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DHgate Glass Review thread (You must post a review, see first post)

Discussion in 'Glass' started by blankrider, Sep 19, 2014.

  1. djonkoman

    djonkoman Well-Known Member

    just received an order from sunshine store, maybe the fastest package ever from china. was expecting 3 packages, 2 from china, and when the doorbell rang I expected the other package from china since it has been underway much longer, but to my surprise it was a bubbler, not a batterycharger.

    to be precise, the D020-D

    14 days from ordering-receiving


    I also found a note in the wrapping, with a cool giveaway, fuckcombustion is also mentioned:

    wrapped first in a few layers of thin(regular) bubblewrap, then around that several layers of thick bubblewrap with bigger bubbles. there was a dent on the outside of the box, but the bubbler was fine, although it took some effort to unwrap it all(that's a good thig though in this case)
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  2. DieHard

    DieHard Accessory supplier

    Hey Fellow Combustion Fuckers. Here's a review of the FC-710 Diffusion Pump Knock off.

    Name: FC-710 Diffusion Pump
    Seller: Stevenlmz79
    Link: http://m.dhgate.com/product/product...ngs-based-water/216674730.html/216674730.html
    Order date: 1/9/15
    Received: 2/9/15
    Packaging: Bombproof (plenty bubble wrap and stout outer box.
    1-5 score: 5
    Comments: This piece functions flawlessly. I have not tried the Original but I cannot see where it could function much differently. The included dome is a bit short and may not function well. I am using it with my Errlectric E-nail, and it pairs perfectly. The included Nail looks ok but I won't be using it. (Maybe as a mini dabber). There seems to be no flavor loss at all. I tried 5 different oils and the flavors of each were able to shine. I would recommend this piece to ANYONE into concentrates.
    Click to play YouTube Video
  3. lwien

    lwien Well-Known Member

    Arcadia, California
    So I received my D020-D in from Sunshine. Ordered it on Jan. 29th. Received it on Feb. 9th. That's 7 business days in transit. I'd say that's pretty damn good traveling from China to Los Angeles. Not only that, but as far as I can tell, the workmanship is flawless. The perk just sits about 1 to 2mm off the bottom. It's perfectly level. No flaws that I can see whatsoever.

    When compared to my SC tube when using the LSV, there is much less chug as someone here told me to expect, but the hits are a bit smoother and I do lose some taste due to the increase in diffusion, so there is a tradeoff. The size is perfect for me though. Really happy with it. I'm debating on letting go of the SC tube, but on the other hand, it may be a good thing to keep both, one for when I want that delicious taste and the D020-D when I want more smoothness.

    For the money, I don't think it can be beat. Hell, I think it would be worth 3 times the amount.

    Nice purchase and to all those that advised me on this.................Thank You.
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2015
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  4. PuffNStuff

    PuffNStuff Well-Known Member

    GB-194-1 I ordered this piece 2/15 and it was in my hand by the 2/24. I really love this piece even though it's just "cheap" chinese. I made a short video, I know this is fuckcombustion so feel free to ignore the last 40 seconds or so :uhoh: I wouldn't have go this or any other piece probably if it wasn't for this site so thanks to all that post in here and all the other cheap glass threads for "lesser incomed" people lol :bowdown: I also ordered a piece from CCG that came very quickly as well that I use for dabs. That will probably be my next vid. Waiting on the stereo matrix from Steven. It's nice to get a taste of what some of the high end pieces are like. Hope everything fire right :wave:
    Click to play YouTube Video

    Edit sorry guys ;) future vids with concentrates or vapors only :tup:

    As for shopping with Yingmin5, I highly recommend him/her/them
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2015
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  5. WeedyGirl1979

    WeedyGirl1979 Well-Known Member

    I had such a good experience the first time around with DHGate that I went for a full bubbler. The infamous D-20 didn't appeal- I prefer a more closed mouthpiece, especially with small pieces. I found what I was looking for here- http://www.dhgate.com/product/glass-pipe-percolator-water-smoking-pipes/204120713.html
    I ordered two, because I'm me and clumsy, on March 30, and received them yesterday. Both are well made, percs well away from the walls and floor (I've had two bongs with off-center percs and both broke from just tapping that side), hits quietly and well, and because of the tilted mouthpiece I can hit with my head upright. I'm a satisfied customer.
  6. mrgohamilton

    mrgohamilton Well-Known Member

    ATL Zone 6
    hopefully our CCG eggs land in the us this weekend!

