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Drug tests...

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by Vaked420, Jan 19, 2016.

  1. mephisto

    mephisto Well-Known Member

    Well FFS, now the potential employer wants to perform a urine test AND a hair test. As if leaving MJ alone for the past 30 f'kin days was not bad enough. I have self tested the urine side and everything is golden.
    Is there any solution to pass a m@t$%&*#@*)ng hair test. I understand the methodology behind the test and I will not be sending my cash to the Aloe Nexxus Testclean bullshit lottery. Can anybody lend valid info to help a brother get a clean hair test? @virtualpurple I hope you are going well with your potential tests.
    I will not be shaving my head bald, or stretching my beanbag over my head, please only submit a response if you have actual knowledge on how to keep these fucking Nazi prick bastards from keeping me from doing my trade. 27 years of being the HVAC industry whore only to fall to the Lies and Promises of family owned con artists and start up refrigeration companies who think urine testing is not invasive enough. FUCK ME!
    I may end up just working the day shift at my in-laws chicken farms for shit wages. Land of the Free.
    Fuck! HELP!
  2. Melting Pot

    Melting Pot Sick & Twisted

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  3. TwistedGray

    TwistedGray Well-Known Member

    I feel bad for all you out there having to be tested :(
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  4. GreenHopper

    GreenHopper 20 going on 60

    I've not read through the entire site but it seemed to have a fair amount of info on it http://hairfollicledrugtest.info

    Also, second to last post on this 420mag post (page 4) seemed fairly genuine.

    Like all these things YMMV, good luck, hope it goes well for you.
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  5. mephisto

    mephisto Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the kind words, at this point I am ready to tell them to go fuck themselves. Clean pee, yes. Clean hair, does not sound possible. I really appreciate your input!
  6. Stevenski

    Stevenski Enter the Dragon

    'straya mate
    I don't think there is anything that can be done for hair unfortunately. I understand that hair tests will pick up opiates & stimulants long after they are undetectable via other methods & that is why they are sometimes used. Unless it is a extreme risk or exceptionally high level position I could not think of a reason for a hair test over a blood, saliva or urine test though?
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  7. mephisto

    mephisto Well-Known Member

    Still our friend mj hangs around the longest in the hair strand. No opiates or stimulants to worry about, and I believe if offered the job I will just have to turn it down. No sense being tagged for failing a test you knew you would likely not pass to begin with......Chicken house here I come.
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  8. Stevenski

    Stevenski Enter the Dragon

    'straya mate
    The only reason I mentioned the opiates & stimulants is because they show up for a longer period of time via hair & unfortunately so does cannabis.

    After nearly 30 years in the industry do you have any contacts that can land you a job opportunity? Or does every employer in your field drug test? I landed a really good job around 5 years ago but failed the drug test that was never mentioned at any of the previous 3 interviews.

    It seems that it is mostly American companies that do the testing for some reason. I wonder if they get any tax or insurance concessions & that may be why so many do it? I had to be very selective in jobs I applied for recently & pulled out of many due to testing & every one was an American company.

    Since it is a small startup refrigeration company & you have the job offer you could always try a different tactic that is bold & risky. Who did you interview with? Are they senior enough to make the hard decisions? Assuming that is the case you could always be upfront & honest about the situation. Depending on your rapport & if you can have a frank discussion explain the key points

    • You have 27 years experience in HVAC & are a fucking oracle of your industry.
    • You also happen to consume cannabis of an evening
    • This has no impact on your skills & abilities as a worker since you don't mix work & leisure
    • If necessary you can supply some saliva test kits if XYZ wants to randomly test (since they detect use between 4-10 hours on average YMMV of course)
    I don't recommend doing something like this with a larger established company but ultimately if it is a start up they fucking need a person of your wisdom & experience. If you are going to end up shoveling shit there is not much more to lose IMO.
  9. mephisto

    mephisto Well-Known Member

    Dude, I so appreciate your sentiments. Thought long and hard about potential approaches. The skinny is this, I will not accept a job and then fail a test. However, I will accept a job and then decline the position until which time I feel I can pass their "screen" If it takes manipulating the truth a bit, I can sleep with that. I have my own company locally, but the market is flooded with liars and scalawags. For the time, I prefer to work for the man, and let him worry about where the next job is coming from. We live very frugal lives, my wife and I, therefore I am not motivated by the almighty dollar. Just need enough to be comfortable. All things will come together in time, as they always have. I miss Mary Jane, I really do. I hurts me, really! to turn my back on her......If I had any local friends they would be drowning in the assets I can no longer enjoy.
    Hello Vac Seal!

    Thanks for giving me someplace to vent my frustration and responses that are clearly thought out and shared, all of you.
    I will shovel shit proudly, its not the title that provides the pride, its the quality of the job done. I am about burnt out with the whole industry. I will take my basic virtues and my right to enjoy nature's bounty over any man made wage or status.
    Proud to be FC!
  10. DDave

    DDave Vape Wizard Accessory Maker

    Judge the Vaper by the Vapor
    I hate drug tests! So I'm ok with the bump! :tup:

    My two cents, I have never used a clean out product that worked or even partially worked. Water dilution works far better, but is tested for now too.
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  11. CarolKing

    CarolKing Singer of songs and a vapor connoisseur

    What about starting your own business? I don't know if Uber drivers need to take drug tests? That would be an idea. What about walking people's dogs during the day while they are at work? A dog walking business!

    Having a power washer and washing RVs and large trucks? Even washing store fronts, porches and side walk areas. Get yourself some name cards.

