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Endocannabinoid System Thread

Discussion in 'Medical Discussion' started by C No Ego, Feb 22, 2018.


of all new things learned how much has ECS had an impact on your learning?

  1. None- I just want to get high and my mind sits wandering

    2 vote(s)
  2. A Lot- ECS has led me to be more knowledable on all things

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  1. biohacker

    biohacker supercritical co2

    Respect, but there is so much more to calories that you may be overlooking. Although calories definitely matter, hormones matter even more. Living in sunny SoCal, you're so lucky because of the amount of UV light you guys get vs here in dark, cold Canada. Light cycles affect carb tolerance in a massive way. Anyway, I don't wanna derail either... and although I do agree that most N. Americans get way too much of the wrong type of fatty acids, the great high carb low carb fear mongering experiment of the past 40 years or so has proven otherwise.

    Could not agree more!

    Yes and no to your first statement. High carb + High Fat isn't healthy, but it's the complete cessation of carbs that forces fat burning via ketonic mechanisms which is why they succeed. With every gram of carb comes water, and once you force ketosis you drop a massive amount of water. Most people that think they need to lose "weight" in fact are carrying a surprising amount of water due to the inflammatory mechanisms of their diet and need to lose "water" and "fat".

    As for the longest living civilizations in the world, again you seem to be missing my point. There is so much more to it than DIET. Reference the Weston Price Foundation, and the endemic tribes all over parts of the world that have never even had human contact.... you'll quickly see how well one can THRIVE on animals products.

    Bro, I know you're a big vegan advocate, but you know i'm not so let's not derail anymore and agree to high five and respect our respectful opinions eh? Some cultures emphasize family, some walk a lot, some take time for leisure, some have better air, cleaner water, less stress, pura vida, better genetics, more sun, better quality food, the list is endless.... there are just too many variables to go down that rabbit hole.

    LOVE the structured water, not the sugar that goes with it. But yeah, back to the ECS!

    Been taking protracted breaks from vaping, added some Carlsons Cod Liver oil (my vit. d levels aren't optimal at the moment), and already noticing some significant improvements! Just hard to say if it's one, the other, or synergy!?

    Time for some smoked oysters! :D
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2018
  2. Alexis

    Alexis Well-Known Member

    :rockon:That is the same cod liver oil I take. It is the only affordable brand (just about if you scour hard and swallow customs as a neceassry evil) I could find that DOESN'T add syntheric vitamins, after first removing ALL of the naturally present vitamins- by law in fact as the government has decreed long ago that the natural levels of vit D and A are TOO HIGH and must be reduced.

    So law dictates that only 1/10th of the A and D can go BACK in, except they all use synthetic vitamins, apart from Carlson who keep the good stuff and add just 10 % back in.

    So in short, relying on Carlsons for adequate vitamin A and D is useless. I dont take the oil for that purpose at all, I consider it almost obsolete (vape terminology lol). Grass fed liver twice a week (for non-vegans;)) satisfies all vitamin A requiremwnts like nothing else in nature.
    Sweet potatoes, carrots, peppers etc- beta carotene veg, can provide vitamin A for those who are able to convert the carotene effciciently, many are not.

    Grass fed beef fat is a good vit A and D source. I take the Carlsons for omegas, and I also take an all natural vitamin D supplement that provides a practical useful amount. Carlsons is only 400 IU daily.

    This is the one I take:https://uk.iherb.com/pr/Nature-s-An...X8f1Y29s7-LJECbUyvF-Tq-KWKhW9ieRoC-C0QAvD_BwE

    I take 2 drops a day, providing 4000 IU, which is the same amount the cod liver oil would naturally provide us with if clever man did not have to tamper, for our own good of course.
    Both vit A and D are SO vital for every aspect of health. Is this really why this one of billions of ingenious restriction red-tape guidelines were erected? I think you know my answer!:nod::nope:

    Now, for the rich man, there is also now the far superior Ex Virgin Cod Liver oil. THIS is the stuff.
    For the less rich man who isn't squeamish, there is as well- Fermented cod liver oil.
    I cant afford Ex V Clo, and cant tolerate the fermented, nor fish oil. So Carlson's it is for now.

