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easy vape desktop doesnt work?

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by inigomango, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. inigomango

    inigomango New Member

    I'm very new to vaping. I have some snoop Dogg g pens but just bought an easy vape from aliexpress (china). The temp gage only goes up to 235. Not sure if that's F or C.
    Fill the bowl thingy and gently put it on. Just like YouTube instructions. Then when we try to inhale, nothing happens.
    I've had it on for about 40 min ans no luck. The fuse in the back looks fine. The thingy heats up but I cant get a hit from it.

    I emailed the supplier but prob won't hear back for days....
    Not sure who to ask for help,

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  2. virtualpurple

    virtualpurple Well-Known Member

    Not familiar with that vape but it may be worth it to research these boards a bit on some of the more reputable vaporizers. Most of the G pens are considered garbage and a quick search of your easy vape appears to show the same opinion.

    I don't want to deter you, you spent good money on those vaporizers, but this does demonstrate why it's important to do some research prior to purchase.

    My first suggestion would be to figure out a budget. It sounds like you want a desktop and a portable. If you are on a real tight budget right now I would order an OG glassy from Dynavap. You can get one for around 35 bucks. If your budget is a little bigger you can certainly look at some of their other models like the Uni or the omnivaps.

    I recommend the vapcap because it is a great vaporizer that happens to be pretty low cost. You can pick up a butane torch and once you catch the hang of heating till the click (it becomes very intuitive very quick), then you're set for awhile and can save money to buy another portable or a desktop vaporizer while still having a AAA vaping experience on a budget. I have no affiliation with the company, just a very satisfied customer. Check out their thread in the portables section or their YouTube videos if you want to see them in action.

    I would recommend buying the uni model if you can swing it, it uses a titanium tip and then you can swap out for different bodies later if you like. The titanium tip also has different depths for screen placement so you can experiment with larger or smaller loads.

    If you wanted to start off with a desktop many people speak highly about the Silver Surfer or the Da Buddha. I haven't had experience with either but I really enjoy the Underdog which has a great following on this board.

    Please let us know your budget and what your goals are and maybe we can steer you in the right direction.
  3. Bat Norman

    Bat Norman Well-Known Member

    Click to play YouTube Video

    Was the video something like this?
    Temp would be in C, 180 - 200 should be about right.
    If you have a way to measure the temp of the heater (ir thermo) that would be helpful.
    Are you taking long, slow draws or pulling hard :lol:

    btw I'm pretty sure he was looking for some help not a sales pitch.
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  4. virtualpurple

    virtualpurple Well-Known Member

    Eh, it's not really a sales pitch, that's the advice I'd offer to myself for a first vape this day in age. I think the finest advice I can offer is to do your research and buy the best that one can within their budget. If cost isn't an option there are a lot of others I'm quite familiar with.

    Reviews of the device in this forum as well as by other review sites list consistency as a problem with this brand of desktop, sometimes the most practical option is to invest in a known winner.

    Not meant to offend. If I had any practical advice to repair that device and make it ideal I would offer it, I'm not mechanically inclined I'm afraid.
  5. little maggie

    little maggie Well-Known Member

    The vape you have is a not so good copy of the vaporbrothers vape which is simple and quite wonderful. Can it be returned? If you like the overall design check out the vaporbrothers. It's been around for a while so people here tend not to recommend it but [​IMG]it is affordable and better than many more expensive ones and lasts for years. There is a thread about this vape in the desktop section. If you do decide to get another vaporizer think about what you like and want. Do you want a portable or desktop? Do you want one that uses batteries, butane or plugs-in? How much do you want to spend.
  6. scalescliffs

    scalescliffs cashed

    Phoenix, AZ
    If I was OP, I'd think your response was badass.
  7. Squiby

    Squiby Well-Known Member

    I'm with @virtualpurple and I second the Vapcap especially for those new to vaping.