    just thought id post a review (first of many)

    Dabuccino from seller (songshu) http://www.dhgate.com/product/25cm-...s/210644464.html#myaccount_orderdetail-1-null

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Click to play YouTube Video
  7. Orizzle

    Orizzle I'm just here for the DHgate reviews

    Washington State
    Hey everybody! First post on the site, and first piece I've got off DHgate. http://www.dhgate.com/store/product/heady-glass-oil-rigs-water-pipes-glass-bongs/229601681.html

    To start off, the packaging was bomb proof. It was all wrapped in 5+ layers of bubble wrap and duct tape, and all the individual pieces were wrapped individually. Shipping time took about 15 days, so decently fast.


    All I can say is, holy guacamole. This rig right here is the bee's knees! It hits like a beast, and the stand lends a sturdiness that most pieces lack. The colors are bright and beautiful on the rig and matching dome. The neck is curved back ever so slight, giving a convenient bubbler mouth without taking away from the hitting power. The build quality is great, welds are done nicely and the glass is decently thick (definitely thick for chinese glass). The colors really pop on this bad boy!



    It comes with a matching dab dish and dabber. The dish has a small indent perfect for leaning the dabber into. The dabber in particular is a welcoming edition to my collection. It has a small, narrow point that makes it easier to get shatter or other concentrates.


    It just feels so awesome to have a rig where everything matches... like I can pretend I'm classy or something. Great build quallity, awesome functionality, and as aesthetically pleasing as it gets. Overall I'd rate a 10/10 experience and would definitely recommend this particular vendor for now. I will soon be ordering again... until next time
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  8. jambandphan03

    jambandphan03 in flavor country

    I also purchased this exact rig, only mine doesn't have the foot/stand/base yours came with, it lays back on the mouthpiece and that keeps it propped up from spilling. I can say it is one of the most well made pieces I've found from DHgate for the price and mine also came with the dish/dabber combo and a matching worked dome. I bought it about a year ago from CCG. It hits really well, and the splash guard disk does a nice job at keeping water out of the mouthpiece when the water level is right.
  9. JiggyJack

    JiggyJack Well-Known Member

    Here & There
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  10. MileHighLife

    MileHighLife Sacred Clown

    So I received my CCG Fab Egg Saturday afternoon and am very pleased. It hits really well and everything lines up and is fairly symmetrical. Definitely one of the most intricate designs I've ever used ... I can't believe they are able to sell these for $60 a piece.
    Click to play YouTube Video
  11. ragnorokk

    ragnorokk DERP

    Uses the "cake" concept; since it's round, it's more like a "kong" dog toy shape, but the concept still works.
    3.5/5 stars

    Name: Kong shaped pen bubbler
    Seller: Dreammall
    Link: http://www.dhgate.com/product/wax-a...rb-atomizer/213126770.html#s1-1-1a|1118410920
    Order date: don't remember offhand
    Received: took 3 days to get to SF customs, then 5 more to get to me in LA
    Packaging: Bombproof.
    1-5 score: 3.5/5
    Comments: It uses slits for diffusion. There are only 2, and they are HUGE. They are located a little higher than they should be for the water level you can fit in here. There is basically no diffusion because of the placement, but flavor comes through super well because of that. My gripe is that due to the slit placement, you are either overfilling (very high likelihood of a drink and/or dumping your water into atomizer), or basically not getting any filtration.

    The glass seemed sturdy, but surprisingly can't handle a 5 foot drop onto a metal tube... Not sure how durable it is, since that should break about any glass you send it's way, and this was no exception =p

    Overall, the SHAPE appears genius, as it deflected water like a cake style piece does. Unfortunately, the inside of the piece needs a redesign. So basically 5 stars for concept, 3 (at best) for implementation.
  12. ragnorokk

    ragnorokk DERP

    Here is a second opinion.

    I've had my d020-d for several months now, and I hate it. Perc was made very well, but is 5-6mm above the floor of the can. It needs to either be deeper, or have a taller can to accommodate the perc action. To fill this just above the slits and get all to fire at once is not difficult, but on a flat surface with low drag vapes, you are getting a drink. Every GD time. To avoid drinking, you have to pick it up and use at an angle, and then only 1/2 the perks Fire. BOO.
    Tl;dr 2/5 stars -- looks great, glass is thick, function is poor. If I didn't get a drink every time I used it, I'd say 5/5 and mine may be a rare situation; nonetheless, I can't recommend.