    Sorry guys but how do you expect ME to pass up this temptation to pitch in- you lot started it!
    (I'm sure @C No Ego won't mind, he's my bro too, and besides, it is all (kinda) related right?)
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2018
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  3. invertedisdead

    invertedisdead High Standards

    The Full Spectrum
    The presence of sugars indicates the vitamins and minerals are organic as only plants can convert mineral ore into liquid organics. Maybe I will talk about the biochemistry in a different thread.
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  4. biohacker

    biohacker supercritical co2

    @Alexis thanks for your post bro! In case you want to dig even deeper, check this out:


    Excerpt from Tensegrity 7:

    "Today, those low in Vitamin D3 think taking an oral supplement is as good as being in the sun. Dermatologist also believe this. This is also not true, in my opinion, if you read the old research on Vitamin D. Bicknell and Prescott found in 1953 in their exhaustive research that that “sunlight acting directly on the body should be the way in which Vitamin D is obtained”. They found in their research that the gut and body have have no power to regulate the amount of vitamin D it absorbs from food. Foods rarely have Vitamin D3, so from an evolutionary perspective this is not a big issue. This is likely why there is no gut feedback. Today, most humans low in Vitamin D, are now relying on their gut to supplement Vitamin D because they are not getting any sun. That implies we might want to be careful about what we are doing today to treat low Vitamin D levels with an oral supplement.

    This means taking vitamin D orally has no true negative feedback control normally. Oral vitamin D will still help increase your plasma levels but this may not be what you want to do until you understand why you vitamin D level is low to begin with in today’s world."

    I'm still trying to figure out the best solution, and honestly since i'm now able to - i'm moving! SoCal for the winters! @invertedisdead :cheers:

    I do enjoy eating fruit when it's in season! Local and fresh otherwise I just don't enjoy it, and even then much of it is still sprayed where I live, even the organic farms are affected (and some use "natural" sprays).

    Anyways all this blue light is destroying my redox potential so my ECS needs a "top up"! Ginger tea as a companion :mmmm:
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  5. C No Ego

    C No Ego Well-Known Member

    Ok- Out on a cannabis limb here

    One of the fundamental overall effects of boosting ECS functioning seems to be calm well being. A stable feel good mood lends more to endocannabinoid production and tone.

    IMO- this is how it happens... the phospholipid Bilayer forming the cell wall is the lipid medium from which endocannabinoid synthase occurs. our cells are responsive to atmosphere ( thought/intent creates space) . phospholipiods cleave from the bi-layer and enter the cannabinoid receptor channel initiating endocannabinoid production and maintaining endocannabinoid tone... the better you feel ( Bio-active molecule - cell signalling levels ) the more cannabinoid production...

    cannabis boosts this system and it is why happy people with better endocannabinoid tone get confused as being High on cannabis...
  6. biohacker

    biohacker supercritical co2

    -Dr. Jack Kruse, Sept,2017

    The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a key cellular signalling system that has been implicated in the regulation of diverse cellular functions. Importantly, growing evidence suggests that the biological actions of the ECS may, in part, be mediated through its ability to regulate the production and/or release of nitric oxide, a ubiquitous bioactive molecule, which functions as a versatile signalling intermediate. Nitric oxide is released from the skin and vessel when sunlight is present and has UV-A light in it. AS we age NO drops like a rock and this is one of many reasons older tissues cannot assimilate sunlight as well as the young and tells us why we need more sun and not less as we age. The issue for science is that NO has a very short half life and it has not been clear how the stimulus of NO is propagated and now we are learning that the endocannabinoid system is one of the ways in which NO take sunlight and changes the blood plasma by making blood vessels in the skin come closer to the surface to irradiate RBC's with full spectrum light to be used to heal, regenerate, and energize our tissues by making ATP from sunlight alone. There is a deep lesson about sunlight here: We don't get a harmony in cells when everybody sings the same note. This is why light has so many frequencies to build a proper melody for the quantum jazz that is needed in our tissues. When you understand musical waveforms it is clear why this is fundamental to wellness. Only notes that are different can harmonize. The same is true with people and it is now clear it is true in biology. Quantum biology 101.

