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Ehle ShowerHead Glass Bowls

Discussion in 'Sold, Traded, Found, Closed' started by Dubmonkey, May 16, 2018.

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  1. Dubmonkey

    Dubmonkey Well-Known Member

    Ehle Glassbowls for the New Vape Shower Head came in. Got 8 Ehle glass bowls for shower head and only in 18mm Male. Bought 10 due to high shipping costs from Germany as it didn’t matter if I rode red one or 10 the shipping was going to be $42. So figured keep two for myself and selling the remaining 8.

    Price breakdown:

    10 Ehle bowls + $42 shipping = $314 (US converted from euros)
    Selling each bowl for $31.40 + $7 for USPS priority shipping. Total price is $38.40 and payment is acceptable through PayPal. Only shipping with in the US.

    All bowls are brand new and unused. These were based off @gunmetalshark ’s first bowl so it is the longer version and not the short version.

    In summary, 8 bowls available for $38.40 shipped within the US.

    Will update ad after each bowl sells to show quantity left.


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  2. Stu

    Stu Maconheiro Staff Member

    southeast of disorder
    Have you tested the fit of them?

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