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Divine Tribe atty's

Discussion in 'E-cig Based Portables' started by divinetribe, Jun 12, 2014.

  1. divinetribe

    divinetribe We are trying our hardest to become Medical Grade Manufacturer

    Arcata, Humboldt California
    Cleaning the quest without having to take it apart

    Click to play YouTube Video
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  2. PPN

    PPN Fleurs&Vapeur

    QQ is strong! I just took some hits from a rosin (from kief)/CBD Crystal load and I'm very, very medicated now...

    Although I'm a bit lost about settings since the unit seems to perform differently every time I remove/reinstall it on my old Evic mini... it's the same for my I-heat I have everytime to find different setting than the last I used to get it work like I want.... today it took age to heat, temp Ni, 42w, 390°F and resistance is 0.26 until I saw it was already very hot even if display was only around 280°F, took a hit(without hitting the button) and got very dense, tastefull and... harssh vapor which makes me cough like hell!

    There is a lot of different users settings to match everybodies préférences and I saw the list of settings @divinetribe posted but there was no settings for the Evic Mini isn't it?

    edit: got better hits but this is like a sport car... don't lean to much on the pedal!
    redit: Is the VTC6 will give less fast "weak battery" message than my used VTC4? I have a pair of brand new VTC6's and have to find the perfect purpose for them... maybe for the QQ&I-Heat!
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  3. OF

    OF Well-Known Member

    Left Coast
    Glad you're enjoying your QQ, it's a great unit for sure. I think your 'works differently after taking it off and putting it back' can be traced to a different 'locked resistance'. I find that to be the case anyway. If I take it off I have to fiddle with it to get the same 'locked resistance' if I want the settings to work the same.

    The VTC6 is really a marginal choice here, it's rated at 15 Amps continuous duty. Be careful, ratings (often not accurate to start with) are typically given for short times (e-cig guys don't demand power for 30 seconds like we do). The high capacity (3000 mAh) is attractive, but 'stronger' versions like VTC5 at 20 Amps, VTC5A AT 25 Amps (perhaps the best compromise?) or VTC4 at 30 are better calls. They will need charging more often, but will be less abuse in use. Mods with two cells are a different matter, by splitting the load each cell has to contribute less power, but getting 50 Watts or so from one for longer times is pushing things.

    VTC6 will probably work OK if you have them already, but I would not suggest buying them specifically for this, although I'd expect to replace them sooner. Similar cells from other makers are available of course.

    Anyway, this (reduced power delivery ability exchanged for more capacity) is what you're seeing I think, VTC4 is 'only' 2100 mAh, not the 3000 from VTC6.

    Again, glad you're enjoying your QQ. That's what counts?

  4. Bad Ocelot

    Bad Ocelot Well-Known Member

    So pumped for the v3.5!!! A simple but great tweak.

    I've been having some issue with the updated QQ dropping out of tc. This resulted in me doing a full breakdown & cleaning. It seems during one of the times I re-tightened the screws on the leads to keep it from dropping out of tc I partially severed one of the leads, which caused it to drop out of tc even more :doh:

    Luckily I picked up a few extra QQ heaters in my last order so I'm gonna reassemble tonight. How are you all placing the leads when doing rebuilds? Any tips or tricks?

    Thinking I may also flash AF firmware on my Invoke 220, that may help a bit, and frankly I'm more accustomed to that firmware now since it's on all my other dv dedicated mods. Anyone noticed any difference between eLeaf stock firmware & AF regarding the QQ?
  5. KeroZen

    KeroZen Chronic vapaholic

    On Air
    I think @PPN's problem is that he switches attachments often, and those 510 connectors are bad in that regard. Not only the screw threads, but often the spring loaded pin, also any dirt even oils from your fingers, and of course how much you tighten the attachment, all of that will change the contact resistance. This is why you are seeing so much variation.

    On my iHeat for instance, I currently dedicated my old evic VTC mini to it (because the evic Primo mini 510 port went haywire in a couple of months max and is now completely unusable with this particular atty) Well even without swapping the attachment, nor purposely touching it, I get a lot of resistance readings variation.

