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Easiest portable vape for self-medication

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by ander, Apr 24, 2016.

  1. darbarikanada

    darbarikanada Well-Known Member

    for 2 items in your criteria: ease of use, low temperature - I'd definitely not recommend the MFLB; it can be hot/harsh, even after you've climbed the much-mentioned learning curve (in my experience it behaves differently with different strains; some are hard to vape, others combust easily). if you can afford it, the mighty does everything you mentioned: famously cool vapor, total temperature control (it's a pleasure to vape flower without going over 180º - sometimes I don't even go that high)(sic), works well with small dosages (herb in first, 'liquid pad' on top) - and essentially zero learning curve. since getting one I haven't used my MFLB once.
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  2. ander

    ander Well-Known Member

    The Vapican Chapel
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  3. ander

    ander Well-Known Member

    The Vapican Chapel
    It took 2 years... and in the end, she has chosen my beautiful "M" 2018. Leaving the hole completely open she manages to vaporize her green medicine without irritation and coughing. This says a lot on the versatility of this device since suits me, that I'm an ex heavy smoker that likes concentrated and harsh vapor, and her that never smoked and has a very sensitive, virgin throat. Learning to heat the cap on the higher part to provide lighter vapor has not been difficult, and now she likes it a lot... and it works!
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  4. ginolicious

    ginolicious Well-Known Member

    I say a haze Dual v3 as well. Real easy to use. Great for microdosing. 10 year warranty. I’ve had one for about 2 years now and not a single issue.
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  5. virtualpurple

    virtualpurple Well-Known Member

    @ander I’m glad you found the perfect device for her! I’m sure some people get tired of the vapcap praise in so many of the threads if this sub forum but that’s exactly what I was coming to post about!

    The vapcap too has been fantastic for my girlfriend and her migraines! She has not taken to the lighter all that well and now that we are half a world apart without me there to heat the cap for her she has discovered new freedom in my @Pipes Jarhead. The only downside is that it is with her and not with me!

    Have you guys looked into some other alternatives as well? My girl got a tragus piercing, and although there is only anecdotal support for its relief in Migraines we have observed probably a 40% reduction in frequency. And honestly, if it only gave her one less migraine a year it would be money well spent in my mind.
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  6. Egzoset

    Egzoset Vaporist of Borg

    Salutations Ander,

    Hummm... What's the challenge? I've got all those features optimized in one most affordable/reliable quality solution, it's all been part of the deal a long while ago. Try ~20 mg tokes with satisfying aroma/taste and no "baking", with a "Release/Transport Agent" that's mixed with a suitable amount of super-heated H2O + CO2 captured from a torch's corona, effectively "Potentializing" the "Release/Transport Agent" (comparatively to "Hot Dry Air Ovenizers")... Even better, convert to IH injection to integrate precision "Packetization" of the "Heat Charge" in support for Power "Micro-Bursting" mode: paradoxically the best tokes are the most risky, to put it short. The trick is to exploit delayed/transitional heat-transfer properties, briefly flooding a volume to expose it's surface to a heat front quick enough to avoid over-heating the whole cannabic mass while submitting contact surfaces to an intense "all-you-can-take" scenario. In other words aim for the "sugar" layer and delay "baking" inside its associated vegetal substrate which is more massive (e.g. a bursting-mode "lever"), in order to obtain 5 ~ 6 tokes out of a ~125 mg bowl with the first 2 ~ 3 feel quite, euh... "Addictive"!


    Additionally, in my kind of "Plan-A" IH mode it's all too tempting to go 3-Phase and add ultra-sonic stirring in order to enhance thermalization while breaking any "cake" layer after a 1st melt... Possibly even as an I/O user-interface with zero display nor a buttons pad (e.g. think vision-impared friendly). All this with the confidence that in the event of any electronic failure my "Plan-B" (which stands for Butane) remains an excellent tried 'n tested fall-back option, but then blind persons will require the help of an assistant to handle butane flames...


    Dry herbs, "Micro-Dosing", a vast selective applications range, aroma/taste appreciation, the option to provide potent/enjoyable "shotguns" (for multi-user situations)...

    Click to play YouTube Video

    YouTube -- How to do the best smoke tricks: Shotgun (2013-Apr-23)

    Click to play YouTube Video

    YouTube -- How to do Smoke Tricks: Shotgun a Blunt/Joint (2016-Mar-27)
    Extracts handling, whatever... I can assure you it's no unatainable challenge for the "Plan-A" i have in mind. After all it has been done already, just not yet.

    Good day, have fun!! :peace:
    Last edited: May 10, 2018
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  7. Mr.Sifter

    Mr.Sifter Well-Known Member

    man, I was so annoyed by this constant Vapcap mentioning in soooo maaaaany posts.
    Was not to fond of it either. The only unregulated vape that I used before was the MFLB and it left my very disappointed. So I thought The Vapcap is something gimmicky.
    BOY was I wrong.
    I had a rough start with it but now it's the only vape I use.
  8. psychonaut

    psychonaut Company Rep

    Crafty if you dont mind heatup times and price, vapcap M if you dont mind butane (induction heater optional). I've not tried many others besides the old old flower pens that would often times combust. Reason being is the ones I bought worked perfectly. @VCBud's video review of the Crafty sold me and that lil thing (bought 2), it just works. Vapcap sold itself, too many people sing the praises so I tried it and was surprised that it compared to the crafty for extraction. Very different use and function but both will leave you very satisfied.
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  9. Kozzmozz

    Kozzmozz Infinite realities, infinite possibilities

    Seems like a choice has been made.

    Another option was the vapman with station for ease of use, bit might have been a bit pricey.

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