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Europe's legalization

Discussion in 'Cannabis News and Activism' started by VANVAS, Sep 16, 2016.


    VANVAS Well-Known Member

    What can you tell me guys about this? I know a few countrys in Europe are legal but just a few ...what can you tell about the other countrys , like Spain , France, UK...
    In Spain is where i live , there are places where you can buy mj and cosume there, obviously, the people buy and take out for home or whatever...but is not legal 100%...the people say's you get like a legal cover by them and layers... It is like a we have got a empty hole , this is named ASOTATION.
    Someone knows what i mean?
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  2. CarolKing

    CarolKing Singer of songs and a vapor connoisseur

    I found this online.

    Looking for Cannabis in Spain? Look No Further
    March 31st, 2016 by Julie Godard

    Granada and Barcelona. Corrigan notes that some smoke cannabis outside bars seemingly unconcerned about being arrested. Platt and Vargas of The IB Timescall Barcelona “the Amsterdam of southern Europe” due to its uniquely designed cannabis clubs. Members of these clubs must be residents of Spain (with I.D. and a residential Spain address), and must be over the age of 21.

    Cannabis Clubs in Spain

    In 2013, a Health Ministry of Spain study showed that more Spaniards began smoking cannabis in 2013 than smoking tobacco; 50% of Spaniards are in favor of legal cannabis. In order to combat persecution for cannabis use, private clubs have been sprouting up in Barcelona, Valencia, and Basque Country, all requiring approved membership. These clubs allow the owners to cultivate marijuana and distribute it to their members. The members pay for club upkeep and cultivation costs in exchange for use of the club and its marijuana. Because there are no laws against restricted distribution of marijuana to private club members in Spain, 40 cannabis clubs have rapidly turned into 700. Because they are private, the clubs can cater to one or more specific portions of the population -- tourists not included. Spain’s cannabis clubs are meant for the locals, members, and communities only.

    La Flora, a Cannabis Club in Spain
    La Flora’s leadership team stated that “Our biggest objective…is to broaden the investigation of cannabis as a possible therapeutic alternative,” indicating that income is not its goal. La Flora also offers a service where unsmoked cannabis allowances can be saved to smoke later, known as a “deposit”; a doctor comes monthly to offer advice to “therapeutic members.” La Flora’s leadership stresses the maturity, respect, and community its club is meant to impart, and does not like being compared to Amsterdam’s party coffee shop atmosphere. La Florapromotes legal, safe cannabis for all members of the community without the involvement of street crime.

    VANVAS Well-Known Member

    Yeah!! I know a lot studies about cannabis in Spain , we have got a lot scientific people who are studing about it , but when we will legal???
    I know from a fríend who was in Mallorca this summer and is like Ámsterdam , a lot of coffee shops where you can buy and smoke inside at same time you take a coffee or beer, like ÁMSTERDAM!!!
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  4. psychonaut

    psychonaut Company Rep

    The international drug treaties are probably one of the big things thats holding the world as a whole back.
    The areas in the world where it's legal is become more and more, I don't think the human population believes that cannabis laws are reasonable in this day and age. Israel is probably the leader in scientific studies of cannabis? They used a lot of hash and isolated CBD.

    Times are changing, glad Spain has some form of tolerance but I agree it's time to let the people vote and stop the madness.
  5. Petrolhead_GR

    Petrolhead_GR Well-Known Member

    In Greece we don't see progress... we are not in european union in this part. :\ We are Tehran. Thinks hard for our politics to imagine if country can take money from mj via tourism or citizens.
  6. Izan

    Izan Well-Known Member

    Mallorca/Palma checking in:
    We are NOT there yet. The black market still rules.
    The second canna club just opened but is not dispensing yet. The first club is for (Spanish) locals only.
    I'm not saying your buddy DIDN'T have a good time, but "open to the public" coffee shops are still only part of our dreams.
    Fingers crossed we explode like BCN.

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  7. MinnBobber

    MinnBobber Well-Known Member

    Europe is still a tough battle to legalize as even in Amsterdam, MJ is not legal, it is just tolerated.
    And their shops have to buy from the black/grey market.

    Earlier this year, we were vacationing in Europe and I joined a pro cannabis legalization march in Passau, Germany
    The fight goes on and needs everyone's support
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2016
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    VANVAS Well-Known Member

    Spain is the most smoking country on Europe , more than Holland , the nirvana of cannabis on the world , and we are close , close to LEGALIZATION , the president is negative but we will win.
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    VANVAS Well-Known Member

    Sorry about but i forgot to tell: ok, " smoking " country BUT how they are counting the " vaping people " ??
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  10. MinnBobber

    MinnBobber Well-Known Member

    Change in Europe RE cannabis seems very slow, hopefully it will keep moving and faster.
    Watching the Netherlands situation as there is talk by govt of allowing legal grows, instead of their current underground , not legal growers stupid setup. They could legally grow and be tested etc.
    It's much needed --- hope it happens
  11. Whissmu

    Whissmu Well-Known Member

    Is my greatest wish! Legalization in Spain, in Europe, in the rest of the world !!!