    Working to clean homes that are newly constructed, before they are put up for sale. Staging homes for sale.
    Working as a substitute for an educational assistant in your home school district. Some school districts are hiring substitute teachers if you have an AA.

    I know it's all easier said than done. Just some ideas. I don't know your set of skills. Think about what you have to offer. Think of what you like to do and what you are good at.
    Good luck at what you decide and do.

    I'm waaaaay off topic for sure - sorry. I almost deleted the above. Just trying to be of help @muunch.
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2017
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  12. muunch

    muunch hotboxing the cockpit

    holy im off topic. sorry too baked for internet
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  13. virtualpurple

    virtualpurple Well-Known Member

    Thank you for your input Dave. It is seeming like substitution or a very careful dilution is the way to go.

    @mephisto I am sorry to be reading your updates, my friend. I just don't fathom many situations where a hair follicle test is appropriate or necessary. Not in your line of work or in mine.

    In my corner, the federal hiring freeze has unfortunately put me into limbo. I was hoping that since all I had remaining was to finish filling out a profile on the required website and take my UA. However, now it appears I'm on hold until further notice.

    Some might consider this a blessing, but a work week in the Military ER would allow me way more study time and financial freedom than the ER I work at now.

    My NP program has already started and though my first two semesters are distance I am already hitting the ground running. And I'll be moving in August so my time to squirrel away extra funds is rapidly dwindling. Honestly I'm scared a bit that by the time this freeze gets lifted (if at all) the military will have decided it's no longer worth it for the short time I'll be able to work for them before moving.

    Sorry to wallow in my own pity party a bit, just feeling a bit helpless.

    Mephisto, my thoughts are with you brother. I got faith you'll find something workable for yourself!
  14. grokit

    grokit well-worn member

    the north
    I don't know about tax breaks, but I'm absolutely sure that there are insurance concessions.

    It's still schedule 1, which can mean exposure to negligence & liability-type lawsuits.

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  15. mephisto

    mephisto Well-Known Member

    @virtualpurple I feel the love, brother. While I wait for the 2 companies I recently interviewed with to offer me a job, I came to the conclusion that you cannot test that which is no longer there. Spent the day with the beard trimmers, and then off to Stupid Cuts for a nice sourball crew cut. So now its hairless and careless!!!!!
    As a potential employer, you are more than welcome to look into my past. I get to decide how far back you shall look. 30 days if far enough, you don't get to deny me a fair wage for what I may have done 90 days ago. What's that, my hair is too short to test. HA! well by all means, cup your hands and I'll give you a fresh test sample. Invasive motherfuckers! Life is far too short to be denied the simple beauty of Mother Nature, in all of her forms.
    I would like to congratulate my beard trimmers for going way beyond intended use and soldiering on anyhow!

    Enjoy your herb folks, and please pack an extra hit for those of us who must play the game to earn a living.
  16. phattpiggie

    phattpiggie Well-Known Member Accessory Maker

    I've done a hair follicle test and was told I had to have 3 months hair growth, any use of dyes etc would show and they would insist I did another.
    I've been led to believe Follicle tests can show any substance you've taken, the longer your hair the more history.
    My advice is cut your hair before hand and then abstain for the 3 months, do the test. I passed.
  17. nomadicsoul34

    nomadicsoul34 Well-Known Member

    Any Uk guys here any experience with police roadside swabs?
    I recently found out to my horror that Uk police are swabbing drivers and that positive results can show up 48 hours after use despite no longer being under the influence . This means 12 month ban ( probably loss of job and therefore mortgage )and up to £5000 fine.
    If you happen to be involved in an accident this can lead to prison despite cannabis playing no part in the accident.
    All this despite not even being under the influence.
    There is no limit for the swabs it is a simple pass or fail.
    I was also told that if you test positive your insurance is invalidated.
    Blood level limits are also tiny .
    Either way these laws that came into effect 18 months ago are terrifying for anyone who enjoys recreational use and wants to support a family.

    Refusal be tested results in an instant ban.

    i do not endorse or approve of driving under the influence of any drugs or med.

    Oral fluid testing can detect drugs immediately after the most recent use and up to 4 days later. - http://forensicfluids.com/oral-v-urine/

    Now before you get excited, here’s the disadvantage of saliva tests. They are very good at detecting very recent marijuana use. If less than 24 hours has elapsed between your last joint and the time of the test, you will likely test positive. And more sensitive laboratory tests can easily detect it up to 72 hours after intake. Chronic heavy users facing a sensitive saliva test can be detected for up to a week in general - http://thcclean.net/long-weed-stay-saliva/
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2017
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  18. nomadicsoul34

    nomadicsoul34 Well-Known Member

    Weird that no one on this entire site has any experience with mouth swabs..
  19. seaofgreens

    seaofgreens My Mind Is Free

    Not much to say unfortunately. The issue is a quagmire. You are correct that mouth swabs can detect usage up to 48 hours prior, and are not an indication of present intoxication. There is currently no test able to detect active intoxication, and for that matter, what exactly is an acceptable range? A chronic users acceptable range is going to be radically different than the occasional toker.

    Living here in a legalized state for instance, it has become far more questionable to "blaze," up and drive. Used to be a pretty minor $50 possession ticket, even if recent cannabis use was very evident by the smell. Now it is a very likely DUI, and 5k in court + treatment costs, constant urinalysis etc. Definitely a boost to the court systems profits... ;)

    One other thing you can try, which is also again, from the US, is this:

    Click to play YouTube Video

    Either way, never forget the very basic tenant that police protect and serve the STATE... not YOU.
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