIC. Couldn't do that with my weaker LB... ;P
    So yeah! Full hot extraction for me and I hope I 'll be able to get a piece of glass soon!
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  23. Vapinghole

    Vapinghole Low-Temp Hempist / JedHI Master

    The Electric Banana
    Low-temp hemp!! 338 F / 170 c is my preference through my viVape/bong setup. With my LB, I use the power adapter around the middle setting.
  24. Tweak

    Tweak T\/\/34|<

    I've gotten best results from my Extreme Q by starting at a lower temp (~185) and if that doesn't provide a thick enough hit I move up to 194. Once they start to fill light, I will jump up to 210 or 220 and finish the bowl off. I keep getting vapor, well at least I think is vapor, at such a high temp but it starts to taste nasty and burn my throat.
  25. pakalolo

    pakalolo RoboMod v4.0a (unstable) Staff Member

    Other side of your screen
    This is true to some extent, but you can get pretty ripped on whatever gets released at 160°C, and it is much, much tastier. Bear in mind that the temperatures we're throwing around here are what is indicated by the device (Arizer Extreme in my case) and don't necessarily reflect the temperature at the point of vapourization. In fact, no vapourizer measures the actual vapourization temperature, although some get a lot closer than others. (Herbalaire vs Chinese hotbox, anyone?)

    I see this kind of assertion all the time, and it immediately tells me that the writer simply hasn't learned the right technique. The LB can reach combustion temperatures, so there is no reason you can't get whatever you want from it. Lots of people do. It's a matter of learning how to control it. There are plenty of posts in the LB thread to support this.

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