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Ed's WoodScents Log Vape - Ed's TnT

Discussion in 'Plug-in Vaporizers' started by Ed's TnT, Jul 28, 2016.

  1. Ed's TnT

    Ed's TnT Woodsman Manufacturer

    Good morning everyone, gosh I have been busy busy! Have gotten a lot of work done in the shop and most importantly spent a lot of great time with my girl and our kids! Spent last week and the holiday with my girl, was a short weekend with my boys, one weekend I have em 2 nights 3 days the next weekend I have em 3 nights 4 days, still get em every weekend just 2 of em every month are shorter than the other 2. Down here in the South, fried catfish is a big deal, there is about 6-8 maybe more catfish houses within 30 miles of me, probably more, like I said its a big deal. There is one that I have never been to at the farthest of the 30 miles, have been told its the best around. Gosh and was it ever, they even had the trophies and awards on the wall to prove it. Was voted the best in America in 2013! Ohhh I got ignorant in there, all you can eat for $15 uhhh say what!!!


    Fried catfish strips, fried corn nuggets, rrrrr fried hush puppies with jalapenos and steak fries ooooweeee, I cant tell you how many plates I ate or how many glasses of sweet tea I drank, I told my girl I was going to eat so much I would be miserable the rest of the night. Rrrrrrr and had to have the homemade peach cobbler for desert


    for the holiday I got a great Korean style rib recipe, being a total carnivore I had to add to the grill, did link sausage and rib eyes as well.


    Keep in mind it was just me and her, the next day she had a sack of meat to take home and to work! Yall know I dont do it any other way, its all or nothing!

    Its finally getting a little cooler here, the last couple mornings I know one was in the 50's it has been so nice omgosh its so getting close to my time of the year! My girl and I are even talking about getting married next month if it works out like we like. Got a little time we have planned off together and want to make it happen. Nothing big or fancy, we are just so ready to be together and married, gosh I cant wait!

    So I got a load of wood in and went to work this is what I got going on


    Paduak and Purpleheart


    This is that new batch of Thuya, its not quite are dark in tone


    Have said before its so hard to see whats inside of Cocobolo, got this block in, its so stinking expensive I saw this block and was kinda bummed at first look, you can see why


    Ohhh my frown quickly went away


    WOW what a rainbow of colors this thing has, ohhhh and would you get a look at this piece


    Even dug around through my hoard and found some Camphor Burl, gotta say OMGOSH


    This piece is gone and only have a couple blocks left I gotta turn.

    One of my kids was in the shop with me yesterday, wanted something to do so I got him to turn his first log, its not quite the same shape on the upper end as its supposed to be but hey its his first and was just giving him the over all of what it should be like. Its a walnut and if anyone wants it let me know. I know he would be super happy to hear it!


    I am not sure how many of you follow me on IG, I know some of you do. Its easier for me to do quick posts up there and short shout outs, I post all these sooner there and some go quicker to the people that do follow me there. If you all see something you like above and want more info hit me up!

    @Vapor_Eyes Thank you for posting and for noticing and the kind words. I am very blessed and thankful to have such a wonderful family. Sales will pick up I am sure, I will keep doing what I do cause I dont know no other way! Maybe all this wood posted above will help with that! Hope all is well bro and wish you the best!

    @pxl_jockey Absolutely, thanks for noticing and thanks for the post up bro! My boys got skills thats sure, I look forward to seeing what he and his brothers will do with their lives. Hit me up anytime my man!

    @Reflections Thanks so much, yeah the pic didnt show somehow the links thing here has changed and I would have to save it and then post up, no sweat I will have pics of it soon enough. Still waiting to hear the full reviews but did hear back from VapeCrittic, hes really digging it so far! All good things come to those who wait, thats all I gotta do, like I said I above I aint about to stop, I am going to keep on turning as life keeps on going!

    @Aezhenn Thanks bro, glad you like what my boy did! I like to think my shop is where magic happens, its for sure a joy for me to be in there doing what I do and knowing that what I do people love it, thats what its all about!

    @ThatBoringBitch I hope you like that piece posted above, its yours! I love that wood, is funny actually, I hadnt worked it in a while and after I turned it was mostly brown and I was like what??? But then I remembered its always like that I just have to let it sit under the fluorescent light to bring out the purple in it lol, I got a grin! I got your message about the carb and sent you this pic by email as well, hope you see it soon!

