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Excerpts from Michelle Obama's Last Speech as First Lady

Discussion in 'The Vapor Lounge' started by lwien, Jan 6, 2017.

  1. lwien

    lwien Well-Known Member

    Arcadia, California
    I know that she's said that she will never run for office but after 4 years of Trump, all I gotta say is, Michelle, we're gonna need ya.

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  2. CarolKing

    CarolKing Singer of songs and a vapor connoisseur

    I will miss the Obamas more than I can say. Michelle as well as our president I will miss probably even more. Both had wonderful speeches. Michelle and Barack said they weren't going anywhere. I'm counting on that, that makes me feel a little bit better.

    Feeling very apprehensive and worried about the next 4 years. I've been seeing a lot of comparison between Richard Nixon and Trump. How Nixon would lie about big things our new president lies about everything.

    I guess we will need to hold on tight and try to feel safe in our own world that we live in, it's not just a Trump world, this is our United States. Hoping that he selects smart people surrounding him that are willing to tell it like it is, not just what he wants to hear. I am very concerned. The Democrats are in a bad place, they won't have much of a voice. That's why voting is so important not just for president.

    Michelle Obama would make an excellent president. I would vote for her in a heartbeat. I defiantly feel emotional on Obamas last days in office.

    We underestimated the amount that Twitter could effect the vote also a lot of other issues I won't get into.

    I bought myself a card the other day. It says "always believe something wonderful is about to happen". That card I thought I was buying for someone else's but I kept it for me. Do things positive for yourself.

    When you are president it's important to hold to the dignity of being president.

    Bernie is having a Town Hall meeting on CNN this week be watching for that.
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  3. GetLeft

    GetLeft Well-Known Member

    Convection City
    While it's important to message hope to everyone in these trying times, It's particularly important to be aiming the message of hope to the younger generation. 4 to 8 yrs. of trump will brainwash an entire generation that currently is too young to think seriously about things for itself. Just look at the reagan years. And to think that I was under the impression that we were on the final purge of all that crap. Oh well I won't start the melodrama all over. My hope is M020.
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  4. HellsWindStaff

    HellsWindStaff Dharma Initiate


    I do a killer Obama impression so I will regret not being able to pull that out of the hat as often.

    I disagree with him on a number of things. But I don't wish ill will on the guy or anything and he was a good politician in the sense he made it "cool" to be political. As a young person the way he invigorated a nation/young people was seriously impressive. I don't think he's an amazing speaker regarding content but he is very charismatic.

    I won't get into him leaving like a sore loser (unlike bush or even bill) Do you guys think history will remember Obama by the value of his actions or do you think he will be more remembered based on color of skin? I don't mean this to be inflammatory it's a genuine question for me because I feel that the historic value of him being the first AA president will likely outweigh his policies/legacy.

    I was not alive for Jimmy Carter but I think history will remember him in much the same way, a relatively ineffective president who genuinely seems like a guy you'd have a beer with. They'll remember him more bu same general tone.

    Hope to a younger generation.....i have a story regarding that. Thanksgiving, I see my little cousin he is 8. He tells me how Donald Trump winning was scary and how the wrong person won. My aunt and uncle are not overtly political but still voted Trump (voted Obama the previous two). Spreading "hope" is a nice saying but implies we need something to be hopeful for. Someone else felt the need to impose their wisdom of hope on my cousin lol. Or a classmate imposed it from his parents.its a fear mongering narrative that isn't constructive.

    That said, 8 year olds are easy to impress especially when they love the WWE. Donald Trump clothslining Vince McMahon weighed more on his mind than that unwarranted fear. What a statement in itself that out president did that lol. I can only hope he's red pilling the 3rd graders :lol:
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  5. CarolKing

    CarolKing Singer of songs and a vapor connoisseur

    I think about what the country was like 8 years ago when Obama came into office. I think he did the best job he could do with some of the opposition he had to deal with. Remember all the foreclosures? All these houses that people were walking away from - it was a financial disaster for many folks in the area where I live.

    Think about the provision in Obamacare where folks can't be denied insurance for pre-existing conditions. Also no medical caps where once you meet a certain amount in medical bills like $250,000. You don't get anymore medical insurance through that company. Folks with cancer easily could be much more than that amount. That is huge and I don't think we will lose that with whatever the republicans come up with to take its place. The American people won't allow it.

    Obama's legacy will be the provisions in the affordable care act regarding preexisting conditions and medical caps on insurance.

    There are many folks on FC that have serious medical problems. A preexisting condition clause is rediculiius. I have a few preexisting conditions myself.

    Our unemployment rate is around 5% right now in the Seattle/Tacoma area. Personally the economy is doing well here but some of the smaller towns aren't doing as well in my state. We have towns that never recovered from the 1980s when the logging mills shut down. I realize it isn't doing well everywhere.

    What a difference with Obama and the new president coming into office. I think we are in for a bumpy ride. Everybody better buckle up.:science:


    Beautiful going away speech by Obama, he had me in tears. A very eloquent speaker, I don't want Obama to leave the presidency. Look what we have to look forward to with the next president. A president lifts the people up - Trump I don't feel that.

    I'm hearing now the Russians have something on Trump, some compromising material. Probably more to come......Trump says Fake News!!!
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  6. GetLeft

    GetLeft Well-Known Member

    Convection City
    Holy moly man.

    I can't say "forget Michelle's speech."

    But what? Obama provided perhaps the best speech of his career to date. Imo that is.

    The guy's clued in. Always has been. Speaks truth. Gets hate. Keeps speaking truth. I want more.
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