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did I vape too much

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by fyiistay, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. fyiistay

    fyiistay Member

    Ok, so I got my new vape yesterday and used it today. Overall I probably vaped 8-10 bowls. I usually smoke near everyday, around the same number of bowls. I vaped like 2 bowls at a time, and 5 bowls within the first 30 minutes. I felt really baked at first, amazing. Probably the most stoned ive ever been. Then, I started getting a bunch of negative, irrational thoughts. Which led to depression. Is it just because im not used to vaping and vaped too much? I loved the experience, my body felt completely numb and free of pain. But I just got a lot of stupid bad thoughts and couldnt relax/enjoy it.
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  2. Deadhead101

    Deadhead101 I am the Vapor King--I can do anything

    No, you didn't vape too much :dog:chuckle chuckle.

    Play it by ear. No one knows if you vaped too much. I don't know, you don't know, and you probably can never know. All you can do is trust your gut and your logic (hopefully a compromise) and live it up.
    But based on what you say, it seems like you may not be used to all of the actives one gets with vaping that one otherwise degrades when smoking. Although it seems counterintuitive to some, I believe one gets more milage out of vaping compared to smoking, ceteris paribus. So perhaps that's why your experience was so intense.
  3. natural farmer

    natural farmer Well-Known Member

    High in a Greek mountain!
    Imo bad thought are in your mind nevertheless… whenever your consciousness is altered those bad thoughts could come in the front. So it would certainly depend on how much you vape, how long you keep it in, what strain and how was your plant raised, what went into it's roots, what vape you have, everything.
    Why don't you try something different than vaping so much in 30 mins? Take a good draw and wait 5-10mins. Gauge how your head feels or your pain receptors and then take another hit. Let it sit for 5-10mins and then re-gauge and repeat if necessary. You can really lower your tolerances a lot by doing that and you will never get over-medicated. And I believe there is a thing like over-medicating depending of course on "where" you wanna get. I need a light head for daytime f.i. and I will do only a couple of draws from a 0,02-0,03 g load in my Lotus. In the night when I wanna melt somehow I certainly need more.

    Try experimenting by micro-dosing and start from there….

    I am sure @luchiano could explain things better here… :)
  4. max

    max Out to lunch

    Yes, you can overdo it, either smoking or vaping, and start getting some negative effects, from anxiety all the way to unpleasant physical effects. The first time I really got high from mj, many moons ago, I ended up puking. Afterwards, I came down a little and went back into the 'feel good zone'. A couple of years later, as a regular user, I came across a strain that was much, much more potent than anything I'd ever tried or was normally available (this was decades ago). My supplier knew how strong it was and thought it would be funny to keep shoving free hits at me until I overdosed, which is exactly what happened. It took an hour or so of lying on his couch (seemed like I had to concentrate on keeping my heart beating) before I was able to get up and navigate my way home.

    So don't ever let anyone tell you can't OD on mj. You can. It's just that OD'ing on cannabis isn't dangerous, just occasionally unpleasant, and there's nothing, medically speaking, that needs to be done about it. But this is where OD stats come from, regarding cannabis. People overdo it, especially when they're not used to it, and they get scared and go to the ER, which is a waste of time and money, since time takes care of the problem.
  5. clouded vision

    clouded vision Well-Known Member

    I absolutely think you over did it. it can be very easy to do with vapor because the effects are not as immediate as they are with smoking. That's why @natural farmer suggesting taking a hit at a time and waiting for the full effects before taking another. If you are a seasoned smoker though that might be a little extreme, I would take a break between each bowl though for sure.
    I remember the first time I did a bhomb and didn't account for the reclaim that normally stays on the dabber so I ended up taking a much bigger dab than I ever have before. Within 5 minutes I was having a massive panic attack. My heart was beating out of my chest,I felt like I was on fire and was sweating profusely. I needed help from my friends to open my back door and get outside so I could stand in the snow and cool down. I felt like I couldn't breath. Then I had tunnel vision so bad it felt like I was looking through pinholes. Long story short though, within 20 minutes I was back to normal, extremely high but normal.
  6. Enchantre

    Enchantre Oil Painter

    WA USA
    My "OD" experience was not nearly as bad as @clouded vision 's, though the first time I tried an edible, I got way too high for my comfort level.

    I have thrown up, but that was after getting pretty medicated AFTER drinking a lot of wine (for me) at a friend's wedding reception. The MJ seemed to amplify the effects of alcohol. That was my night of the whirling bed! Now, I limit my alcohol to just ONE drink if I'm going to be anywhere near MJ. I am a lightweight, however.
  7. vorrange

    vorrange Vapor.wise

    fiistay, vaporizing allows for a generally more cerebral experience, whether you use a indica or a sativa, and on top of that, the extraction is more efficient than combusting.

    Plus, there are some sedative cannabinoids missing that boil at temperatures higher then the point of combustion, and there is less THC oxidation, which also means less sedatives.

    If you do 5 bowls in 30min, depending on your tolerance, there is the potential to over shoot it and pass over to the unpleasant side of cannabis.

    Cannabis is relatively harmless, if one knows how to use it. I would follow the advice of NaturalFarmer, do a hit every 10min. And if you do a bowl real quick, wait at least 15min to see where you at, before doing another.
    With vaporizing the onset is slightly delayed but it maintains the high for longer.

    I have overdone it in Am'dam, after one hash joint too many but nothing major just a little anxiety and sugar crash. Went to the bathroom and splashed some water on my face. I had already ordered a hot chocolate so the sugar crash was dealt with.
    I also overdid it when i drank a cannabis milkshake, called bhang lassi, in India. I couldn't sleep, was way too high, very anxious and it felt like it took ages for me to normalize and i remember i was thinking wheter it would make me crazy.
    I took a shower and laid down and after a while it subsided but i was exhausted by now and slept like a log. This took like one hour. With eating it is a little more powerfull than either vaping or burning.
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  8. DDave

    DDave Vape Wizard Accessory Maker

    Judge the Vaper by the Vapor
    maybe vape at a higher temp initially so you get more of the relaxing (upper temp) compounds in the mix, especially initially....
  9. Tweek

    Tweek Well-Known Member

    Try a Sativa next time if you can, or a hybrid. I imagine you smoked an Indica or a strain leaning that way. Indica can turn some folks into a bummer, as well as aggravate existing depression.
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  10. lwien

    lwien Well-Known Member

    Arcadia, California
    Man, that immediately caused me to think about this and resurrect it.........It's still funny, especially the newscasters reations. :lmao:

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