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DHgate Glass Review thread (You must post a review, see first post)

Discussion in 'Glass' started by blankrider, Sep 19, 2014.

  1. blankrider

    blankrider Well-Known Member

    This is my attempt to compile the most important information from the cheap bubbler thread which is currently over 420 pages long. For this to work all members who have purchased glass on DHgate must contribute.

    Please include a picture, link, and review of the specific piece you purchased off DHgate. Also please give some feedback about how the transaction went. How long did shipping take? How well was everything packaged? Did they forget anything? If you had a problem did they take care of you?

    Feel free to write a new review or quote old posts, whatever. We just need to get all this glass in a easy to read thread

    Hopefully @ataxian, @BoogerMan, @Frederick McGuire , @GSH , @jambandphan03 , @exit , @snackmaster , @Dangus , @DieHard, @syrupy , @oli , @GrilledGoat , @Mr. Gweilo 420 , @MGG , myself, and others I forgot to name can make this happen
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  2. FUnhouse

    FUnhouse Well-Known Member

  3. blankrider

    blankrider Well-Known Member

    This piece from Alina is still one of my favorite vape pieces from DHgate. My only purchase from this seller so far. Good packaging and roughly ten days from order until it arrived

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  4. nihil

    nihil Member, Known Well

    Old picture I posted in the other thread:

    GB-189 --- GB-187 --- D020 size comparison:

    Couldn't find the link for the 189.
    We all know that the 187 is made of unatainium, so no link.
    The D020: http://www.dhgate.com/store/product/d020-bubbler-hand-blown-glass-vase-perc-water/175832535.html

    I love the sidecar mouthpiece on the GB-189 and the heft of the piece. The perc? Not impressive. I really want to love this piece, but the perc ruins it for me. I will probably gift this one away.

    The GB-187 is perfect in most ways, and by far my favorite piece. The best perc out of all my pieces. Unbelievable bargain in the $45 price range. Not attainable at the moment, but hopefully back in stock soon *cough*for a reasonable price*cough*.

    The infamous D020. Great little piece for the money and the perc performs well. I haven't used this piece in about a month though, mainly because the percs on the K, W-2, & D models are better for me in my usage.

    Last note: Simple Green or Mean Grean (thanks @Tweak) will remove the logo's on the GB line (also @ataxian mentioned ZEP, but I'm too stoned to look it up at the moment). I normally clean them with a PBW soak. Vegetable Oil on the GonG facilitates a smooth insertion/extraction of a GonG on all of the above. It also allows you to rotate the GonG while in use if you're obsessive like me.
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  5. syrupy

    syrupy Authorized Buyer

    All transactions were smooth. Kathy has been especially gracious. <3 [​IMG]

    10mm minicake AKA Babycakes and concentrate dishes from Kathy. Good function in a nice tiny factor.


    135mm rig from CCG. Simple difusion and nice matching between worked elements.


    Worked Watersnake bubbler from CCG. A little chuggy, but the funnel shape of the bowl matches well with an 18mm GonG.


    Worked Blackmamba bubbler from CCG. Just a fun piece to gaze upon.


    Various DHGate pieces. Rigs in lower left corner via Sunshine.

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  6. derpetrie

    derpetrie astro travellin'

    the ever-green state
    I really enjoy the YQ-42 I use, it was only about $50 after shipping. Transaction went super well, the shipping was about 10 days.


    Although it came with a glass nail/dome, and a dry herb bowl, I replaced it with a domeless quartz.
    It's kind of a bitch to put ice in it unless i make my ice cube half sized. Other than that it's a sturdy rig that never fails to deliver a smooth big rip even for those like me with weaker lungs. I could definitely use a smaller rig that is a little more portable though.
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  7. GSH

    GSH On a Möbius plane

    I will just post here to say, I have function vids in my signature for most of my pieces.

    Please click through and have a look :)

    My favourite Chinese piece is the WP010, really nice volume, works with all sorts of water levels and is really comfortable to use.

    I would recommend it or something similar.

    I also have the YQ001 and JH020 on the way so will review them when they arrive in a couple of weeks :)


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  8. blankrider

    blankrider Well-Known Member

    D020-2S Frit to disc from sunshine store. Very nice piece but I think I prefer the honeycomb to turbine because the turbine action works better. The frit creates a kind of froth and it doesn't cyclone as well. Might be partially due to the use of cranberry extract. Possibly less froth with normal water
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  9. Ratchett

    Ratchett Vape Accessories Delta3DStudios.com Accessory Maker

    Just some feedback for posterity sake

    Store Review - SunshineStore (DhGate vendor)

    I have done 4 transactions with Sunshine store. Shipping on average is 7 days (I usually order on Thursdays). First 3 transactions were flawless, the build quality on all the pieces (D020, D020-w, Blue D020--2-w, Female-Female adapters) were awesome. Shipping is bomb-proof covered in a thick multi-layer large bubble wrap, with a nasty yellowish small bubble wrap around the piece. It's clear the pieces are made at a factory and wrapped in bubble wrap, and most likely, never unwrapped again before being shipped the customer, so you are taking a chance.

