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E-Cigarette (not for THC use)

Discussion in 'E-cig Based Portables' started by Survivalism, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. scoobie-doobie

    scoobie-doobie Well-Known Member

    FWIW... as a long time (2 years) e-cig user, and a short time BHO user (first time last week) I must confess I was impressed with the Biansi atomizer with a lave tube. My daily ecig is a lave tube with a Kangertech and it has served me well. After much reading on-line, I tried a BHO extraction with some ABV. I've seen a bunch of "cannabis" atomizers on here lately, but thought I'd try the BHO on a conventional e-cog atomizer. The Biansi atomizer has an exposed coil with a tiny, replaceable wick. I simply removed the wick, dabbed the BHO directly on the coil and tried it out.

    Must say, it was very effective. While the yield of BHO from my ABV was minuscule, the effect was quite pleasant. Wish that I had more BHO to play with.

    In the end, I think I'll be sticking with flowers, but for those who are fond of oils, this does seem a good way to go. I can't quite work myself up to doing an extraction on perfectly wonderful flowers, but if I were to find myself traveling extensively, I'd have to give extractions serious consideration, as they are SUPREMELY smuggleable.

    Final conclusion... there are several products sold for "e-cigs" that work perfectly well with cannabis without having to pay the extra dough. Aside from that, culpable deniability seems a bit easier with traditional "e-cig" products. Biggest problem I've seen is that e-cigs are still so new that they are scrutinized very closely by LE either way. Of course, not having it labeled with some reference to cannabis seems to help with such intrusions.
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  3. rabblerouser

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    so i cracked and jumped on the rebuildable bandwagon with a taifun gs. i wish i had switched over sooner. Easier to do than i thought and way cheaper upkeep than buying anything non rebuildable, just the initial cost to worry about.
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  4. pakalolo

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    I just deleted five posts because they were either about THC or response to posts about THC. Please try to stick to the topic, and if the topic specifically excludes something then please respect that.

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