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Ditanium vaporizer

Discussion in 'Plug-in Vaporizers' started by Abysmal Vapor, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. stickstones

    stickstones Vapor concierge

    A q-tip doesn't fit...Troy noticed that on our first night with it. It's built to burnoff, and it works well but can take some time.

    The @PuffItUp crew is having a blast with theirs, I hear. I just had a couple dabs over flower at noon and it was great...thanks for the tip, Randy! I'm blowing clouds for days with flower on noon!

    Are we on page 2 already?!
  2. EVlL 55

    EVlL 55 Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the info...I appreciate it.
    ...perhaps down the line differant diameter and material dishes will surface.
    I really like the vapor tower body a lot,..along w/ the simplicity of its innards.
    It looks very promising to me.
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  3. Dubmonkey

    Dubmonkey Well-Known Member

    Went LHS and saw the Ditanium in person, it looked nice and well constructed. Bottom has clear plastic for the led to shine through. You can see the wiring and some cardboard. Shop owner threw me a number I couldn’t refuse. He didn’t have the Ti cap but he had a SCS Ti cap that fit perfect and weighted so harder to topple off.

    Walked out with it and the cap And ran home. Read the instructions like every male does and plugged it in. Turned it to full power and let heat for 30 mins. Let it cool down and waited an hour. Turned it on to mid setting as per the instructions and waited 5 mins. Tried loading some flower did a drag and nothing. Turned the dial up to2pm and few drags later start getting vapor. Vapor is on the thin side. Turn heat up to max and try. Nice thicker. So I put the cap on and then I get nice thick vapor. Reload another bowl and hit it on max the whole time. 4 drags later I am medicated. Good flavor but couldn’t make the flower dark brown.

    Going to try some concentrates to see how she goes.

    This is a good bedside vape or dinner party vape. Nice and easy to use. Not intimidating or does not look like a science experiment.

    So far I like it. Good desktop alternative that can look like a diffuser. So easy to hide.

    Hose in pic does not come with the Ditanium. The box included a clear silicone hose about 18” long I believe.


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