    Only had one problem with a recent transaction for a 14mm Ash-Catcher. It arrived DOA - the paper thin glass on that particular piece broke the male GonG joint before I even opened the bubble wrap! I quickly messaged them to report a problem. He gave me his gmail address and asked that I email him pictures. Within 24 hours he sent me instructions to request refund on DHgate system which I did. I was refunded the full purchase price of the Ash Catcher (Price plus shipping).

    I am very satisfied with my 4 transactions and intend to buy more from them. Please note I have inquired about combined shipping and was flatly told no, they don't combine shipping because the price won't change.
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  10. blankrider

    blankrider Well-Known Member

    GB-225 from yingmin. A good frit piece for a good price. Really smooth just don't inhale too hard on the clear. I think that I also get more froth because I use cranberry extract. Normal water at disc level you get no water creeping up the neck

    Old post:
    I received my GB-225 from yingmin today. It was not in a box, just a shit load of bubble wrap and tape. It seemed very safe even though the lack of box.

    It appears to be the same build construction as the D020-2S I purchased through sunshine store. Same dimensions and frit grain size, just shorter can due to the lack of turbine. Very well made. I think that I like this more than the version with turbine, but you have to remember to be kind of gentle on the clear if you don't want a drink.

    In the link yingmin pictures both clear and blue model, there might also be a green available idk. I requested blue in the comment line and received blue so I assume that he read it.
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  11. flickyourbic

    flickyourbic Well-Known Member

    Piece: D020
    Vendor: Sunshine Store
    Shipping: 9 days (China to Colorado)
    Price: ~$30

    I am very pleased with the D020. I honestly cannot find a negative thing to say about it. Build quality is solid, perc works very nice and stacks very well and easy to clean even though I haven't needed to yet. The curved mouthpiece makes using it very comfortable to use and prevents the nail from radiating its heat onto your face. I've only dabbed with it but it works very well for concentrates, not too much diffusion.

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  12. blankrider

    blankrider Well-Known Member

    So this post is a double review. These two pieces are from different sellers but the same manufacture. It is a honeycomb to turbine sidecar. The GB-228 is from yingmin and has a female joint. The D020-W-2 is from sunshine store and has a male joint. They are equally awesome.

    Old post:
    The D020-2-w is such a great vape piece!

    normally I would have to be at work two and a half hours ago but lucky it is a holiday and I am at home enjoying an epic wake and vake session.

    This piece is designed perfectly. It is seriously impossible to get any splash because the turbine not only is a great splash guard but spins the opposite direction than the mouthpiece. It is just brilliant.

    The size is perfect. The diffusion is fantastic. I keep the water level ever so slightly above the honeycomb. When I take a hit it actually works at both discs. The honeycomb being the main perc but also bubbles some in the turbine. When you clear it with a fast pull it creates a pretty decent turbine action.

    I had a female gong made for it because I am sick of adapters. I think if this piece had a female joint you guys would be ordering it like crazy. I just can't say how happy I am with it!

    Ladies and gentlemen I would like to introduce the cheap bubbler champ. The yingmin GB-228 honeycomb to turbine sidecar. I purchased it when it was accidently priced at $22.50 but it actually sells for $29.55 and I believe that it has the potential to dethrone the original D020 as best cheap vape bubbler.

    It has the much sought after sidecar mouthpiece. It has 18mm female joint. It has good flavor and ample diffusion. The turbine disc is a wonderful splash guard. It is very well made and can support my nano without tipping over. All this for under $30 shipped.

    Pictured next to sunshine store model with blue base and lip for comparison. The D020 killer

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  13. nihil

    nihil Member, Known Well

    This helped some people a few months ago. Navigating DHGate is a pain at first and their search engine is lacking, so I favorite the sellers that work for me (I haven't expanded much).


    Great posts @blankrider, thanks! Any thoughts on copy/pasting them instead of as a reply? The text and images are smaller and I'm used to skimming over quoted reply's as typically I've already read them.

    /i hope that makes sense, i'm vaked out of my mind at the moment
  14. blankrider

    blankrider Well-Known Member

    Good suggestion @nihil I will try that from now on

    OK cheap glass fans I got the first negative review on here. DO NOT BUY THIS PIECE!!!

    It has very nice construction but does not function well at all.

    Old post:
    I just got home from work and am excited to announce the arrival of a new Kathy piece. I don't know if this one has a name or number but here is the link

    First off I would like to say that this was the least damaged of any of my orders from China. My last couple from sunshine store looked like they had been stomped on. This package had ZERO damage and when I opened it I was shocked at how skillfully it was bubble wrapped. Like you know the amazing way they roll your burrito at Chipotle, it was like that.

    The piece seems very nice and I cannot find any flaws. The color lip and base are classy and happen to match a cobalt blue gong. I had made by @VaPeD&CoNfUsEd . The percs are centered and not crooked. The slits are nice. The joint support is solid. The neck is slender with the perfect flared out mouthpiece. Just really a nice piece all around.


