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does a vaporizer affect sexually

Discussion in 'ABV' started by jessie, Nov 12, 2012.

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  1. jessie

    jessie Member

    i am sorry if this offends any but i am on a search for answers please if any have experiences to share please do my fiance has been sober from opiates for 2 years in the past 10 months we got our medical cards only recently have i started to notice a sexual change it is almost impossible for him to finish i really have to pull everything out of the bag if you know what i mean i have started to accuse of pills which has caused our relationship great stress and nearly ended it i am hoping to find the answer here has anyone ever heard a a vaporizer causing this inability to ejaculate it seems like what some would call dope di** but i dont want to continue accusations etc if i am wrong please help
  2. lwien

    lwien Well-Known Member

    Arcadia, California
    "does a vaporizer affect sexually ?"

    Yes, but for me, it has the exact opposite affect than the one you stated above.
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  3. kingofnull

    kingofnull ace

    I find I have greater control over my finish when I'm medicated. Perhaps it's just easier to distract my mind.
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  4. farscaper

    farscaper Well-Known Member

    lol, i think you need to go a little deeper... so to speak... so,

    did u guys use to smoke instead of vape or are you new to cannabis all together?
    -could be that if you didn't smoke or vape "before" then chances are... he is stoned... :tup:

    Solutions: switch up your vape session times... don't get high before sex

    have you changed strains lately?
    - different strains have different effects.

    solutions: if ur consuming a lot of indica.... try a sativa... indica strains have a "opiate or pain killer" effect... if he is consuming that... he is prolly experiencing the same feeling that opiates gave him. (NOT A BAD THING PER SE) so, try a sativa, they are more mentally stimulating and something like that may actually stimulate the mood. (the stuff i got now makes me more "stimulated":ko::brow: and when i get to thinking too much... i am a man, that always pops in the brain! )

    Not to be blunt on this one, and please take no offence, but to be objective we must look at all options before writing any off.
    - get kinkier? - I tell my wife to step it up a notch every so often... as she reply's with the same;)
    "The door swings both ways" she says. Maybe ur dudes looking for a nice toasty sub instead of a PB&J? Dialog this with him, open communication is the best way to preserve a healthy relationship. People can change and it isn't always a "DRUGS" fault some times we need to forget the former drug issues to be able to see how a person is doing NOW.

    Remembering the past to keep from repeating it, dwell in the past to return to it.

    At any rate, combine all 3 and im sure you will see the improvement that you seek.

    :tup: WELCOME TO FC! :tup:
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  5. ShipDit

    ShipDit 1%

    The great Mid West Wasteland
    Have you tried gerbils?
    If so,what breed? (The current faves seem to be the Bolivian Tunnel Mouse and the San Francisco Flash).
    Is this a medical problem? If so,talk to your doctor and see if he is eligible for medicinal gerbils.
    Is the gerbil stoned?
    Two gerbils?
    Try this,next time you're man is preoccupied quickly insert a gerbil while cranking Slayers "Reign in Blood"cd. If that has no noticeable effect he is DEFINATLY on something harder than weed.

    Ahhh shit, I'm sorry,that probably didn't help did it?
    Seriously though,it sounds like he may just have "issues" that aren't being resolved. Best advice,keep trying! The practice will serve you well. If all else fails just get a new man,there's plenty out there.
    It is cool that you care enough to ask for help,shows you have a good heart. He's a lucky man.
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  6. JCat

    JCat Well-Known Member Accessory Maker

    Ontario, Canada
    Hate to ask the obvious ... but is there any alcohol involved? Even a few drinks can have this effect especially in combination with the cannabis ...
  7. Tweak

    Tweak T\/\/34|<

    Great advice from farscaper, especially this tidbit.

    To answer your question, I have had no ill effects from vapor.

    I also suggest that you openly talk to your fiance about it. It could be from stress or other factors. Be gentle though, his ego and labido are closely linked, he might find it an attack on his manhood or act defensive from being embarrassed.
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  8. OO

    OO Technical Skeptical

    Paraphernalia Museum
    It comes down to a number of factors, the range of active compounds being one. I have found that many techniques/herbs have the described effect, and many have the exact opposite!
    some strains have most certainly allowed me this benefit.

    other strains have most certainly allowed me this blessing/curse. depending upon whether the first effect is present.

    I would try vaping sessions with different strains, until you find one that works for both of you, keep in mind, there are many factor which will affect the outcome.

    If various strains yield the same result, try different temps, or even combusting in order to find what works, as there will be a successful combination in there.

    I remember one plant that could do no wrong back in my combusting days. turned up the juice full throttle. i saved some and it worked similarly when vaped, but had the opposite effect at low temps.

    all strains are different, so experiment!
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  9. max

    max Out to lunch

    Other drugs, as well as alcohol can often have this effect, both street drugs and prescribed meds. I've experienced the 'drug effect' you're talking about from time to time from both sides of the street, but NEVER from mj, either smoked or vaped. Vapor especially, should not have this effect. If you think it's something he's ingesting, I'd certainly cross mj vapor off my list of possible culprits.
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  10. OO

    OO Technical Skeptical

    Paraphernalia Museum
    Not so fast, I have testified to this effect, and it is too early to jump to the conclusion that "something else" is the "culprit". it sounds like the relation is already strained, lets not push it further.
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