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Dynavap VapCap

Discussion in 'Portable Vaporizers' started by Fenton Mewley, Jul 21, 2015.

  1. tragique

    tragique Well-Known Member

    I just tried this with 2 of my Omnis and 2 of my M's. All were interchangeable. The SS and Ti tips all fit on all bodies. They are the older Omnis, so maybe that explains why.
  2. phattpiggie

    phattpiggie Well-Known Member Accessory Maker

    Butane and Ti started my day.
    Click to play YouTube Video
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  3. stark1

    stark1 Under what bus?

    01075 - 4:20
    Remembrance of a Summer passed:


    Where have all the young men gone? To VapCaps, All.
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  4. mccringleberry

    mccringleberry Well-Known Member

    Something subtle to get a visual on the carb hole in those low light situations (foil tape)

  5. mrb

    mrb smoke free me

    I'm not wrong..
    Tips will fit on all bodies,yes..

    But the omni adjustment will stick the condenser down into the tip. With a the M tip opening being a bit wider than the Ti-tip... The restriction of airflow will be less significant than with a Ti-Tip. Wasting much of the omni functionality.

    The SS condenser (being a touch thicker than the Ti-condenser) will work with Ti-Tips, but will not always push into/through a Ti-Tip.
    Not a problem in use. But you won't necessarily be able to push the screen out with it for example..

    I've answered too many posts about compatability recently. I'm handing over the proverbial conch for a bit.
    Happy vapcaping people :tup:
  6. Hippie

    Hippie Well-Known Member

    There's a video about the non modular bits ....
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  7. Sir-vapes-a-lot

    Sir-vapes-a-lot Member

    BC, Canada
    My goodies arrived in today's mail.

    The omni xl feels like a substantial upgrade from the m. So nicely machined, and the difference in weight and balance was unexpected. The extra length fits my hands well.

    Tested and works wonderfully...
  8. nickdanger

    nickdanger Collector of Functional Art

    Fly-over Country
  9. babaganush

    babaganush Well-Known Member

    Ive been playing with the TI tip for a while, but now that Ive become more comfortable using these things, I decided to give my SS tip some attention and was pleasantly surprised. I found that the SS tip is able to deliver denser, cloudier hits with a longer inhale period. The only real drawback is the smaller airpath which gives it significantly more air restriction than the TI tip. The restriction is enough to be sort of undesirable to me, but when hooked up to my water pipe its much easier to extract. The SS tip could really use some deeper air grooves to improve air flow though--I dont think such a thing should be a premium and limited to the TI tip.
  10. DirtyD

    DirtyD Well-Known Member

    Southeast us
    Maybe just charge a little more for the m with deeper grooves? Like hey the m is now 60 bucks or whatever, less draws restrictions :clap:
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  11. babaganush

    babaganush Well-Known Member

    @DirtyD Im sure there wouldnt be any complaints about that. Now that I think about it, Im probably getting denser hits because of the restricted airflow. I might have seen this observation here before, but I feel like the SS tip is great for water bubbler use, and the TI is great for quick and easy hits.
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  12. Carlos8400

    Carlos8400 Well-Known Member


    Having owned an M for a year, a Ti woody for 6 months, and now an Omnivap for a week, i cannot help but think that the M is a flawed product because of the poor airflow.
    Yes the M technically "works" but after having used a Ti tip for a while, going back to the SS tip is always a disappointment to me. I actually wonder if they gave it bad airflow on purpose to make the jump from M to Uni more obvious/appealing.
    I have now bought a Ti tip for my M, but that puts it in the same price range as the Univap, and it shouldn't have to be upgraded to be fully functional.

    IMO the best buy in the range is the Uni. It works right out of the tube without needing any upgrade, and although the Omni adjustment is nice, i really don't find it necessary in any way.
    I will say that it is easier to use in low visibility since you don't have to find the hole every time you take a hit. On the other hand, it gets dirty faster than the Uni and is somewhat more of a pain to clean.
    I don't think the price jump from Uni to Omni is worth it. Whereas going from the M to anything with a Ti tip is definitely worth your money.

    One thing i have noticed, wondering if others have too.

    The new Ti tip (gen 5 i think) looks like a mix between the SS tip and the gen 4 (7 fin) tip.
    It has the same 5 large fins the SS tip has, but it has the grooves on the rim for better airflow.
    To me this is actually a worst tip than the previous gen, and the lower number of fins probably just a cost cutting measure.
    It takes much longer to reach cool down click, probably 30% longer, meaning you get stuck into that "It's too cold to produce any vapor, but it hasn't clicked yet" period for much longer.
    I have actually combusted in that tip a few times, because it takes so long to cool, i assume it has clicked and it hasn't.