    @Square4Life @Stevenski @Quint @Reflections @GreenHopper @mucsusn @CarolKing Thanks for you alls input with the carb questions, great advise from all sides!

    @Quint Gosh thats such a beautiful rig you got there!

    @GreenHopper Glad you like the pen! I just have to buy that other batch of heaters to have all the electrical components with the CE info so I can apply for my CE. Seems its taking longer than any of us would like. Slow sales and future family plans and getting married money is getting thin and where it goes is even thinner. Hang in there with my pls sir.

    @rosedale I would put a carb just above where the end of the shaft of the tip is inserted into the piece. I try not to pu it in a place of such detail be it where I turned it or the natural detail of the piece but alot depends on length and how much I got to work with. I like to put it low in the piece but dont do them often so I am still looking for my certain placement. I think I have only done maybe 5-6 pieces with carbs in em ever. Just not something anyone asks for really.

    @Dynalowrider Good morning, hope you are enjoying that piece more and more my man. Wish you well and all the best!

    @CanadianBakin Nice to hear your WS got out for the trip, I can see where with it being windy and the openness of the WS can let in alot of unwanted air which would cool it somewhat. Being open like that keeps the heat down on the outside but lets in cool just as well. Glad to hear it is doing well for you.

    Alright gotta get to work, alot to do and alot may not get done lol!
  2. Aezhenn

    Aezhenn Well-Known Member Accessory Maker

    Er C'hornog
    Wow! Stellar pieces, bro, as always! There will be lucky people with those wonderful WS! :)

    Woot woot! Getting married soon! :love::love: I'm so happy for you, my friend, and wish you all the best! :tup:
  3. Dynalowrider

    Dynalowrider Well-Known Member

    Deep in the heart
    First thing, I hope everyone in the path of "Irma" is safe. We got lucky in my neck of the "Hills", and dodged "Harvey's" bullet.
    I think I have found my technique with the WS. My problem was trying to get to much in the VapCap. When I loaded it I had a tendency to pack down the bowl, so the bottom of the load was not letting heated air flow through the herb. I'm a microdose kind of guy, so less is better. If it isn't enough, do it again, repeat.
    I have been vaping for awhile now, and I can't believe I had never tried a log before. It reminds me of Chevy Chase in "Modern Problems". I like it.
    The fact that the WoodScents is so easy to use with the VapCap System is fantastic. Perfect for "microdosing".
    I have not used the glass stem yet, just too big of a load for me.
    Good luck Ed. Big step there. I wish you and yours nothing but the best. Doc
  4. Stevenski

    Stevenski Enter the Dragon

    'straya mate
    Nice fresh wood @Ed's TnT :o. That Cocobolo has to be named Bolo Sunset. Absolutely stunning piece but that catfish & corn sure look tasty :drool:.

    Yup. I find myself consciously making smaller bowls with a sprinkled pack to get best results. Medium/fine grind & I get clouds galore.

    If you are a largely solo at home vaper a log is almost essential. The best is yet to come as it is so consistent & the VapCap compatibility just adds to the allure for me.

    Quick PSA for any foreign (especially Australian) people considering a log vape. Not only does Ed ship to Australia but he does not charge $35+ for the trouble. Add in a "free" Ti VapCap & it is a winning combo if you are on a budget & an incentive if you have "no budget". That free shipping must surely tip someone over the edge, maybe even that Bolo Sunset :freak:
  5. turk

    turk turk

    San Francisco
    ....beautiful pieces as always ed...you sure brought stability to my house...the gf loves....loves...the ws...and she proudly takes it with her everywhere...she calls it my best gift to her....thanks brother...:clap:
  6. VCBud

    VCBud Member

    Hey Ed this thing is clutch I don't think I've turned mine off in 4 days :D super duper efficient, and check out what I did for the stem to alleviate that issue with my lips on the wood, I used my omnivape tip it fit right in :rockon: (probably old news around here)

  7. Ed's TnT

    Ed's TnT Woodsman Manufacturer

    Good morning, wow had some great days so far this past week. I mentioned my gal and I have been talking marriage, well we have set a date for middle of next month woot woot! We have spoken to my pastor, got the church for that night, tonight we will talk to the ladies about what all this will entail. I am so excited and anxious to marry my girl, she is an amazing woman, honestly she has such a sweet tender spirit that is the first thing anyone sees. She is my biggest supporter and such an encouragement and always has the best advise. I am truly the luckiest man, she says she is lucky but she has no idea what she has done for me and continues to do, I am blessed!

