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Do you save your hardcore vaporizer for evenings?

Discussion in 'Vaporization Discussion' started by CarolKing, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. beyond6strings

    beyond6strings Just another traveller in the Cannaverse

    I tend to use whichever vaporizer is right for that particular moment. Day or night. I'm a working musician and work from home and on the road and I am both a medical and recreational user. My tendency is to use my Carbon Fiber Omni XL in the .025 setting when I need medicine but also need to get things done, my OmniVong in the .05 setting when I want to relax/play/rehearse, and my Milaana with a generously filled stem for when I'm in a lot of pain, or want to really knock myself out.

    I rarely use my Alternate. I keep it around because it's good to pass around, but that's all. I only use it solo if I'm really in pain and need a lot of medicine delivered quickly.

    I find that rotating vaporizers is similar to rotating strains in that it makes the plant work better for me.

    And let's be honest; variety truly is the spice of life.
  2. PPN

    PPN Fleurs&Vapeur

    Personnaly I tend more to use my "hardcore" vapes on the morning and sip in the sofa during the evening.
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  3. WakeVape&Bake

    WakeVape&Bake New Member

    If i have something to do i certainly don´t use my Plenty, this one can get you really baked in a few hits so on days where something is up to do, this is my go to "evening vape"
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  4. Baron23

    Baron23 Well-Known Member

    This is me too and hence I tend to want a knock out punch for pain and sedation so mostly its a non-issue to me.

    However, for those times that I do vape in the afternoon, no...I would not use my EVO or FP and would go with something like a VC or Milaana stem.

    @CarolKing - hi Carol...oh boy, with a Cloud Buddy type adapter and a WP, my gentle, polite, little Enano becomes a hard hitting vape for certain. I can't say I use it the most, but I have never regretted for a moment my Enano purchase. .05 g in a stem for a light effect. Through water (with perhaps a bit of 'trates in there for impact) for the knock out.

  5. CarolKing

    CarolKing Singer of songs and a vapor connoisseur

    Hi @Baron23 my dear FC friend.
    The Enano really steps up to the plate with a water tool. The Hydrobomb from my EVO works really well with my nano. The Woodscents is a pretty hard hitting log. I use my VapCap “M” and it performs wonderful mated with the WS.
  6. asdf420

    asdf420 Well-Known Member

    Using near bedtime seems to make me more dependent for sleep, and I get to experience less of the effects so may as well not overdo it? I'd go higher in the evening/late afternoon. Or in the morning if there's nothing to do, or if it's safely doable vaked (I should've waited for tomorrow to take this edible, because I had a sort of appointment..)

    of course if I had a medical issue like pain keeping me from sleep, I'd go all out
  7. VapourHaze

    VapourHaze Rexcornish on IG, Vaping since '02

    daytime - vape flowers
    evening - pure joints (sorry) , dabs
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  8. Ramahs

    Ramahs Fucking Combustion (mostly) Since February 2017

    The Internet
    No. I don't take my face-melters to work, lol.

    Having a nice mellow high during the day helps me focus.
    White-walling an 18-inch piece of glass however, does not, and I'd get caught and fired. lol. :razz:

    Lets keep the day-drugs light. I can be a potato at night if I want!
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  9. Justpassedu

    Justpassedu Well-Known Member

    Longisland , NewYork
    @CarolKing I save the hardcore 1's for after work sessions usually at night. If its during the day and I really need something i'll usually grab a portable or a oil pen. My desktops usually hit me hard enough to almost not be able to function properly so I try to reserve them for when my day is done unless i am on vacay. I actually don't really use much during my work hours, sometimes I will just wait until I am done.
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  10. howie105

    howie105 Well-Known Member

    My big runs happen on party days, weekday sessions are mostly of discomfort moderation with the extra added bonuses of mild buzzes.
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  11. C No Ego

    C No Ego Well-Known Member

    I tend to notice before bed bumping that Vape full blast until take off- or take down more so LOL... certainly higher vape temps lend to better sleeping... But- add in cbn to a vape like from old dried cannabis and any temp may knock yo ass out
  12. Diggy Smalls

    Diggy Smalls Notorious

    Land of Confusion
    Why yes I do. V8r comes out at the the if the day when I'm done with my work.
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  13. shredder

    shredder Well-Known Member

    For me it really depends. Typically I use a vap cap during the day with a happy go lucky sativa. If I have something that requires my full concentration, I vape a high cbd variety. And it depends on how I feel, some days the aches and pains tell me I need more, and vise versa. If I need more than a vap cap, my fury 2 comes out.