    I never have that problem with my 7 fin tip, it seems that it has a much more even heat/cool curve.
    Anyone else prefer the older tip?
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2017
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  13. Dynalowrider

    Dynalowrider Well-Known Member

    Deep in the heart
    I left the Rockies to get away from snow, and damned if I didn't get up this morning and it snowed last night. Ground is too warm to stick, (thank God).

    I've had a Blackwood Vong Stem since they came out. Well I picked up down through buying, this piece and that piece, two Omni XL condensers and one Omni condenser. So seeing as I like using my sherlock so much, I "BF"ed a Blackwood Stem and Body. I wish I had done it sooner. I have no need to use hookah grommets. These seal up in the joint, unlike my vong. I just might have to replace it too. Doc
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  14. LabPong

    LabPong Well-Known Member

    Carlos....great post my friend.

    I got my first vapcap (Ti 5 fin XLS Vong) in July this summer. I purchased the SB-M and found it to be very different and exactly as you described. So I new it was not for me because of the hard draw resistance. I also learned I did not like the long heat up and cool off times. My Ti was very very free in draw resistance.

    Just recently I ordered a new Ti tip and cap to use with my custom all thick glass body for water use. I was amazed that this new Ti tip was so much different than my used one. It is like this new Ti tip acts like it is half way between the M and my used Ti tip. The heat up times are much longer and cool offs too....compared to my used Ti tip.

    I called dynavap and George answered and we went over what I was experiencing. So it ended up that he was so very supportive and sent me another Ti tip to test.

    After testing a few times with mixing tips and caps back and forth...I came up with the possible difference to be in metal composition of the titanium content. But there is also an issue with this new Ti tip of having more draw resistance and I tried to file small slots in the first fin. You will notice there are very small spiral grooves in that top fin.....so I opened up 2 areas just a small amount. This did not really help as the draw resistance comes more from the O.D. of the tip above the fins. Place the cap over just the bowl area and not over the first fin. Check the draw resistance now....

    What have you others found that have early 5 fins compared to what is produced now? Appreciate any input as I am looking for a Ti tip without this bigger draw resistance.
  15. stark1

    stark1 Under what bus?

    01075 - 4:20
    the seven fin (Gen 4) tip is the tits :lmao::nod:

    Last edited: Dec 8, 2017
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  16. stardustsailor

    stardustsailor Well-Known Member Accessory Maker

    Actually,there's nothing wrong with the SS tip .
    Neither the M is a flawed product.

    Fellow member @Dynalowrider has already answered why .

    The SS tip while having almost same thermal conductance and heat capacitance with
    the Titanium tip ,has almost double the mass from the latter.
    If the air restriction of the ss tip was the same with the Ti tip
    ( meaning that they would have had exactly the same triple start ACME/rounded threading ),
    then the SS tip would have :
    1 ) Combust the load plenty or most of times.
    SS tip absorbs more heat to reach the "click point " .
    With more oxygen supply ,the possibilities of combustion are increased.

    2 ) In order to compensate with the decreased air restriction/more oxygen supply
    the SS tip would need another type of Cap ,with different bimetallic discs ( of lower temperature ) .
    Accompanied with every effect that this lower "click" temperature would pose at the VC operation .

    The M is what is supposed to be .
    A quite cheap alternative of the more expensive Titanium/Wood combo models .
    The operation principles are the same.
    The final results and outcomes are not .
    The price difference between the M and the rest of the models ,
    is not just because of the materials ,but for quite few other things.

    Myself I do not like the use of the carbhole.
    that's why never got interested for the OMNI models.
    It's my right,alright !

    BUT ,by no means is my right to start even thinking that
    " The OMNI is a flawed product " ,
    "I actually wonder if they gave it a carb hole on purpose to make .. ( :hmm: ) whatever reason ... "
    It's not wise ,neither polite,I think .
    You could have just asked why is that happening .

    Personally ,I do not like the M at all .
    Neither the OMNI .
    Still both these types of devices work perfectly and operate as they were made to do so.
    With all their similarities and differencies .
    My personal taste & my various thoughts are not the factors
    determining if the device is flawed or not.
    M it's a device with way different allowances and restrictions ,
    than the rest of the VapCap series.
    But you get it at half price.

    As for the 4th and the 5th gen Titanium tips ,
    numbers ( of thermodynamic nature ) say otherwise of what you claim to have experienced.
    Exactly the opposite is happening.

    Have you ever cleaned the inside of the caps ,where the clickers are seated ?
    Still ,did you operated those devices with their own different caps or with one and only cap ?
    I'm under the impression that the caps also are a VC part that was "revisited" quite a few times ,until today.They have"generations" too,you know.

    Myself I like more the aesthetics of the 7 fin tip ( 4th gen ) ,
    but I tend also to accidently combust more with it.
    Which I can easily explain :
    1 ) I have further filled down the three notches of the tip lip .
    2 ) This tip has 20% more mass than the current Ti tip.
    3 ) Current herb is way "trippy" ,I reheat without having heard the cool down click
    -always thought i did,though.