    The endocannabinoid system (ECS) regulates bio-photon production and release and this system is capable of modulating several free radical enzymes including the reactive oxygen species (ROS) in cells. These constitute two key cellular signalling systems that participate in the modulation of diverse cellular functions for optical signaling. Importantly, growing evidence suggests that cross-talk between these two prominent signalling systems acts to modulate functionality of the ECS as well as redox homeostasis in different cell types. Herein, we review and discuss evidence pertaining to ECS-induced regulation of ROS generating and scavenging mechanisms, as well as highlighting emerging work that supports redox modulation of ECS function. Functionally, the studies outlined reveal that interactions between the ECS and ROS signalling systems can be both stimulatory and inhibitory in nature, depending on cell stimulus and the light stimulus the cell produces from the environmental light signals the cell senses in our mitochondria. The source of ROS species and cell context, is determined by the incident light frequency and this stimulus is what controls the voltage gated ion channels in cell membranes. The ECS system is a buffer to these systems. Importantly, such cross-talk between the mitochondrion and voltage gated channels likely act to maintain proper cell function under sunlight, whereas abnormalities in either system may propagate in artifical lit environments to undermine the stability of both systems, thereby contributing to various mitochondrial pathologies associated with their dysregulation.

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  7. uncanni

    uncanni Well-Known Member

    dirty south
    You describe an uncomfortable situation between you and better half, and it sounds like deep down, the battle is really over something else. I've been teaching young adults for a long time, and I know that I can't teach SHIT to someone who isn't interested in learning. And I think this is just as true of me as it is of them, and I'm 40-some years older than them.
  8. asdf420

    asdf420 Well-Known Member

    This sounds like bullshit.. almost like new age crock (http://sebpearce.com/bullshit/) but he may be trying to make some sort of analogy, using the word "quantum" for something different from quantum mechanics.
    well, since I can't tell if this is bullshit, I can't understand it. My knowledge of biology is very limited after all


    ECS isn't real? lol
    It's right on Wikipedia. "Cannabinoid receptors, located throughout the body, are part of the endocannabinoid system, which is involved in a variety of physiological processes including appetite, pain-sensation, mood, and memory."
    I guess some people just don't want to learn new things nor challenge what they believe. Zeal? Ego? :goat:
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2018
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  9. nosmoking

    nosmoking Fogmonger

    DC Area
    So much truth you speak. I am certain the battle is more about my time with cannabis and not as much about the medical benefits of cannabis or the ECS. The problem is when I try to justify that my dance with cannabis is normal/acceptable by claiming it is mostly due to the medical benefits the medical benefits message gets lost. And that is my exact problem, this adult is not interested at all. Its a battle I will be fighting until the bad stigma on cannabis changes in my state as a whole. And even then it will still be a battle to some extent I presume. Some people just don't change.

    Regardless, I have kept coming back to this thread to learn more myself as I do care to know more about the ECS and how cannabis interacts with it.
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  10. uncanni

    uncanni Well-Known Member

    dirty south
    I think that so many of us are deeply, consumingly, passionately interested in everything that has to do with this miraculous goddess plant, and those who don't get it--it's like they live on another plane. We want everyone to understand what the ECS is and how phytocannabinoids help us to get back to equilibrium, but I would no more proselytize about cannabis than I would about my spiritual beliefs. And something that I would only share here: my profound belief that getting high can and should be totally therapeutic. Even when it's just for fun or pure couch lock, it can be therapeutic.
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  11. archangelz001

    archangelz001 FIRE!!

    Bay Area
    @nosmoking keep up your intention to educate your RN wife. What have you been able to share with her so far? In my post on page 1 I put links to clinical organizations that have the kind of information that she can understand if she will only open the door of her mind. She may also be fearful of having her license taken away if she's not careful and may see your use of cannabis as a threat to her professional life. She needs to arm herself with information and knowledge to allay her concerns and fears.
  12. OldNewbie

    OldNewbie Well-Known Member

    It seems there is an inverse relationship between coffee and cannabis in regards to the endocannabinoid system.


    ....One key discovery was that increased coffee consumption – particularly eight cups per day – reduces the neurotransmitters related to the endocannabinoid system. This is the opposite of what happens when you smoke marijuana.

