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Direct draw Vaporizer election

Discussion in 'ABV' started by jardri, Dec 30, 2012.

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  1. jardri

    jardri Vapor Dreams

    First of all, hello to everibody in here. I am a Spanish vaporist proud to be part of this amazing place. Thanks to all of you I now have a Volcano and an Arizer Solo and I am very happy with them.

    I´m thinking about buying the Plenty vaporizer for my stealthy night vapors, or another direct draw unit because I´m liking the Solo and would like some better vapors and herb economy.

    Do you think it would be a wise buy or should I just stay still? My main concern is flavour but I don´t like glass very much.

  2. jardri

    jardri Vapor Dreams

    I have been reading about da buddha. Will it improve my solo vapors enough to make it worthy?
  3. vorrange

    vorrange Well-Known Member

    Hey man,

    I'm from Portugal so we're neighbours, welcome to the forum!

    If you want economy and better vapours, i suggest you get yourself a log vaporizer like the Wychwood, HI, Underdog, .. small little things but very powerfull.

    I wouldn't get a plenty.. too big and expensive for what it does, plus it is not very economical on the herbs.

    The da buddha is very nice, as all 7th floor products (SSV/LSV), but it is easier to indulge due to a larger bowl than a Solo or a Log vape. Still, it is not as wastefull as a Volcano and the hits are much more flavourfull.

    Why don't you like glass? It is one of the most inert materials, meaning there are no masked flavours in glass. This alone should make you consider glass, since you value taste like i do.
  4. jardri

    jardri Vapor Dreams

    Nice to meet you vorrange, muito obrigado for your answer!

    I don´t like glass because I tend to break it (I have the Solo just one month and I have broken 3 stems due to falls), but I am also looking for an aquavape because I do like the flavor difference.

    My concern is which vaporizer gives me a more different experience than my volcano easy and my Solo, just to try new things. And if it´s rock hard, waaaay better ;-)

    I´m looking at the Hi and the Wychwood and they look just like my Solo but simplified. Do they taste differently?
  5. vorrange

    vorrange Well-Known Member

    I am still waiting on my HI to arrive so i can't comment on the taste but i believe it will be similar to the WW.
    IMO, the Solo still retains a faint metal smell that i have learned to identify so the WW will have a better taste but the margin is minimal.. we are talking of some of the best tasting vaporizers.

    The Solo also keeps a better flavour IF you remove the stem between each hit for the glass to not heat too much, allowing for more heat conduction to occur.

    If you are clumsy with glass, you have to be more carefull because glass is one of the best tasting materials. That said, the Solo stems are more fragile than for example the DBV wand.

    Maybe you should get a SSV or a DBV with a SSV heater cover because it is not GonG and so you have to hold it between hits, preventing the wand to come flying off which sometimes happen with the GonG DBV heater cover. This has happened to me a few times, but it did not break though.

    I think the S&B products are a bit overpriced compared to the competition and their abilities, that is why i don't recommend the Plenty. Plus, i heard that it doesn't reach that high of a temperature and it is quite big.

    I think if you got yourself a WW with a gong stem to use with water as well, it would diversify your experience a lot since it works great with water or dry. The only downside, for some, is that it takes about 10-15min to reach a nice temperature OR you leave it on all the time. I do the later, as most log vaporizer users.

    If you want something with a bigger bowl, the SSV/DBV seem like one of the nicest options for you but it won't allow you to save on herb like the Solo.
  6. jardri

    jardri Vapor Dreams

    First of all, happy new year to all fuckcombuster!

    You are making me very indecise vorrange. I do use the Solo as you say and no metal flavor now (I have a ceramic one), but at the beggining it indeed was. Now it´s incredibly tasty. So maybe I should go for a buddha?. Or should I just stay as I am and save the money?. I just dont want to feel I´m wasting money but i like new experiences.

    And a last question: Where do I buy them? I´ve seen spanish shops and they are expensive.

    Lots of thanks!
  7. vorrange

    vorrange Well-Known Member

    It is really up to you.. i don't need to have so many vaporizers but they give me slightly different experiences. :)
    Just see if there are things you would like to improve or add in your current setup and if it is worth it.
    I like the buddha when i want some big hits but i only use it sparingly because i need to watch my consumption, so it is not good to use everyday. That is the reason why i bought others, although i could, for example, get a mini vaporbrothers whip and an ssv heater cover.
    I think you could use a different stationary vaporizer because the Volcano is a bit noisy, not that tasty compared to other desktops due to the vapor being diluted in the air, and it is HUGE! But you also have a Solo now.. i use a WW that has a bowl smaller than a Solo and i am fine with it.
    The Solo also has a taste comparable to the DBV, so not that big improvement there.
    You can also buy a water piece adapter and try your Solo with water if you don't already..perhaps that is a wiser move right now to diversify your usage.

    There are a couple of EU shops that sell vaporizers:


    Not every website has all the vaporizers and some only have a few.

    For glass i would go to www.head-nature.com.
  8. jardri

    jardri Vapor Dreams

    Thanks a lot! I have decided to buy a percolator and a bong at head-nature.com: Black Leaf Double Perc 40cm ICE & Black Leaf Precooler with 8-arm percolator. Do I need anything else to adapt my Solo? I´m making a miniCloud hehe

    PD: You posted your 1000´s message!, congratulations!
    vorrange likes this.
  9. LeTchen

    LeTchen A toute vapeur ! Retailer

    Hola Jardri !
    If you looking for stealth, you can buy the Inhalater XP, the FlashVAPE, or waiting a little bit time for a Cera...... I just sold my Solo to buy the 2 first.... and later the Cera !

    I do this with bottle wine plug !

    Somos tambien vecinos !!! .... Y he vivido unos anos cerca de Malaga.... mi primero vaporizador, lo he comprando en Alhaurin el grande en 2001, un Lo Verde espanol, tio !!! ;)

  10. vorrange

    vorrange Well-Known Member

    I use my Solo stem directly in my 14mm ehle diffused downstem with no adapter and nothing to adapt either. It is not as practical as a gong adapter but it is 20$ cheaper. ;)
  11. NotPotRelated

    NotPotRelated MFLB Pro

    Perhaps a log vape?
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