    ....sigh.... :peace::peace::peace: :whip: :leaf::leaf::leaf:
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  12. GrandWazoo

    GrandWazoo Well-Known Member

    Today News : France Prime Minister says it will legalize mj !
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  13. KeroZen

    KeroZen Chronic vapaholic

    On Air
    No no, they will de-criminalize, that's not the same thing. It's an ultra-liberal move, they want to monetize the damn thing.

    Prior to that if you got caught with a small quantity, they would confiscate it and give you a slap on the wrist and you would be free. Worst case would be a few hours at the police station, they take your finger prints and make you a sign a paper saying you know it's not good for you, and then you are free.

    With that new project, getting caught with a single joint will immediately lead to a fine. You'll have to pay money all the time.

    And they were clear that traffic and production will still be prosecuted.
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  14. rodders83

    rodders83 Contemplator of dual Mighty's

    From the UK
    Yea right on man everyone is being fooled to think there is legalization there will NOT be the legalization people think even Amsterdam has laws? It is simply about greed and money and immoral fuckers who think they can make the call for everyone because people keep giving them tax money to pay thier enforcment squads called police.

    The change will be making money if you are caught you pay, You want weed? You pay you want to grow it? No because then you wont pay! They want to be paid plain and simple the real thing to do is just fucking grow the plant and when caught make a complate mockery of them for locking up a naturally occuring plant which is not even a drug until heated.

    We should just laugh and say lock me up then but tell me who is paying the 40k per year it will take? Can you even lock up non violent people anymore without early release or some excuse? They are bluffing this is why everyone is sent home on probation with a fine. Note i said fine also because once again cunts need paid. If everyone grows at the same time we could on one day bring the entire system to a halt because where would they jail all the pot smokers? They cant they rely on taking you one by one it is a classic predatory tactic used against all herds by all predators.
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  15. stardustsailor

    stardustsailor Well-Known Member Accessory Maker

    Citizens ?
    We do have citizens in Greece?
    I thought we all were just obedients .

    Greece is the ONLY european country that has the full potentional
    for massive outdoor cultivation of Cannabis .
    Spain ,Italy and southern France have also the appropriate climate
    for outdoor cultivation but with some differencies (i.e. Spain has lot more rainfall than Greece ) ,
    that place "second" them after Greece ,when it comes to outdoor cultivation of Cannabis.

    Still ,here in Greece ,there are a lot at stake -for some pretty powerful and rich people-
    that won't allow for Cannabis de-criminalization ,at least not any time soon.

    Some people make lots of untaxed money from keeping Cannabis illegal,
    donate to our " politians " some of that money and still provide (easy) jobs
    for police ,layers, justice system ,etc .
    But most of all they control the stoneheads of the obedients.

    Why they should change that ?
    Forget it.
    They wil change the legislation about Cannabis ,only if sufficient "pressure"
    is applied from abroad (EU and/or USA ).
    Do not expect any other possibility for change .
    This is Greece.
    Something like a country ,ruled by the most idiot,evil and corrupted people on Earth
    (Most probably ,'cause the clever and competent have chosen to leave the country or
    run a beach bar at Mykonos ,instead of becoming politicians ).
    The rest of the inhabitants are just obedients.
    Modern monkeys-zombies-slaves,that they care only for football ,Eurovision and Survivor.
    They don't give a shit about their miserable quality of life,
    while at the same time they truly believe
    that the next-prime-minister-to-come will fix all of their problems,with his magic wand and spells.
    A whole nation ,expecting "salvation" from a single person's acts .
    That's pathetic ,at least.
    Expecting different results ,from same actions.
    But still remains a common belief and practice,amongst obedients.
    Last edited: May 28, 2017
  16. GrandWazoo

    GrandWazoo Well-Known Member

    It's a little step...(sayd the astronaut). Sorry but my post was ironic , Macron was even against depenalization, than changed idea and now he plans to let consumers pay a fine for bad behavior. Which is very fine from a Banker , we must thank him for his proudness. Anyway , like I said at the beginning , I see a lot of positive things happening . Very slow , if you think that I am listening of depenalization from over fourty years . But the most important thing is that people is understanding the great Deception , they travel and see with their eyes that where is legal nothing bad happens , and the evil prince don't come. In the mind of well informed people there's the conflict with a Therapeutic and Illegal substance. And they begin to be millions of people . Politics change like the weathervanes , because they need to be voted. Also in Italy , catholics are historically against any form of depenalization , and almost no parties where against that religion rules. The same thing for Homo rights , taxes , religion teaching etc. But now , with 10.000 religious marriages less every year , average of Prees 64 years and empty seminary , incredibly also politician little bit changed idea. What I like to say when I discuss with someone is to remember this two words : " THerapeutiC and Illegal ".
    Last edited: May 28, 2017
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  17. The Beagle