    The endocannabinoid metabolic pathway helps the body regulate stress, Cornelis said, and endocannabinoids can disappear in the presence of chronic stress – for instance, the kind caused by drinking large amounts of coffee every day.

    “The increased coffee consumption over the two-month span of the trial may have created enough stress to trigger a decrease in metabolites in this system,” she said. “It could be our bodies’ adaptation to try to get stress levels back to equilibrium.”

    In addition to regulating stress, the endocannabinoid system also impacts cognition, blood pressure, sleep, immunity, addiction, appetite, energy, and glucose metabolism.

    “The endocannabinoid pathways might impact eating behaviors,” suggested Cornelis, “the classic case being the link between cannabis use and the munchies.”

    In terms of psychoactive effects, it’s unclear exactly how drinking coffee and smoking marijuana interact.

    “Whether elevated blood levels of plant-derived cannabinoids (resulting from cannabis use) offset the lower levels of endocannabinoids produced by the body naturally (in response to coffee) or vice versa is unknown but one can imagine this might impact the effects of either substance/beverage,” Cornelis told ZME Science. “Coffee is a very common beverage and it’s highly possible that cannabis users are also coffee consumers.”

    The study also showed that coffee consumption increases metabolites from the androsteroid system. These metabolites facilitate the elimination of steroids from the body, which could potentially prevent the development of diseases like cancer.....
    In the coffee thread, @Helios added another link discussing the study.
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2018
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  13. C No Ego

    C No Ego Well-Known Member


    I had a Buddy that said he was on a roller coaster when using cannabis and coffee.... Tea drinker here myself and do not touch coffee... probably will later in life to get those neurons active but tea is where it is at now for myself... Green tea goes really well with cannabis

    here is some info I've been reading on omega three
    Omega-3 Fatty Acid and Nutrient Deficits in Adverse Neurodevelopment and Childhood Behaviors

    and the one for me that started it
    Cannabimimetic phytochemicals in the diet –an evolutionary link to food selection and metabolic stress adaptation?

    thank you Sir for that info on Bio-photons and ECS... I am working up to that one man, looks like some next level knowledge Brother
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2018
  14. MinnBobber

    MinnBobber Well-Known Member

    It makes perfect sense, as what does Omega-3 deficiency lead to?? ECS Deficiency as it's a needed building block for the body to produce endocannabinoids. When the ECS is deficient from a variety of reasons (diet, stress, genetics, aging, lack of Omega-3s, pollution, etc), things go wrong in the body/mind. A properly tuned and fed ECS, which is minding all of our bodily functions , deals with moves away from balance.

    It's what all the new research is pointing to, the ECS is key.
  15. mixchu69

    mixchu69 Well-Known Member

    I agree with @biohacker . I take vitamin D supplements daily, but there is nothing like being in sunlight.
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  16. uncanni

    uncanni Well-Known Member

    dirty south
    Ok, not entirely sure this is the right place to post this, but I've been following the thread, and it leads me to posit the following:

    I keep reading about how high THC can cause anxiety in "test subjects" (I'd get anxious and paranoid in a laboratory, too), but no one ever "documents" the wonderful things that high THC does for us when we are safe and secure in the proper environment. I think there's a lot of scientific bias on this point--at least, I'm not reading otherwise.

    Tell me if I'm being paranoid, but doesn't it seem that there's an avoidance of studies re: all the great things that high THC does? THC definitely helps one to tell the truth to oneself; perhaps that poses a threat to "science" and "pharmacology."
  17. asdf420

    asdf420 Well-Known Member

    From my experience, yeah.. the set and setting stuff really applies. And it's easy to get stuck in rumination. It's important to have something positive to focus on

    They probably do have confirmation bias, with the sorts of hypotheses they come up with
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  18. C No Ego

    C No Ego Well-Known Member

    the most extreme cases were marinol / dronabinol used which is thc only and no other entourage compounds to assist metabolism of said THC... paranoia and fear were the norm... even having some terpenes in the mix helps that and especially cbd in there... them turning thc "only" into a drug shows how big pharma rolls. take any compound in existence and make that into a single molecule formula and you see why all the bad side effects and bad metabolism of their drugs etc...