    Sometimes it starts at 0.35ohm, sometimes 0.34, but it can also get as high as 0.37. I've seen it even higher, in which case I need to unscrew it half a turn then screw it back in but not too tightly. It's counter-intuitive because if I screw it too tight I get a resistance reading that is higher than what I know the real value is (I measured it with several better tools)

    It was similar on the Primo mini but it was so much higher when fully tightened that it was unusable (something like 0.42 or even higher I don't recall exactly, that is for the same 0.35ohm nominal atty) In order to make it work I had to unscrew the atty a lot and then it was all wobbly (probably because the iHeat 510 base threads are not very good) and then the resistance seemed fine until I put side pressure on the atty with my mouth when drawing or holding the mouhtpiece and that made the reading change wildly... unusable I told you!

    Of course the room temperature also has an impact on the initial resistance reading. But when it starts it's always more or less off, despite having the resistance locked and set directly in AF configurator. In the 0.34 to 0.37 range, I'm usually good to go, but I need to remember to adjust the set temperature accordingly. I can get like 30°C total variation in the temperature I need to set to get a consistent result.... (well there are so many parameters that you need to watch with the iHeat, it's even more complicated than that to get anything consistent!)

    Note that I never ever had any problem with the Project Pure SF installed in my SmoAnt Knight v2 since the start. So is it the 510 on some devices? The 510 base of your attys? Any of these above-mentioned factors that can affect contact resistance? Hard to tell, but sometimes it's a bit of everything at once it seems.

    In the e-cig world many people recommend to dedicate one mod to one atty. Maybe we should start giving that recommendation too?
  6. PPN

    PPN Fleurs&Vapeur

    Thanks for this amazing and complete explanation, I'll try to follow your recommandation and will probably buy one or more new mods... or sell some of my gear!

    I saw on the divine tribe website a passtrough attachment... I will not use my QQ out of my home.... so my question is: Is this sort of attachment might offer TC feature (I think not for the DT one but maybe another around)?

    edit: want to add I'm trying to refrain myself to buy more things using batteries cause environemental issues...
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  7. tharealmclovin

    tharealmclovin Well-Known Member

    Any eta on v3.5?
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  8. tennisguru1

    tennisguru1 Active Member

    Can I help with preorder?
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  9. FMSQ

    FMSQ Dab Scientist here seeking knowledge

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  10. chimpybits

    chimpybits Well-Known Member

    canada west coast
    So, I've been occasionally using my V3 with the same 2 large donuts it shipped with for over a year now and have sorrily neglected replacing the donuts. In my defense, the release of the QQ then the 3.5 complicated things and I dithered.

    I'm now ready to just order 1 or 2 packs of the 13mm (and put off any QQ consideration). Should I order the replacement ceramic base (it's only $6) or anything else? (The shipping cost to Canada is usually a factor, but I recall it being quite reasonable from Matt).

    - I'll also have to consider replacing my eVic Basic (still going strong), but will save that for a later discussion.
  11. Bad Ocelot

    Bad Ocelot Well-Known Member

    Still had a little trouble with my Invoke 220 dropping out of TC, but I think I figured out the issue. Seems it was how I was pulsing the power button. With the current eLeaf firmware it takes 1-1.5s for the locked resistance to show back up on the display. If you re-engage the power before it displays locked resistance again the mod will detect the live resistance (currently displayed) & it'll drop out of TC.

    Aside from that I've been finding the current eleaf Invoke 220 firmware serviceable for the QQ. I'm currently running it at 47-48w 420-440F with TCR at 315. There's also the option to extend the power timeout from 10 to 15s. With those settings I can usually hit temp protection just before the 15s timeout, pulse once to keep it at temp for a couple seconds then get a few sip style hits, big clouds if I ride the accelerator for 5s or more.

    This has been working like gangbusters for some oil I had in a couple of pen style atomizers that failed. I'd imagine more solid concentrates might behave a little differently. Pretty sure the oil in these pen carts had some added terps too so that may affect the behavior as well. Tastes much better than in those pens though!

    Still debating flashing AF just so it matches all my other dv dedicated mods, but my laptop is in a sorry state atm so probably gonna keep putting that off for a bit, ha.

    In the meantime I'm gonna try and source some terp sauce for the QQ after seeing (and feeling :ko:) how well the stuff from the pen carts worked in there.
  12. b0

    b0 Cloudy...

    Another spaniard in UK
    Where can I find a bubbler like that? What size I need to work with the QQ? I always loved my v3 but I think it's time to try the QQ, seems to be exactly what I always wanted!!
  13. biohacker

    biohacker fully melted

    Should have my QQ next week! Any pointers or tips for a noob? This will be my first mod/atty! :rockon: Also picked up a Sai top air flow.
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