    The Beagle Butanist Bubblemaker

    Italian here, there's a law (similar to the spanish one) waiting to be discussed by the parliament but that's not gonna happen. At the moment the next elections could be held anytime between late september (if they can pass the new electoral law quickly) and next spring (natural end of this parliament's term) and if everything goes as it looks like we're going to have a government held by a coalition where the biggest right wing party (and please, please don't try to ask me who its leader is) is an essential part, and good luck trying to pass a cannabis friendly law with them. I mean, the most (in)famous anti cannabis politician here still uses the gateway drug argument (while in the USA opioid addiction starts to be treated with mj) to dismiss any idea of decriminalising/legalising so the state of the public debate on the subject is where it was 30 years ago.
  18. BaroneBarra

    BaroneBarra Well-Known Member

    Belgium checking in:
    situation here changes based on the region and city, here in Brussels cultivation of one plant per person and possession up to 5 grams is decriminalized, meaning is the lowest in the list of priorities for persecuting crimes and as such no police will charge you and, even if, no judge will bring the case forward. Basically you need to be very obnoxious on the street or basically have a plantation and sell it to dealers to get on their radar. Otherwise, they don't care: after the terrorist attack of last year I was searched by policeman that definitely saw some cannabis in my backpack, and said nothing.
    Also, I go to the Netherlands to buy some every few months, and so do my friends, and we never had any problems.

    Then again, it's not legal like up there.
    Being Italian, my first thought is that religions played and play an important role in this.
    You know, the Netherlands is protestant, so - at the risk of oversimplifying - they don't really care about all the supposed "moral" and "ethical" values the Catholics are babbling about all the time. Is cannabis profitable? Yes. Is prostitution profitable? Yes. Cool, let's make them legal and earn some ca$h.
    Something similar is happening in the US.

    I believe this is the keystone for enforcing legalisation talks in other EU countries: we on here all know that cannabis is a great plant, that making it legal will not create an army of zombie teenagers (I mean, look at the data about the Netherlands, one of the lowest percentage of users in Europe) and that you can vape it or put it in tinctures and lotions, basically eliminating the health risk of smoking.
    But our Trojan horse should, in my opinion, ultimately be the money...and there's a shit on of money to be made if Colorado taught us anything. Money that you're taking away from criminals and mafias (god knows how much we need that in Italy...) and reinvesting in the community.

    Bottom line is, I don't really need everyone to understand how great cannabis is, how much it works for my creativity, or insomnia, or just when I want to have a great time when I'm out and about. My grandma, for example, would never understand, and at the end of the day I'm ok with that. Hell, my mother probably wouldn't, and she was a teenager in the '70s :science:
    I personally also don't care about convincing anyone to use: it might very well not be for you, and that's totally fine by me. But everyone should be informed of its potential, without bullshit prejudices.

    And don't even get me started on medicinal benefits.
    I have a first-hand experience on this, and knowing that terminally ill patients, to better deal with their pain, have to travel to sketchy parts of the city to buy fucking flowers from a fucking plant makes me furious.

    Guess I'll have to vape some to calm down :D

    Have a great day everyone!


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  19. Alexis

    Alexis Well-Known Member

    That man is a DEMON!:evil: Honestly, he makes me feel sick! He is illuminati. They are depserately fighting back after losing too much grip and the EU heading towards disbandment.
    Thay have narrowly averted it by influencing elections in Holland, Italy and of course, and most importantly of all- France!

    @The Beagle , I was shocked to hear about Italian government passing compulsory child vaccinations recently!
    And they are trying to crack down on alternative (basically anti-establishment) mecia with a bill to fine and imprison people for speaking against them and their treacherous ways, with tetms like "harms the public interest."

    So that anyone who RIGHTLY says vaccinations cause autism, coukd be jailed.
    The public interest is to be dumbed down and basically murdered!
    So I think you are right about Italy sadly being a long way from legalisatiin right now.

    I think the UK has a much better chance, possible within 5 or 10 years, depending on how things swing and how stable Macron is able to keep the EU.

    Ireland has this January legalised medical MJ however. It was all go, havent checked into it since. I daren't in case it was reversed, but I really hope not.
    I try to be hopeful.

