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Fake Pax Vaporizers. Bootlegs?

Discussion in 'Counterfeit Vaporizers' started by mrweed, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. max

    max Out to lunch

    Fake Pax units aren't made in someone's garage, and by most reports I've seen, the fakes work just like the real ones, so where do you get your claims of poor quality and dangerous construction, aside from some member's suspicions who hasn't even seen a real one for comparison? As for customer svc., that depends on the seller, and your claim of none can't be proven.

    The Pax is faked only because of the company's policy to restrict sales to North America, AFAIK, and because they chose to have it produced where it could easily be ripped off. If you're in a country where you can't get the real Pax, the counterfeit is tempting if you just really have to own this model. Yeah, it would be dumb, IMO, to knowingly buy the fake in order to save a few bucks, but don't make claims about the fake just to put it down, when you can't back them up.

    Just to make it clear though, FC will never support any product that claims to be a brand that it isn't. If anyone can't buy a Pax, because they're outside of NA, our advice is to find an acceptable brand that you can buy. There are quite a few portables that are on equal footing with the Pax, and in some respects better.
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  2. el peje

    el peje New Member

    Another way to tell is the quality of the Charger itself. The Original on the LEFT has texture to it and is a high quality plastic, The bootleg replica on the RIGHT is a cheap water gun type toy plastic with no texture. The real PAX charger is 9V while the bootleg ones come in 3v and 5v.

    They take forever to charge too and you have to wiggle them to make sure they make contact with the pins connectors. Also this said pin connector is high gloss brass type on the Original, and a brownish golden tin type on the fake.

    I was fooled the first time around just last week at an actual Vape store here in Florida, They were refusing to take it back, A threat to the Better Business Bureau, had them take it back and removed the other 4 off their shelves, I sent someone in a couple days later and they did not have them out for sale, YET...

    A dead give away without having to go crazy trying to verify if your PAX is official, if it does not have party mode or if you cant play the Simon Says game on it, then it does not have the sophisticated chips in it, making it a fake.

    Hope that helps.


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  3. Bambam389

    Bambam389 New Member

    Hey guys long time reader first time poster;
    Trying to tell if mines fake or not. Bought yesterday from authorized reseller. Passes every test. 3 issues I'm trying to grasp:
    -The oven lid is EXTREMELY loose like I'm talking I can slide it side to side no problem and almost shove the cleaning pipe cleaner into slot on one side when slid to opposite side
    I can also see oven lid shaking as I'm holding pax in hand and just normal shaking of my hand blood circulation is enough to rattle this thing
    -tried removing oven lid; definitely helped rattle but still a louder than normal rattle comig from unit. I have used Paxs before and have never heard these noises
    Thought it was sliding piece on MP but took that out and shook and heard rattle on MP. -Compared that very faint rattle (that you really hve to shake Mp to hear) to rattle from unit with MP and oven lid out-rattle way louder from inside of unit than shakig mp in hand at full force,
    Not sure if anyone else has had this problem. Only issues i fjnd people having with rattles is from fakes or that very faint rrattle but this is LOUD
    Any input is greatly appreciated. Fired off a very displease email to support as of right now
    -and 3 turned on nthing in chamber-all i hear is crackling noises coming from internal working of unit while heating up was scared it was going to blow up so shut off
  4. pakalolo

    pakalolo RoboMod v4.0a (unstable) Staff Member

    Other side of your screen
    The loose oven door sounds like a manufacturing defect. Since it still rattles without the oven lid and the mouthpiece and also crackles when heating up, it is probably defective. Neither of these things confirms a fake.

    There should be a serial number engraved inside the chamber under the mouthpiece. Ploom can tell you whether it is one of theirs or a fake. Good luck!
  5. Bambam389

    Bambam389 New Member

    Yeah thanks for the reply, I saw the serial there and on the box
    -emailed support just waiting until Monday I guess for them to get back to me. The reason I asked is because people said fake ones rattle a lot and I saw the video where it's rattling and it really scared me
    That I had bought a fake
    Going to have to wait and see
  6. el peje

    el peje New Member


    The oven Door latch is just a tiny magnet on each side, make sure you have both magnets.
    it does rattle a bit as you can push on either side of it to let more air in but its not supposed to swing open like a barn door. Their has been reports of fakes with actual real serial numbers which they use from obviously real pax vapes.

    The best way to test it is with the shake for battery test , the party mode test and the Simon Says test. The units need a sensor to activate which way you are rotating the device, kind like an accelerator on your smart phone.

    If you can not get these modes started then you have a fake, I highly doubt they are going to be putting so many features into a fake.

    How to play the simon game on your Pax

    Click to play YouTube Video
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  7. mrt4242

    mrt4242 New Member


    I just received a Pax as a gift, and now I am worried about its authenticity. Everything about it seems to check out, except for three things. My alcohol wipes also say 'alcohol wipes' rather than sanitary wipes, my serial number starts with 'CG' and is a little taller than the ones I could find on Google which all start with 'B', and my AC plug is different than those I've seen on Google image (it looks s bit smaller, the prongs don't retract, and it is labeled for 110-240v). The voltage and Amps are correct (9, 1.3), but I am pretty nervous.

    All lighting works perfectly, it charges with the top on, the finish seems to be the same as the real pictures I've seen (not overly rough), and all modes work (including playing Simon), but I am a bit nervous. I will contact Ploom but they are off for a few weeks for Christmas. Please let me know if you have seen serial number starting with C, or are aware of the newer charger.

    Also, not sure if this is a red flag, but the box is dated 2014, but the cleaning kit is dated 2013. Thanks!
  8. TastySmoke

    TastySmoke New Member

    I am concerned that I bought a "fake". All items seem TRUE but I cant seem to get it into "party" or "simon says" mode. Mine looks like the real one compared to the fake pictures. The only thing that seems slightly different is that on my oven lid, the plastic is indented differently than the pictures of real ones.

    Another difference is that my heat light setting are RED, ORANGE and LIGHT GREEN while the pictures on the site and in the manual show RED ORANGE and YELLOW ish (Not GREEN like the ready light).

    Lastly, I got the blue one and my outer shell is nice and smooth (no texture).

    Please advise. Especially why I cant get it in Party or Simon Says mode. I can shake is to show the heat mode though!

  9. bizkid

    bizkid New Member

    is anyone able to do a legit check on my pax ploom. i have added a new post i would be very grateful. thanks.
  10. Quetzalcoatl


    SDCA, 3rd Planet
    why dont you email the company instead?
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  11. bizkid

    bizkid New Member

    i have done just waiting on a reply but its difficult when outside of the US or canada
  12. samlz

    samlz New Member

    What the health hazards I gone have with a pax fake? And how about efficiency?

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