    The last week before this past one days were cool and comfortable, the last 2 days here have been in the low 90's ohh so not done with summer just yet ughhh. Have had the boys shooting skeet gearing up for our big hunt next weekend so gotta shake the rest of them boys. I so out shot both of my oldest, went through a box of shells myself only missing twice, its on!

    So needless to say I have a lot going on in the next few weeks lol!

    I have wanted to do this for a while and just havent had a whole lot of time but took some the other day and did this


    Still gotta work out the layout for the pattern but is looking good so far. Takes quite a bit more work but feel its all worth it in the end. I really dig the green myself. What you all think?

    Oh BTW, glad to see I picked up a few more followers at IG, so some of yall have already seen this. If you arent already following me then you oughta!

    @Aezhenn Yes sir getting married, for the last time too, I am going to grow old with this woman! Glad you like all those pieces, they have sure been fun to work! Wish you were closer would like to see you at the wedding, one day we will all sit around and grill and chill!

    @Dynalowrider Gosh I totally forgot to mention it here the last day I posted. I have several really good friends from Miami wrapping around the tip back up to Tampa and was texting them back and forth that morning. All are safe and thankfully unharmed, they have had a life changing event through there and a lot of rebuilding to do, I am thinking and praying for you all for sure! So glad to hear you have worked your technique to your liking and the WS is proving to be a solid for ya! Thats what its all about and your happiness is my happiness! I thank you for the kind words and wish you well!

    @Stevenski Haha Bolo Sunset, very cool! Omgosh that fish and dinner that night ohhh I am so wanting to go back soon, you would have loved it! Thanks for stepping up with advise and tips for others as always, you are the man!

    @turk Thats what I am talking about, she is happy, you are happy heck I am thrilled! Thanks for letting me know and if there is anything else I can do pls just holla!

    @VCBud You gotta forgive me when I got that email from you I was drawing a blank for the MP but as soon as I saw your pic it all came back. I was doing the wood for DynaVap in the beginning and still make the WS pieces as I did those with the 8mm bore. I should have thought to mention that all the Omni & VC pieces should swap out and work with the WS in some way or another. I am glad to see you have found this solution to work well for you and it will definitely keep the end of your stem in great shape! I am happy to hear how much you are enjoying that piece and hope you continue to for a long long time to come!

    Gotta get my butt moving got orders to fill some wood that needs turning and time to do with my girl before we do church tonight and meet with the ladies from the church. Its a small one and all are pretty much family, they are excited as we are and ready to decorate and get this going!
  8. Reflections

    Reflections Well-Known Member

    wine country , california
    Congrats ED!!!! So happy for the marriage info,I wish you 2 the best life ever together!!

    The food and the pics of the wood scents look fabulous!

    I like the green lights 2 :D
  9. phattpiggie

    phattpiggie Well-Known Member Accessory Maker

    All the best for the future Mr and Mrs @Ed's TnT I think this tune would be apt, don't forget to sing it to her buddy, harmonise with Pharrell.
    Click to play YouTube Video

    And because I've neglected you good WS folk here's a couple of stems I got done today, they will need a final sand once things have settled.
    Blackwood, Bog Oak and Indian Summer acrylic with metal accents.
    Both 120mm long, the RHS one has a slightly longer BW hot end, aluminium accents and 10mm of acrylic, the LHS one has brass accents and the Indian Summer is 6mm.

    Take yourselves a gander at IG if you'd like to see Ed's morning wood.
  10. Mr. Me2

    Mr. Me2 Well-Known Member

    Sometimes you just have to take a pass on the lobs... ;)
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  11. Alexis

    Alexis Open minded philosopher and realist.

    Bedford, United Kingdom
    Hey everyone. Did you all know that Sneaky Pete has finally posted his woodscents video review on youtube today? I havent linked it but watching direct from youtube can offer some advantages anyway.

    Anyway check it out, Im sure somebody will link it here soon, I was surprised nobody mentioned it yet, hence...

    I havent actually watched it. I have looked forward to it, so Im waiting until Im in the mood and settled, not always at the start of the week!

    I like Pete though for his sheer positive energy and authenticity. Should be a good watch.

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