    This brings me to my next review, a PNWT from SSS: the glass is once again thick, the design is good, EXCEPT the splash guard does not drain, and the slits in the main bubbler section are located too high. I am forced to overfill the water and get a drink, or not have enough water to perc. 2/5 -- it probably could be good, but i once again have a poorly functioning unit.

    Sunshinestore ships very quickly, and their glass is nice and thick. It's possible I just rolled the dice poorly on 2 separate occasions, but I'm really unhappy about my non-functioning (or poorly functioning, if I'm being generous) items. I'd like to recommend them, but in the end I just can't stand behind the end product.
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2015
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  13. digigator

    digigator Well-Known Member

    So I took a leap of faith and ordered this piece from Kathy0578:

    Here are some shots of it with the fab family:

    The logo was kind of an unexpected surprise for me. Turns out it was a mistake in shipping, someone had actually paid extra to have this made... They are correcting it with a small discount on a future order, which I plan on applying towards their Gordo recycler clone. But this seller is able to do sandblasted logos it seems! To be sure you don't get a logo, maybe include a comment saying "no logo"?

    The piece was very very high quality, it feels thicker and sturdier than the straight fab! Welds were done well, no bubbles and none of that lumpiness I've seen on other pieces (ie, straight fab joint weld, those who have one know what I'm talking about). Joint was very straight. The function was surprisingly good I must say for what looks like a very simple perc. The perc and the small size seems to bring out a lot of taste. It's only passed by the FC-710 for taste, but this piece is like 3x the weight and thickness of the FC-710.

    Water Function Video: http://gfycat.com/ShadyScentedFantail
    Dab function video: http://gfycat.com/VagueSoulfulGlassfrog

    Anyways this sellers seems legitimate, has their own factory, showed me pictures and such. And they know a fair bit about the other sellers, CCG, Kathy0577.
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2015
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  14. ragnorokk

    ragnorokk DERP

    Got some adapters from various vendors. They came in bomb-proof shipping, and quickly. Can't really comment on the build quality, since most cheap adapters look about the same to me, but the ground glass fittings appear pretty much perfect; as opposed to my SSS pieces, the sockets fit snugly, with no wobble. I don't feel like there's much else to review for adapters than how they shipped, what they cost, and how they fit; they were cheap, so I guess that's all the points I wanted to hit.

    Seller: we_are_young
    item: "high quality very strong quartz drop down adapter"
    score 4/5 (the seams could be prettier, but no bubbles or anything, and the form/shape is spot on)

    Seller: radiantglass
    item: male 14mm/male 18mm adapter
    score: 5/5 surpisingly well made; fits great, very uniform and straight, and good form factor
  15. thisperson

    thisperson Ruler of all things person

    So Cal
    The item I purchased was the micro nectar collector from this store. Jlhsmoking

    Shipping was very quick. I received it on the 27th and placed the order on the 19th of July, a sunday. It took one week to get here. I received a tracking code within a few hours of placing my order with updates the very next date. This guy is active.

    The item came surrounded with bubble wrap which protected it along the way, nothing looked to beat up from the outside.

    I was very pleased with the actual item.


    And next to my hand for size comparison. I have big hands.


    I've been using it for a full day, that's why it looks so clogged up. I actually preferred the quartz tip to the titanium tip. The quartz is a bit thicker and permits for longer dabs. The titanium seems to cool too rapidly for my tastes.

    It starts off hitting strong once you dip it down into the dish of wax, but then starts to puddle. The quartz seems to hang in there just a bit more, making for some pretty nice rips.

    I probably should have gotten the 14 or 18 mm model. That's about all I got to say on it.

    Oh yeah, I did fill it with water when I got it, but it kept getting sipped up. It's too small, that's why I say I should have gotten a bigger one. But for low pressure rips it's okay. I think I just hit it too hard.

    Edit: I paid 22 dollars and some change for it shipped.
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  16. EDC

    EDC Member

    Reviving this thread because it's a useful reference without having to trawl through over 700+ pages in the cheap bubbler thread.

