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does vaping/smoking slows cold or Flu recovery?

Discussion in 'Vaporization Discussion' started by rozroz, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. rozroz

    rozroz Well-Known Member

    wasn't sure how to search for such a question though obviously it's been asked.

    i wonder whether having these minor cold viruses and vaping while recovering have any
    negative effect on recovery?

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  2. Mushroomturtle

    Mushroomturtle Smokeless and alcohol-free

    Hah, funny you should ask this, I'd been wondering the same as I've had Aussie flu for the past 3 weeks.

    I, personally, have found that vaping made my chest much worse. In fact it felt as though I'd get a chest infection or bronchitis if I continued. It felt like I'd been punched in the lungs with each (light) draw and the body aches got worse too, really unpleasant.

    I vaped in the early stages because it eased the body aches and boredom, but once it hit my chest I had to take a forced T-break.
    I'm sure some people can probably get away with vaping right the way through, lucky them!

    In terms of speeding up recovery, hard to say because you can't really A/B test it. What I mean is, if you vape and it clears up quickly, how do you know it wouldn't have done anyway even if you weren't vaping.

    Craving my Omnivap and Milaana so much man!
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2018
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  3. rozroz

    rozroz Well-Known Member

    i'm sure there are enough people here that were sick and vaping/stopped and noticed if their immune system suffered. i'm trying it right now ;)
    but you're right, every flu can be different so who knows.
    maybe if you're feeling better, then vape and suddenly next day you're back a few steps.
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  4. shredder

    shredder Well-Known Member

    Your body should tell you how to precede. If your coughing a lot, just quit vaping. If your chest hurts don't vape. Sometimes you just have to give yourself time to recover and heal. Medibles will help a lot and not irritate your breathing.
  5. Alexis

    Alexis Peace keeper, fun maker and 3/4 time vaporist.

    Bedford, United Kingdom
    Hope you are well past it soon man, you haven't let anything on anyway in your posts- no grumpy manflu syndrome haha!

    Interesting what you report. You have seen me emphasising the direct link between my long running multiple respiratory infections and my varying tolerance for vaporizing.
    And how I believe that if all infections were clear, the allergy symptoms would reduce massively.

    I find this already 100% if the time my vapor allergy goes up and down in direct line with infection level, and is always location specific. As soon as I started the electrifier treatments regularly in Autumn, I lowered my throat infections quickly and suddenly vaping waa not bothering my throat at all. Like it completely bypassed it. Before, or when there is a lot of infection there, I suffer an apparent allergy type reaction and my throat was all sore and tore up.

    Same applies to lungs. Just thinking about it all right now- I expect the infected areas are both inflamed and irritated, and therefore more prone to further irritation. And vapor is still irritating by nature to some extent.

    But I also know for a fact that pathogens can cause a location based allergic reaction which subsides after the infection is cleared.
    Get well soon buddy. Lovely day today for some autos where we are.;)
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