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Fats/lipids in crumbles

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by california burrito, Apr 7, 2014.

  1. california burrito

    california burrito carne asada, french fries, sour cream and cheese

    Lately on Instagram I've been seeing people bashing crumbles, saying that in order for a concentrate to turn into a crumble, it has to contain fats/lipids that wouldn't be there if the concentrate was dewaxed. I wasn't sure what they meant, because I always thought crumbles were just shatters that had been purged/vac'd for longer and higher temps? Is there any physical damage to smoking fats/lipids if crumbles do indeed have them? And while I'm at it, does dewaxing leave a concentrate all sappy?
  2. 215z

    215z Well-Known Member

    I don't do crumbles or waxes, because they cost as much or more than the viscous oils that are lab tested @ higher THC% values. If crumbles, waxes, and honeycomb have less THC% than oils, what else do they have in them? I don't know, and I don't know if it is fair to assume lipids. But to me, it is a safe assumption, because inhaling lipids is a no-no. Lipid pneumonia sucks and has happened to e-cig users who vape a nic blend that uses essential oils for scent/flavor.
  3. LetsAllMeltDownTogether

    LetsAllMeltDownTogether Well-Known Member

    Lipids can cause harshness and coughing which is never good for your lungs. Some people believe that the lipids help retain flavor and prefer to keep them. Shatter means the material is fresh enough to still contain THCa.
  4. r-bot

    r-bot New Member

    The claim that a concentrate has to have lipids in it to be a crumble is completely false.
    Dewaxing is just removing a harmless impurity. Crumble can be achieved just as easily with dewaxed oil as shatter can be with unaltered oil.
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  5. 215z

    215z Well-Known Member

    After taking all the trouble to winterize and dewax oil, who has the heart to whip it with a pin?
  6. Haywood

    Haywood Onward Thru the Fog

    Sometimes it's much easier to deal with crumble/wax than it is to deal with oil.
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  7. 063_XOBX

    063_XOBX Ganjapreneur

    That's been my experience. Much easier to weigh for rationing too.
  8. 215z

    215z Well-Known Member

    The wax/crumble at the dispensaries I go to sit for weeks, if not months on the shelf. Do y'all perceive degradation over time? Maybe I'm being overly paranoid about oxidizing the magic oil.
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  9. kingtut106

    kingtut106 Well-Known Member

    The difference between what people call absolute vs basically everything else. Absolute has had these fats/lipids removed, typically using cold temperatures to separate the substances. Using solvents (polar or non-polar) allows the undesirables to drop out at the low temperatures. One solvent or two can be used that is preference and how advanced your setup is.

    You can still obtain shatter having fats/lipids in your wax. The best way to tell if a concentrate has unwanted plant substances in it is harshness after a hit, dewaxed errl goes down like butter.
  10. Stiggy

    Stiggy Member

    Whoever told you that crumbles must contain fats and lipids should be ignored.

    Many people don't vac purge after winterizing or doing QWET extractions. Ethyl Alcohol doesn't have to be purged out completely. But, if you don't purge it out completely you will only think that shatter is all you can make with QWET or after winterizing. When I vac purge my winterized BHO runs long enough I get crumble or wax\budder. Whichever I'm going for really. I never whip manually, thats Busch League Bullshit. Manual whipping traps air in your product helping it degrade. Do budder correctly with vac purging and you get bubbless budder that doesn't contain air that will degrade your product as fast. From what I can tell from what I have made it seems to have pretty good shelf life with no perceived loss of potency, but its usually gone in under 2-3 weeks. You can get the same finishes from an absolute that you can with non winterized butane run. Sometimes I purge for 5-7 days, it all depends on the run.

    The people on Instagram are simply ignorant fools regurgitating some BS they read somewhere and have no real experience with.
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2014
  11. 2clicker

    2clicker we out there Accessory Maker

    i would like to add that shatter, wax, crumble, etc... are all OIL.

    they represent different consistencies/viscosities, but are all oil (trichs are oil).

    i see a lot of people saying things like "works with wax, but not oil"... when in fact wax IS oil.
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  12. dannkk

    dannkk Well-Known Member

    Very true. It's picked up a double meaning, though. They're describing it's state. When it is runny, and resembles an oil people are more used to seeing. I'm sure you understood that already, though.
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  13. SD_haze

    SD_haze MMJ Vaporist

    San Diego, CA
    A b s o l u t e l y!!

    I've seen tons of dispensaries with some budder crumble that literally has zero smell left. They leave it under lights all day, 7 days a week, and no one buys it. Just sits there. Luckily, those clubs naturally go out of business and leave the ones with faster-turnover to do their thing.

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