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Favorite strains? Sativa, indica, hybrid

Discussion in 'Vaporizables' started by Evilevile, May 31, 2018.

  1. Evilevile

    Evilevile Active Member

    The Fraser Valley
    Hello everyone,

    I wanted to get a feel of everyone's favorite strains. Ones that are special to you, that you always look out for.

    Is it a unique scent? Does it medicate you in just the right way? Or did it just stand out from the rest?

    I only have a couple years experience with Cannabis, so I still have many strains to try. I can't describe strains very well, sorry!
    Here's some of my favorites (so far):

    Jack Herer - Strong mood lift. Feels just right. This one stuck with me a long time ago and it still works well. Very functonal.

    Blue Dream - Smells incredible. Tastes great.
    Lovely all day delight.

    Pineapple Express - Wow. Very nice. I can't get enough. Puts me in a very nice place.

    Purple Goddess - I think I like purple anything. Love the look, the smell, everything. I want to try more purple strains.

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  2. HughJundys

    HughJundys Willie B. Hardigan

    Las Vegas
    Before my state went legal and I was also still combusting I had to just take whatever my supplier had. It wasn't unusual for me to pass out at my desk. When I need to get drawings done that's not helpful.

    Now there are many multiples of strains I can choose from. I keep at least three on hand. It is really wonderful to be able to zero in on the exact effects I want. Now I'm trying to dial in the flavor.

    These are a few I like more than others.

    Super Glue
    By State Flower

    A cross between Afghani and Northern Lights, has a sweet caramel and pine taste.
    I like this for an all day vape. It does not put me to sleep. It does not make me eat everything in the house. It is a very nice head high. It is one of the more inexpensive strains so you can buy a lot and vape a lot. I can vape this and still do lots of things because it is an energetic high.

    Sour Amnesia
    By Matrix

    A potent sativa blend by bringing together Sour Diesel and Amnesia, two legendary strains. Sour Amnesia has an earthy, floral taste that is enhanced by the citrus, zest of sour diesal. It is another daytime smoke. However if you smoke too much, which is easy because it tastes great, it will put you down for a nap.

    Head Cheese
    By Polaris
    Head Cheese combines the legendary strains 707 Headband and UK Cheese into a pungent and potent sativa-dominant hybrid. I wish it had a different name because head cheese doesn't sound like anything you'd want to vape. You'd be wrong because you do want to vape this. This is the thunder-fuck. At one of my dispensaries it is listed at 28.97% THC. I tend to like the sweet tasting strains. This is not that. I don't know if I'd call this savory but it has an earthy slight cheese taste. How I described it sounds nasty. That is my fault for not having the right vocabulary to describe what is a wonderful tasting strain. If you like to have something in your arsenal that can make sitting on the couch playing video games for hours fun, this is it.
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