    I've only got one piece so far, the gb-187 from yingmin and I'm extremely happy with the quality and design. It's the slightly larger diameter barrel (on the right in the comparison photo below).




    I like it and it's definitely revolutionised the way I vape. I use a mighty vaporizer from storz and Bickel and if I hit it straight from the attached cooling unit pipe then it irritates my throat and I cough like mad! Now with the 18mm adapter from vapefiend I can take massive lung hits like I'm hitting a bong and produce much bigger clouds. I feel that due to the size of the hits, and being able to finish a bowl faster due to less irritation, it also gets me much higher much quicker!

    I would recommend it to anyone, but I am definitely interested in getting a slightly smaller volume bong that can deliver thicker more condensed hits.

    These are the two I'm currently looking at:




    This one looks interesting and I like the spherical 'skull' on top. However, the inline appears to have upward facing slits and I thought for them to be effective then they needed to face downwards in a 'showerhead' fashion? Does the honeycomb perc above mean that it doesn't matter?




    This one also looks interesting and as far as I can tell has a very efficient looking design.

    Any thoughts or information on either of these two pieces would be greatly appreciated!

    P.S. I've tried to include photos but I'm not sure if I know how to link them correctly. If I haven't, could someone explain to me how to do it please! Thanks :)
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2015
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  17. tepictoton

    tepictoton Well-Known Member

    a funny place called earth
    Got my straight Faberge egg from seller glassfamily on dhgate.

    Shipping was slow as always, but for free to Europe, so I do not complain. Always check faster shipping options but they always seem absurd.

    So after about 24days of waiting, finally, yesterday I got a blue package from the mailman. The bong was securely shipped, no way this would get destroyed during shipping when packaged like this.

    I am really really amazed by the quality of this piece. No bubbles, all symmetric, clean welds and exactly as pictured.

    After my fc-187 from Steven witch I think was not a great buy (very sloppy welds, stang blob of glass on mouthpiece, lots of bubbles where downtime attaches to perc, and almost impossible to use with my air because of recessed joint) and a seriously unexpected good experience with my Faberge egg from gorgeous heroin this made me very happy.


    And for those that missed it, the Faberge egg from gorgeous heroin (with the mini matrix perc, and the same thick mouthpiece as used in straight egg, and the extra rings)

    Last edited: Nov 25, 2015
  18. herb forester

    herb forester Well-Known Member

    A couple friends who have a wholesale to dispensaries business let me try some samples they just got from DH Gate seller stevenmlz79. The pieces were all Mothership copies, some straight fabs, a very badly made torus, and the ball (which I kind of like). I wanted to try the FTK but it was delayed and I'm not sure if they're going forward with the supplier.

    Honestly I'm not impressed with the quality at all, even at the cheap prices they sell for. Maybe other sellers are better, but these all look like rejects or seconds. I was stoked to try them though, since I've been wanting to compare and understand what makes the real thing so expensive and sought after. First of all the percs in all of these are substandard at best, rough cuts, uneven function, shoddy manufacture. Certain designs seem more forgiving in this regard, like the ball, which is better adapted for high-airflow convection IMO. The little fab is cute, maybe a novelty for people who don't care much about function. The big fab has a weird oversized joint that prevents proper seal on my enail without adding an extra adapter.

    Now the torus was unbelievable, and I can't imagine how anyone would ship a sales sample this bad, especially since they're supposed to be for taking orders from stores. I don't think they let anyone see it but me. The internal recycler function is non-existent unless you pull so hard your eyes pop out! (I tried it at every possible water level, and with nails of differing restriction.) This could be just because the upper funnel part was installed so crooked it looked like the tower of Pisa. Also the base was totally warped and doesn't sit even on the table, it's as if someone set it down hot and the thing sank while cooling.


    Last edited: Jan 7, 2016
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  19. herb forester

    herb forester Well-Known Member

    I think questions without a review aren't allowed for this thread, but I can clarify the above a little. The higher water level is definitely necessary to get a Torus to work properly. But even at the best level and with open airflow this one doesn't vortex well at all, largely due to how the funnel leans against the inside wall (obscuring one of the three drain/exhaust holes).