    It's inexpensive.
    Dynavap ships worldwide with customs fees never seeming to be an issue.
    It has a simple build with nothing really to go wrong (except for the all glass OG Vapcap which is fragile and can break like glass does).
    The ti tipped Vapcaps should last a lifetime.
    Vapvaps are without a doubt the most attractive portable vaporizer on the market.
    Dynavap has the BEST customer service, barr none.
    They are very easy to operate and can be heated by almost any heat source.
    They take up no space at all being the size of a cigarette.
    They satisfy the joint smoking ritual. Very satisfying.
    They are virtually maintenance free.
    They are unbelievably efficient with weed. You certainly will save money if you purchase your weed.

    And finally. Vapcaps are superior vaporizers. They simply work. I tried several vapes before I finally stumbled on the Vapcap. It is a fantastic vape and it is THE vaporizer I suggest to anyone wanting an affordable well designed vaporizer.

    This is not a sales pitch, just the facts as I see them. Check out the Dynavap thread. There are lots of happy happy stoners there.



    Here's my Omnivap, the all titanium Vapcap and my Ti Woody S Vapcap with a Blackwood body and Burl mouthpiece.

    Last edited: Mar 14, 2017
  8. needalift

    needalift Well-Known Member

    I had some friends who decided that they would start vaping with an easy vape . Their experience was much different though . The temp setting were completely wrong . Off by a lot too . At the lowest temp setting you would get instant combustion regardless of draw technique . I hate to say it @inigomango , but I'm afraid the easy vape is for the most part a bad investment . I haven't read or heard a good review unless it was on a sketchy site and probably provided by the seller . FC is definitely the right place to research vapes and help yourself find something that will work for your needs and price range . I too am on the vapcap wagon . I love mine and would recommend it to anybody . I know you probably didn't get the answer you were looking for yet . I'm sure you were hoping someone could give you an answer that made your easy vape function properly and I hope you get that so you are not out what you paid for this vape . But if not I hope you stick around here and find the right vape that works for you . Good luck !!

    Edit : Quick question , are you sure that the unit is heating ?? Are you actually starting the heating process or just setting the temp ? If I remember correctly , you have to set the temp and then take another step to actually start the heating process ( I could be wrong about that ) .
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  9. Bat Norman

    Bat Norman Well-Known Member

    @virtualpurple no offence taken and none meant, @imigomango said they where new to vaping so I don't want them to be discouraged and give up, it isn't cheap to convert from smoking. Hopefully they can get something out of the current setup which will then inspire them to bigger and better things (or VAS).

    Its how I started, cheap eBay VB clone. Was a pain in the ass to use but it inspired me come here, gain valuable knowledge and then to get a SSV.
    Haven't looked back since.

    @Squiby everything you say comes of as a sales pitch for a Vapcap :tup:, Hell you've convinced me to order one as soon as I can.
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  10. Squiby

    Squiby Well-Known Member

    @Bat Norman A lot of people go back and buy another Vapcap after the initial purchase. It speaks fir itself. No sales pitch needed. So, buckle up. Once you get your Vapcap, you'll be dreaming of getting another!

    I only wish that I had not wasted so much money on other vapes before finally finding this one. Happily, I found the FC forum which ultimately led me to the Vapcap.

  11. little maggie

    little maggie Well-Known Member

    If the easyvape is a new purchase I would definitely try to return it. In spite of all the vapcap recommendations, you need to decide if you want a butane vape before buying one. If you do decide do get one I strongly recommend that you not get the base glass version. Mine broke almost immediately and I don't know what led me to buy a better model given that but I did.
    I like my vapcap- I have several of them and bought my first one when they initially came out. But I haven't found it as simple to use as @Squilby does and am not sure that it's a great beginning one. I've combusted more with my vapcap than with any other vaporizer I've tried. What I like best about the vapcap is that I don't need to grind at all but just put a tiny piece of herb in. It's also the only one that I use without water.
    Anyway, I have 3 main vaporizers now that I use regularly having tried quite a few. The woodbrothers is great for plug-in. With the mini-whip instead of the hands free it only uses the herb when you draw. I replaced my EQ with the VB. I also have the Milaana which is another simple but battery operated one. And finally I have the vapcap. A woodscent log is coming later today so I may have a 4th regular one soon.

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