    Last edited: Dec 8, 2017
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  17. WarpaintFree

    WarpaintFree Well-Known Member

    I got home from a trip earlier this week, and my order was in the mailbox: a new cocobolo nonavong body for my Omni, and a stem length one for my mother's M.

    This new nonavong geometry makes a perfect seal in the joint of my bong, where the last gen style let in a lot of air as the long flats were below where the taper mated with the joint.

    Classic Dynavap - a small evolutionary design change made a big difference. With the screen in the 50% position, I now consistently get full extraction in 1 heat cycle, pulling click-to-click through the bong.

    I'm going to test the stem on my own M before bundling it with some glass as a Christmas gift for dear ol' mom. I've never tried my M through water... will report back.
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  18. Winegums

    Winegums I make things from wood Accessory Maker

    The Fraser Valley
    Physics tells me I should get a Gen 5 tip to try out, but visually I love the spacing of the 7 fin generations. The Gen 5 doesn't capture the same aesthetic of an air cooling fin array as well as the 7 fins. Something about the depth of the fins and the width of the grooves? Maybe a better way to explain it is the M and Gen 5 Ti feel like they're from the Jetsons and the 7 fin Ti tips make me think of old 911s and motorcycles.

    @stardustsailor Even if it's easier to combust, I've grown so used to the Gen 4s that my Gen 3 and Ms throw me off when I use them occasionally. I'd have to get 2 Gen 5 tips to replace the Gen 4s... (I told you they multiply fast!)
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  19. Hippie

    Hippie Well-Known Member

    Another quote :)
    The M tip file mod to open up the airflow, by PhattPiggie

  20. Dynavaper

    Dynavaper Karma Farmer & Dynavap Maniac

    It would be great if one of you "oldtimers" could do a photo collage of the different tip generations, so that we "newcomers" have a chance to understand terms like "Gen4 tip" better... :rockon: I, for example, have no idea what generation my diverse Vapcaps belong to.
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  21. Winegums

    Winegums I make things from wood Accessory Maker

    The Fraser Valley
    @phattpiggie Posted this a little while ago, Gen 1 through Gen 4

    The key differences are the air channels, O-ring retention grooves, and the CCD retention system. Then there's little things that you can't see as easily like differences in the O-ring groove diameters, diameter of the bottom lip, chamber wall thickness and chamfered edges on the Gen 4.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2017
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  22. sag

    sag Well-Known Member

    I have been experimenting with my new gen omni after many happy months of using my older 7 fin onmi. I think that for me...the heating profile of the two tips is very different. I use a single flame torch. I heat the tip to click, then move down to the middle to click and finally heat the base to click. With the older tip, I can extract good amounts of thc without combusting. With the new 5 fin, if I do the same routine, I often combust at the last session at the base. I love my omni's, the older one more than the newer one. To me the M is a low priced starter vc. Works ok for me in the great outdoors and can be lost or stolen without major losses. DV rocks...
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 8, 2017
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  23. tragique

    tragique Well-Known Member

    I definitely prefer the look of my 4th generation ti tips to the new ones. I can't compare how they perform as I haven't tried the 5th gen yet, but I'm curious.
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  24. stardustsailor

    stardustsailor Well-Known Member Accessory Maker

    I've to report this .
    One good friend of mine was complaining the last few days about his new VC .

    -"Man ,I'm tellin' ya ...Somethin'z reeealy wraaawng with my new VC.
    I keep combustin' my loads pretty often ,while with the old ( and lost ) VC never did ..

    -"It just takes too long to heat till the click is heard ...I'm not foolin' ya ,bro ! "

    And kept mumbling about it ,till today afternoon.
    He ran out of herb.
    And of course paid me a visit.

    -"Hey,bro ,please give me one of your spare caps to try something " he told me .
    Sat at the couch ,loaded his VC ,put on a brand new (but of older generation ) cap of my spare ones and fired his z-plus Vertigo.

    -"Oh man ,yeah ! That's it ! " cried out few seconds later.

    -"That's what I'm talkin' about ! Somethin'z wrong with that new cap of mine ."

    I kept his "slow" cap (have it and I will test it myself ,also )
    and gave him the spare one to have and use.

    -"Oh ,man ,you saved me ! ",
    screamed ,with his eyeballs almost ready to pop out of their cavities !

    -"For two weeks now I was trying to get used to that weird new cap.
    From the start I knew something 'z wrong with that cap .
    Good for resin and stuff ,but not for herb
    " ,he added.

    So, it might be that some caps are clicking at higher temps ?

    Last edited: Dec 8, 2017
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  25. lookhigh

    lookhigh waiting for the click

    Mystcal land of Eire
    I had a faulty cap in the early days. George replaced it on my next order. This one did not click maybe i should try heating it some more.
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