    It would work better if not for the shabby construction, but the perc is still cut so roughly that it fires too unevenly to assist the upper funnel action. The percs on the Fab and ball aren't great either, but at least they look somewhat flame polished and function a bit more smoothly. Honestly I think this vendor is randomly dumping blems anywhere they can, all the while telling customers they send their seconds to be sold by other vendors on dhgate (shameless fear propaganda to instill cognitive dissonance about their competitors). Quality from these folks just isn't what we expected based on other reviews and the photos/vids. "Give a man a reputation as an early riser and he can sleep 'til noon." -Mark Twain
  20. ickyfingers

    ickyfingers New Member

    http://m.dhgate.com/product/advance...ity-glass/218127444.html#st-storehome-10-null Bought this stereo bent neck because I was so impressed with the single matrix (fc187 v2) I have to say I foolishly assumed the two pieces would function similarly I was wrong, don't get me wrong it's a nice piece good welds straight percs, I expected the almost "rumble" feel the 187 gives. I was wrong it does provide good filtration although the chug caused by the water level moving through the bottom perc is very turbulent. A combo of the chug, turbulent clear and small mouthpiece make it a miss for me. It is well made though. Oh well maybe I'll give that fc100 a shot
  21. kellya86

    kellya86 Herb gardener...



    Im sure this d020-d has been reviewed many times, so all I will say is....

    I ordered at lunchtime on the 21st, My order arrived, to the uk, 1st this yesterday morning on th 26th....

    I find this very efficient, specially considering it's the weekend, and Chinese new year...

    It came well protected too..

    I can't recommend sunshinestores enough, if you live in uk and are wondering how long it takes to order from China, now you know....
  22. Teedub

    Teedub Well-Known Member

    Got a gb-187 from Lumin88

    [Link removed]

    Shipping was fast just over a week, they used ems. Packaging was great, extreme bubble wrap and all discrete. Check their store as the same item was listed at slightly different prices. I got it for 29$ usd shipped.

    The slightly bigger can size is better than my do20-d but the mouthpiece is way to vertical for my liking. I've noticed there a variations of mouthpiece angles. The vertical mp is a bit awkward with the evo and a face burn hazard with the sub. I wish I got the side car mp. Welds are sweet , the perc is clean. Grind is acceptable.

    Would buy from again.

    Modnote: Link to labeled counterfeit glass removed
    Last edited by a moderator: May 18, 2016
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  23. herb forester

    herb forester Well-Known Member

    I ordered some accessories from SmokingDogo recently and their service was great. They sent a shipping notice and tracking number within a few hours, and the package zoomed through USPS as if it was domestic. Will buy from them again for sure.
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  24. jayblox

    jayblox New Member

    Hello, new member here. I have been buying pieces from DHgate for the past few months, and thought I'd post my thoughts on what I have purchased.

    First is my new go to piece. The barrel recycler with matrix perc from CCG Clean & Clear Glass.
    This piece hits very smooth with little drag and is great on flavor.
    Also the Fab Egg from CCG as well.
    Very well made piece definitely some of the best I have found on DHgate. Very smooth hitter.
    The vortex recycler is very good as well...
    The FTK from CCG is made very well I just don't care for how much water it needs to function and it adds to the restriction of the airflow.
    The Straight Fabs from stevenlmz79 are made very well and function is good.
    The Stereo Matrix from stevenlmz79 is great for flower.
    So far the worst has been the Klein from kivisdream. Sloppy bulging welds debris in the glass crooked everywhere. Function is nonexistent.


    Packaging has been good with all these sellers as well.
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2017
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  25. Winegums

    Winegums I make things from wood Accessory Maker

    The Fraser Valley
    I got this piece from Stevenlmz79 =>http://www.dhgate.com/store/product/2014-new-45cm-height-roor-glass-smoking-pipes/214082689.html


    The packaging was awesome and shipping was really quick.
    There are some slight scratches on the tube from poor storage practices.
    All the seals are good with no scuzz, bubbles or cracks.
    The glass is nice and thick all over the piece, at least 3mm on the walls.
    Function is great with a minimal amount of water since it will trap water on top each disk.

    The product says "roor" in the description but has no permanent branding on the actual glass. There was a ghostly "ROOR", (in what I would guess was starch) on the glass that washed off when I gave the piece a pre-use bath.

    I got this piece because I wanted to see the vapour when I was using my vapcap since it's so thick. It's my "fun piece", gotta own a tall bong once in your life am I right?
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