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Dynavap VapCap

Discussion in 'Portable Vaporizers' started by Fenton Mewley, Jul 21, 2015.

  1. beyond6strings

    beyond6strings Just another traveller in the Cannaverse

    I gave up on trying to seat the screens in different positions because ultimately it's unnecessary. And a pain in the ass. I put all my screens in my Ti tips in the lowest/fullest position. It's quick and easy and they seat securely even if a bit old and worn.

    If I want to use less flower, I put less flower in, give it a light tamp and it'll work just as good as if it's full. Or if you want light/tasty tokes you can put a tiny nug and let it rattle around in there over the course of a few heating cycles.
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  2. StringTheorista

    StringTheorista Well-Known Member

    Hmmm. I just went the other direction. After using my tips at full size, loosely filled, and returning to a tip through the day to finish it, I’ve gone to the smallest setting, a bit more tightly packed. Was hoping to get more tasty hits by refilling more frequently. Verdict not in yet on this, but it gave me something to do after cleaning everything, resetting the ccd in 2 of my tips. ;)
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  3. stark1

    stark1 WhOO-ooo

    Bud, I don’t believe Stockport (or Manchester) has an American Holiday Inn, although I have
    Stayed in a warm brick farm B&B in Macclesfield, some miles away.

    Fact, as far as my tastebuds tell me. :tup:
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  4. Skunkport

    Skunkport Well-Known Member

    Somewhere over the rainbow
  5. Helios

    Helios Well-Known Member

    down by the river
    Agreed! is ur first log stark?

    firing up A delicious M bowl of GG. Afternoon delight
  6. 2hrs

    2hrs Well-Known Member

    can you talk about this a little more? how do you heat the vapcap with the woodscents?
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  7. Hippie

    Hippie Well-Known Member

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  8. Majordude2626

    Majordude2626 Well-Known Member

    I just thought I'd remind people that if you need your order quickly you may want to order before the black friday sale. I've noticed in the past the deluge of orders slows down things. Obviously you would not get the discount, but for some people the time is more important than the funds. I am in no way affiliated with vapcap and I do not have any insight into their shipping times. This is just what I have noticed in the past, maybe that won't be the case this time.
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  9. 2hrs

    2hrs Well-Known Member

    yeah i've seen the woodscents before, but if i'm using a vapcap, i kinda don't feel like holding a log up to my face. you're saying you can take the cap off the vapcap and just use it as a stem for the woodscents right? which I knew, but I'd be intersted in using it like an induction heater to just drop the VC into it, wait for a click, and then walk off or do whatever else i was doing.

    the post I quoted made it sound like you could use it like an induction heater and drop the vapcap in it wait for click and go.
  10. Mr.Kite

    Mr.Kite Well-Known Member

    this thread really slowed down since this spring/summer.

    George recruited the creme de la creme for the VCDC
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  11. stark1

    stark1 WhOO-ooo

    Ya, but. We are still here. :nod:
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  12. PapaEmeritusCDXX

    PapaEmeritusCDXX Lord of The Flies.

    North of the Wall, NH.
    What is the VCDC anyways?

    also I'm gonna have to take it easy on vaping for a bit. threw my back out. coughing is insanely painful and so is breathing in.

    RIP me.
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  13. -dab8-

    -dab8- Dyna-saur

    East coast
    Agree. I have an IH I don’t use since I got my woodscents.

    I think it has FAR more to do with the mods cutting back on off topic discussion.
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  14. phattpiggie

    phattpiggie Well-Known Member Accessory Maker

    No idea how long I've been abusing this cap for.
    It's seen several drops and bush fires but it keeps going.
    It shall sit proudly with my others as I build up some new patina.
    Click to play YouTube Video
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  15. Summer

    Summer Well-Known Member

    Long Island, NY
    You can use the condenser to push the screen out of (towards) the bowl end. If you have a BIC pen, you can re-insert the screen in the bowl end & just push it down into position with the cap end of the pen.

    You can flatten out the screen with a hammer if need be. I personally use the ss screens as they are more ridged & don't bend out of shape as easily as the ti.
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  16. just_the_flu

    just_the_flu they say im crazy but i have a good time

    in front of my screen

    ...you use the ws instead of the cap, by bad for confusion...

    ...get a ws now and get on @Pipes waiting list for a psm and thats all anyone really needs.....:D
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  17. stark1

    stark1 WhOO-ooo

    You might think of VCDC as an experimental group of voluntary heads who are like Beta testers, get to
    Play with new developments of DV, discuss, and make suggestions for future Proofs of

    Kinda like test subjects. And shoot the shit. :clap:

    Sounds like it is time for your annual checkup with your primary care provider? A log vape might be
    Something you might try. They produce sweet, gentle vapors.

    Using one is almost like a ritual. Mystical. And Magical. The connection with Mother Earth is strong.
    Everyone should try one. :tup:

    Last edited: Nov 10, 2018
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  18. Ramahs

    Ramahs Fucking Combustion (mostly) Since February 2017

    The Internet
    That's what edibles are for.
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  19. Gigsabits53

    Gigsabits53 Well-Known Member

    Could not agree with you more. Log vapes are awesome :)
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  20. stark1

    stark1 WhOO-ooo

    :mmmm:A pocketable VC InductionHeater would be beyond awesome.
  21. GtrBob

    GtrBob Well-Known Member

    Yeah, WTF are all these acronyms. ;-)

    "...you use the ws instead of the cap, by bad for confusion...get a ws now and get on @Pipes waiting list for a psm and thats all anyone really needs.....:D"


    [AC/DC I do remember]
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  22. WoodVillain

    WoodVillain Backwoods Rated

    Been playing with my fury2 the past couple days but it's definitely not replacing my VCs.

    Cool session vape, nice flavor, but it's not putting out the thick heavy clouds I can get with my VC. It does make the herb last longer though... but that's because it extracts slower... not a bad thing, just a different way to go... good for me late night watching TV when I don't want to fool with a torch.

    Getting ready to hit the gulf of mexico in the morning. 11 foot vibe seaghost kayak. Fun as hell to catch bonnet head sharks or reds from a kayak! The only vape suitable to take....

    The OG Omni vapcap, the champion.
  23. bossman

    bossman Gentleman Of Leisure

    So do we know what the Black Friday sale will be at dynavap? I read back a few pages but didn't see details.
  24. stark1

    stark1 WhOO-ooo

    I bet Geo & Co has a few surprises up their sleeves. :love:

    Such anticipation. :myday:
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  25. mrb

    mrb Accessory Maker

    Yeah, I got me a fury2 6months back. Very happy with it, feel like it's the best electric out there for my wants . . but I rarely use it as it doesn't come even close to the vapcap for this ex-smoker.
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