    and too- American studies are smoke only NIDA harm research studies... you have to wait years and years to get real medical approval to study for medical use... it happened though and marinol was the result of that... they will only let up prohibition long enough to make a synthetic anaologue but keep the real life version in sched three while they make drugs from it... hypocritical bunch of Greedy freak control addicts
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  19. MegaMan2k

    MegaMan2k Well-Known Member

    Was legalized in my country this year for medical purposes,
    however only 150-200 prescriptions have been given out by a very few doctors while thousands have been declined.

    simultaneously with the medical getting somewhat "legalized" police enforcement seem to have increased their effort against black market weed/hash- And all of a sudden the biggest news providers of my country are writing articles about how bad "drug abuse" is getting amongst the youth, referring to the smoking of hashish (not one word mentioning heroine,cocaine,amphetamine or other opiates or even other drugs)

    (they had pretty much quit writing such articles for a period of years)

    I believe this to be a greater conspiracy if you will, there must be someone out there sponsoring this order of madness.

    And I think this someones prime intention is to keep people away from stimulating their endocannabinoid system.

    This individual fears deeply what will happen to his order once the people see the truth.
  20. uncanni

    uncanni Well-Known Member

    dirty south
    What would happen if Big Pharma lost its power? Think of the cascading effect on so many other groups, like lobbyists, pharmacies, even doctors themselves. Billions of dollars lost, up in vapor...

    And of course, if people were correctly stimulating their ECS, they'd probably wander away from junk food, which would cause even more of an economic crisis for ALL THE GROUPS/INDIVIDUALS so invested in keeping citizens (at least in the USA) so unhealthy.
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  21. OldNewbie

    OldNewbie Well-Known Member

    I am clearly NOT "correctly stimulating [my] ECS".

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  22. C No Ego

    C No Ego Well-Known Member

    It is of my opinion too that people who really focus on ECS will have a more constant active system and cannabis use will not be as rewarding to them as for someone who lacks ECS tone via horrible diet and artificial food like @OldNewbie posted in the pic...

    not to go off subject to much here but I honestly do not care of organic etc as much anymore but focus more on natural foods. no synthetic artificial foods etc.... organic farming is a joke and some of it is just as toxic as non organic and a waste of money... isn't it lovely when you pick up a local food item that is organic and you need to sell an arm and leg to afford it while the same product down the isle is from China and sells for pennies... and they have hundreds of the same thing for pennies...

    having access to living cannabis plants is ideal lifestyle not tailored to welfare handouts but more self preservation and self health for life... one of the Sicko reasons cannabis is illegal and no growing allowed even when its legal etc.... to many people eating raw cannabis will put a hurting on the sicko health system
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  23. MegaMan2k

    MegaMan2k Well-Known Member

    Its a very frustrating subject indeed
    I have heard horror stories about some organic products, was not sure how much truth there was to it tho

    I think looking at how much cannabis you consume daily is a good way to determine how "organic" your herb should be.
    If you only vape small amounts of herb daily youre properly good. but if your more like 1-2 grams of full melt on the daily i would definitely want that to be organic and free from all sorts of sprays etc.

    Maybe i should just eat some raw buds..
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  24. Checkyalungs

    Checkyalungs New Member

    One potential way to balance out your endocannabinoid system is to use certain terpenes cannabinoids polyphenols and dietary cannabinoids in conjunction with each other. Some believe that if the right ratios are determined this could help halt autoimmune, neurodegenerative, and metabolic disease as well as affecting chronic disease gene expression.
    I've been getting liquid terpenes to supplement my extract from www.dopedabs.net/discount/dl420
    Or on Amazon/eBay if you use the dl420 code they give you free shipping as well.
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  25. C No Ego

    C No Ego Well-Known Member

    Cannabimimetics- sesquiterpene / terpenophilic primary bio-directional capacity to enhance/modulate secondary monoterpenophilic bio-activity while monoterpene activity is expressing @ the receptor is fascinating stuff man... the main reason I've found for this is molecule stability / evaporation rate and how terpenes bio-mimicry express on tissue ligands...

    Really well grown cannabis will have so much sesquiterpene activity that is part of the medicine when using whole plant cannabis...
    what extracts are you are using that needs extra terpenes added? I can think of a few "" medical marijuana "" State, oil only programs that added terpenes could help...

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