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Fake LSV

Discussion in 'Counterfeit Vaporizers' started by zdthorx, Apr 21, 2014.

  1. zdthorx

    zdthorx Unapproved commercial account.

    Found an lsv clone, .... Is anyone fluent in chinese?
    I'd like to know how the clone works lol

    Modnote: Link removed, screenshot and translation added.

    Product Information
    Name: The new electronic tobacco vaporizer Aroma
    Brand: Starbuss
    Color: Purple Blue Green Black Red Silver
    Product Features:
    This product is electronic tobacco evaporator, is the use of electricity, heating the tobacco, tobacco flavor emit bursts through the skin tube transmission pipelines in order to achieve the purpose of smoking, is an environmentally friendly, healthy, high-tech green electric cigarette products.
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  2. mrweed

    mrweed vaporizer review blogger

    check the thread about namastevapes. they sell it with their own logo. funny is that it's more expensive than the original lsv :/
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