    And then in the evening the rosin comes out and we use our mighty with the liquid capsules, or our d nail. This is my typical usage, but if friends stop by, we could be doing dabs at most any time, lol. And a couple times a year I take a tolerance break to reset things.
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  14. lazylathe

    lazylathe Almost there...

    SouthWest Ontario, Canada
    I am trying this for a few days to see the results!
    One other change is to only start vaping at 4 or 5 pm using only a portable.
    Two loads in a portable is good for a few hours.

    Later on towards 8pm i bring out the big toy for the night!
    Finding my consumption goes down, tolerance goes down and effects go up!
    win, Win!!
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  15. Hubs88

    Hubs88 Feeling The Buzz

    The evening is the only time I vape. I would like to do more but weed hits me hard. Sadly of all the drugs I have tried weed helps the best with the spasms I have from a spinal cord injury. It also makes it harder to get around which has sucked for the past fifty years.
  16. Ramahs

    Ramahs Fucking Combustion (mostly) Since February 2017

    The Internet
    With practice tolerance will go up, and you'll be able to get stoned and function just fine. It just takes time.

    Plus, the high is better once you get more accustomed to it, and can take more without getting more floored.
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  17. Hubs88

    Hubs88 Feeling The Buzz

    I've been using weed for 50 years and it still knocks me down. Other than that I love the effect, just can't consume as much as I want to.
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  18. shredder

    shredder Well-Known Member

    Can you explore other varieties? Not all herb is equal in effects. Perhaps a high cbd, low thc variety can help for your day time needs.

    Personally I like a happy go lucky day time sativa type herb, and heavier varieties at night.
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  19. Alexis

    Alexis Well-Known Member

    Well done bro for getting proactive about this. I am trying the same. It sure pays to get used to having a longer straight period, so that it becomes normal at those hours of the day to not be stoned.
    Rather than vice versa when it is not normal at all. You just need to do it regularly enough, not necessarily every day. Just to avoid falling back into a pattern again.
    That way you don't miss it in those hours, which fly by once you adapt as long as you can fill your time well and manage discomfort.

    And you also really notice and appreciate the change when you do vape. It is always enough as well, right to the end of the night.
  20. ginolicious

    ginolicious Well-Known Member

    I agree. Look for a high cbd strain. I haven’t yet found one. But I’ve heard they do wonders.
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  21. SinVape

    SinVape New Member

    Vaporizing with the Xvape Starry now. Usually I'm not vaporizing during the day it makes me stoned for hours.
    I Can change temperature settings at my Starry so can get different clouds.
    In the morning using lower temperature then in the evening.
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  22. Hjalmark

    Hjalmark Oldest boy alive

    Hydro brick - Sticky brick labs

    even though my Enano and Grasshopper can also send me to the moon, the hydrobrick is the only one with big enough bowl to utterly fuck me up in just a single "bowl" with its instant heat and fantastic extraction

    I always save the brick for the evening because its hard not to finish a bowl in it :p

    grasshopper or Enano is much better suited for day time use
  23. Cheesequake

    Cheesequake MDE Never Dies

    I don't own any vapes that won't get you absolutely toasted. :brow:
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  24. LesPlenty

    LesPlenty Well-Known Member

    All my vapes will get me there too, but is only my S&B Plenty that can get me `bent as 10 men', I can get so messed up with it through a bong that if I am sitting in my recliner chair with my legs crossed, my mind cannot work out witch leg to move first to get untangled and just buzzing from head to toe and doing shit like checking the time with your wrist watch while still holding the bong and pouring the bong water over ones self. That is my heavy hitter.:o
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  25. LesPlenty

    LesPlenty Well-Known Member

    I find the same set up is perfect, I only use my Mobius sidecar knock off with the Plenty, all my other vapes perform better in a D020-d.
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2018
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