    In the UK though, up to 24 plants is considered personal. We know a lady who has 2 sons. Due to a gunshot in the area, they were discovered by chancd- soms in back garden, 2 tents in house. 24 plants in total.
    The policd took them away, and that was the end of it! No follow up, no fine, nothing!
    A letter of warning from the housing association and that was that!

    Very promising!
  20. BaroneBarra

    BaroneBarra Well-Known Member

    Please mate, don't.
    In Italy, no one is going to jail for speaking their mind. You just might be persecuted (not jailed, come on) if you refuse to vaccinate your kid.
    If I were a parent and my child would be exposed to several illness because you read on some forum that it's all a conspiracy by Big Pharma, I would RIGHTLY be pissed.

    I don't want to go OT too much. You might want to leave this tinfoil hat crap out of here, we're discussing cannabis legalization.

    EDIT: I re-read your bio and your post, and the reference to the Illuminati made me think that you probably were joking all along...in that case, sorry for taking it seriously :D
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  21. kellya86

    kellya86 Herb gardener...

    I have been informed that the magic number is 9 plants right now.
    And that the rule is that cps will not prosecute with a custodial sentence as long as you have no more than 9, no scales, bags, large quantities of cash, or firearms on the property...

    Your right, this isnt the place...
    But just caus you dont believe it, doesn't mean it's not true..
    Every now and then people get jobs that give them a glimpse of what their government is capable of..
    You may be surpised...
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  22. BaroneBarra

    BaroneBarra Well-Known Member

    I'm not keen on sharing personal information on the internet, but let's just say that I live and work in Brussels.
    I'm glimpsing government(s) as we speak :)
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  23. kellya86

    kellya86 Herb gardener...

    Then maybe your not getting a good enough glimpse...

    Glimpse just sounds weird now...


    Meaningless now...

    Anyway this is not place for this, but if you think a governments priority is to make sure all of its citizens live as long as possible, youve been mislead...

    Edit:- if it was their main concern, cannabis would have been leagalised and used in medicine along time ago...

    I think with the current uncertainty in the UK, wont be long before a main political party jumps on the cannabis popularity to win some support...
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2017
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  24. Alexis

    Alexis Well-Known Member

    I never said they would jail people for refusing vaccinations. But they are now mandatory by law or otherwise chikdren are not allowed to attend school.

    They are also trying to pass a bill that will prosecute to fine and imprison people who make statements that contradict the establishement on such topics as vaccination safety.

    So I think you partly misunderstood me, but this is all true. Vaccinations are now compulsory by law in Italy (and Australia, where parents are denied benefits if they refuse to get their children vaccinated.)
    There is a mountain of evidence proving the link between vaccinations and damage and mental health problems and autism.

    If you think big pharma is not corrupt and dishonest then you are one of the very many who have been completely deceived. Most people on theis planet are alseep and have swallowed pure lies. The minority are awake. If you dont believe me on the facts here is some linkage:



    And no I am definitely not joking about the illuminati, or any of my post.We live under a GIGANTIC deception. We are being conned and fleeced in ways beyond most people's comprehension amd imagination.
    I am very awake. Most people are not and completelt believe the brainwashing lies of the mainstream pumped out on tv sets.
    Conspiracy theorist is a term invented for realists who are aware of what is really going on, to ridicule and discredit.

    It is all related- the chances of cannabos legalisation are effected by the extent to which this great deception prevails. The tightening of laws on Italy and the attempt to prosecute anti-establishment views will have a big impact on the chances of cannabis legalisation.

    @kellya86 I will look into the plant situation allowance. If what you say is true it has only just recently changed. A very short while ago it was officially 24 plants.
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2017
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  25. BaroneBarra

    BaroneBarra Well-Known Member

    That's the kind of generalization I hate to read. A government? Each and every one? Current and past?
    I never said that their (whose? The Illuminati?) priority is making sure you're healthy forever. I don't believe the opposite is true either, though.
    You seem to be someone who's not being mislead, would you care to elaborate on all this? Maybe it's not the place for that, but I it would be rather interesting to me.

    Yeah, let's go back to the matter at hand.
    You know how it all went down: historically it had to do with the prohibition in the USA, Anslinger and the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, Dupont, William Randolf Hearst if you will. The rest of the world followed that example, because that's what we do.
    "Big pharma" was a big part of why is not being legalized afterwards, not so much at the beginning.

    @Alexis (un)fortunately - and daily - I'm in contact with people that think they are the only ones who know the truth, everyone else is asleep and will believe everything the TV tells them. I'm also in contact with the people they elected, on the national and EU level.
    Let me just tell you this, for lack of a will to explore the matter more here: I do believe they're more asleep than the ones they criticize.
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