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Ejuice Tanks

Discussion in 'ABV' started by Sven Hoek, Jun 18, 2014.

  1. Sven Hoek

    Sven Hoek New Member

    I'm new to vaping and just got my OMMP card so I have a lot of questions and thanks to the internet I can answer most. But right now I'm confused about Ejuice tanks. What do you fill them fill? Are they only for E-cig or could you fill them with a cannabis tincture? But that doesn't seem right because they're usually made with alcohol. I wouldn't want to put alcohol in a closed container and spark it.
  2. cawshook

    cawshook Solod out.

    The alcohol used to make the tincture would be mostly evaporated.
    Also no spark, that's the whole point of vaporization. No spark. Only heat.
    Ejuice tanks are filled with ejuice. Ejuice is a combination of PG, VG, nicotine, and flavouring(artificial or natural). They can also be filled with a certain combination of tincture or wax to PG/VG or both. Theres a thread somewhere on FC that shows you how to do it. Use the search function to find.
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  3. thisperson

    thisperson Ruler of all things person

    So Cal
    I believe the term is clearomizer and yes you can fill them with weed oil.

    You should familiarize yourself with the names Organna Labs, Pure Gold and Liquid Gold as these are the three manufacturers I know of weed oil.

    Organna Labs has honey oil syringes that I've picked up for 30 a half gram and 50 the gram.

    Pure Gold is slightly pricier at 40 the half gram. They also come preloaded in 510 thread cartridges that are 70 for the gram.

    Liquid Gold is a CO2 oil that is sold for 25 the half gram and 40 the gram.

    These are only available in MMJ states as far as I'm aware.

    In my experience the consistency you want is no thicker than honey when selecting your oil for a clearomizer.

    I had an excellent experience with an O Pen Vape and just refilling the cartridges they sold preloaded. I eventually upgraded to an Ego C Twist and a mini ProTank 3 but the tank leaked and I still need to get replacement coils. The one I got is a protruding wick coil and the newer coils are said to not leak.

    Also you should look into waxes. If weed oil is not an option for you some users have mixed waxes with PG, PEG, and VG. This is watered down weed oil but I'd imagine the potency depends on how much you dilute it.

    I started vaping about 4 months ago and am still fairly new but I hope I was able to help.
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  4. 215z

    215z Well-Known Member

    @Sven Hoek the ejuice tank is meant for nicotine juice - but can be used with any juice that is primarily Propylene Glycol and/or Glycerin. All my local dispensaries sell THC juice in glycerin, but it is very weak and does not make for a satisfying vape. A few dispensaries do however sell THC juice in Polyethylene Glycol, but they come pre-filled into low-quality cartridges. I know your question started with "what are the ejuice tanks for", but we can be of best help if your question starts with "i can easily get XYZ concentrate, what is the most effective way to consume it".
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