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Divine Castle Oil Cartridge- High Capacity Wax Tank & Herb Vaporizer Atty for Box Mods

Discussion in 'DIY' started by supershredderdan, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. supershredderdan

    supershredderdan Manufacturer


    thanks for the feedback! sounds like a dual mod and some TCR tweaks are what you need to get good performance, I and a few other redditors were able to get thick and full hits off small amounts of shatter, not sure if that could be the hash but the flavor sounds like a tcr issue.

    with a dual battery you can have a higher max voltage ( 40 watts needs around 6 volts) which helps keep up with faster draws past 450 or so. Really helps with the clouds
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  2. GreenHopper

    GreenHopper 20 going on 60

    Cool, I've got an Alien 220 so I'll give it a go on there sometime next week. Only issue I could see is the TC on Alien mods is a little lacking but that won't stop me from trying :D
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  3. supershredderdan

    supershredderdan Manufacturer

    tcr with smok is less than optimal but ive had luck in default Ni if i dont get kicked out to wattage. the extra horsepower really helps, if nothing else gets a rig hit try a 50 watt hit with 10-15 sec preheat on the alien, whatever makes 50 watts 6.5-7 volts
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  4. Hogni

    Hogni Honi soit qui mal y pense

    Berlin, Germany
    @GreenHopper, Thanks a lot for this interesting report! Report on a painful self experiment in the name of science - appreciate your sacrifice :tup:

    @supershredderdan, Thanks for infos! But still waiting for recommended temp/watt settings for which purposes I've asked for some posts ago. Think any experiences could be worthfully as an orientation for new customers at least and could help to prevent disappointments while first experiments.

    BTW what's about GreenHopper's open question about how to get the AVB'd hash unwelded from your SS balls?
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  5. GreenHopper

    GreenHopper 20 going on 60

    Thanks for the details, I'll report back next week.

    My pleasure bud, wish I had my good camera for better shots.

    I was considering just taking a torch to Dan's balls, heat em up until they glow red. That should take care of any remaining crud.......:lmao:
  6. supershredderdan

    supershredderdan Manufacturer


    settings vary from mod to mod but for wax id say high 400s to start all the way up to 600 to kill a load.

    for cleaning "dan's balls" (why not lol) of the hash abv see if it all comes off in an iso soak, run the oven in wattage to get the black to burn off as well.

    also here is the instructions that I included with each Castle Cartridge

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  7. tennisguru1

    tennisguru1 Member

    Wowser!!! So much to chew on & now to digest it all.
    Thx for the heads up on Evic two mini price , ordered it for
    $33 fastech , all from them good so far.
    Yes I believe your right as to what I really need.
    Shatter supply is flakey hear in vegas & the co2
    rosen extracted distillates on my Xvape Vista works
    well & stretches the oil to the max , no waste or cleaning
    on atty , just a little reclaim if I overload.

    I have no need for a portable weed vape, I love my
    Volcano for starting day off , but after that too much
    work & too weak for the rest of day.
    So I get exactly what you are saying.
    When I go on the road to say tennis court,
    my little cCell 1g cart , refilled 3 times now
    does a nice job with 92% distillate if I take
    3-5 sec hits, so if what you are trying out is
    exactly what I am looking for "a better tank"
    for this new mod.
    Bad for the cCell carts is that they seem to stick
    with oil climbing up chimney every refill or so.
    Please let me know which tank you think will best
    both stretch the oils & get nice smooth longer hits?

    My power supply died the night of vegas shooting
    so I just got back up, sorry for the delay.

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