    I just did water test with it and it did not go as good as I was hoping. I feel like the percs function to well for its small size. The water from the bottom chamber makes its way to the top chamber and can even climb the neck.

    It's like this thing has the perc power of the 187 and you can't put that kind of diffusion in such a small space.

    If they kept everything the same but made the piece twice as big it would be an all star on this thread but sadly I fear that most people will not be happy with it when they try to use it
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  15. DieHard

    DieHard Accessory supplier

    Toro Knock Off (TKO) from Kathy0577

    Order date: 9/4/14
    Received: 9/22/14

    Ordered 2 items on this date and got the invalid tracking number run-around for a minute. They told me the China Post lost it. Then they told me they "forgot". Sorry. Then they told me they would send a "big gift" for not filing a dispute. Still one more package on the way...

    Ok, review of the piece. The straight-sided dome shown in their picture is useless. The top of mine is flush with the top of the nail. Looks like an inverted Domeless.
    The function is very smooth. The perc has 6 slits and is welded to the bottom of the can. Works well with my Banger. Nice wide base, low center of gravity. I would definitely recommend this one especially for the price.
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  16. snackmaster

    snackmaster Well-Known Member

    Dhgate pieces I've owned so far: D020 and D020-T (sunshinestore), GB-187 (yingmin5), ratchet recycler and baby cake (Kathy)

    The only one of those I've still got is the 187. Just a super solid, nice piece that functions amazingly. I hope to have it for a long time. D020 was also great, but I didn't feel the need to hang onto it after getting the 187. D020-T and ratchet were fine, but I would not purchase again. Baby cake I never really used (only got it to get my cart above $50 during that $10 coupon promo, sold quickly after receiving), but would absolutely purchase again if I ever got my hands on concentrates.

    Shipping from sunshine and yingmin were pretty quick and without issues. My Kathy order took a long time (went through the whole fake tracking number thing).

    Previous review posts with pics/vids:

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  17. pakalolo

    pakalolo RoboMod v4.0a (unstable) Staff Member

    Other side of your screen
    I just deleted several posts and moved a bunch of other to the Cheap Bubbler thread. I left a couple of non-review posts that provided information helpful to the thread.

    Please read the OP and follow the thread requirements. Thanks for your cooperation.
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  18. dandan321

    dandan321 Member

    Can you change the title as well to something like DHgate Glass Review Thread, otherwise it just sounds like we made a new thread for convenience sake

    mod note: Excellent point, done!
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  19. FUnhouse

    FUnhouse Well-Known Member

    Instead of making a new post I am adding to this .
    I just received The D020-w-2 Clear for Sunshinestore
    I ordered it on 9/21 so 6 days China to Los Angeles !

    It came in SSS usual bomb proof packaging .
    I asked them to include the 18-18mm female adapter so I could use my solo with the male GonG, and no dome and nail since I don't dab .

    Out of the package everything looks great ,no scratches of flaws
    very comfortable in my hand and good quality . This is my second SSS piece and I would definitely buy more from them .

    I agree with @blankrider's review above and have just run a few hits with my new nano through it and I love it I had the D020-d which was a nice piece but for me the sidecar is so much better .

    Much Thanks to @blankrider for the reviews and advice on this one !
    Photo courtesy of my wife and the table she bought just for this purpose.:lol:
  20. DJ Colonel Corn

    DJ Colonel Corn Well-Known Member

    Litte River, California
    ... LOVE DHGATE OMG !!! .....
    Been using 'em for a while now, fun to see this thread here on fc forum :)
    So here's what I got, Item Code 179567923 .
    Love it ! This piece, if it was US made, would fetch approx. 150-200 dollars minimum in a shop here.
    Got this piece for $22 with free shipping. Can't beat that.
    The tip of the mouthpiece is about six inches tall. I know, it looks big in the pic right, he he.
    It's a handheld 'coffee mug' kinda bubbler... wonderful action, full showerhead.
    Here it is:
  21. jambandphan03

    jambandphan03 in flavor country

    I have made several purchases through DHgate and found it to be a very good experience, even when something was wrong, I was able to dispute the matter. I have purchased through Kathy, Sunshine Store, cleanclearglass and Yingmin5. Sunshine Store seems to be the most reliable so far in my experience, fast shipping, decent quality glass. I have had a few pieces come from Kathy with functional flaws, pin holes in the weld (sealed with aquarium silicone), a bad male joint that won't make a good seal, which I was able to get a partial refund for which is fine considering it cost so little in the first place, so I have less faith in Kathy's quality control if there is any. Only ordered one piece from Yingmin5 (187 no logo) and it was exactly what I expected, decent quality and function. I got the wigwag inline from cleanclearglass and it was a smooth transaction, and I am pleased with the quality/function. So far, over all I've had grate experiences with DHgate orders and have been impressed at how well this glass seems to be holding up so far. I try to be careful, and have a couple of knock around pieces that seem to be taking it quite well. Shipping times vary, I've waited as little as a5 or 6 days, to a few weeks, but Sunshine Store has been tops on fast shipping. All seem to ship heavily bubble wrapped.

    As far as favorites go, D022, the larger 14mm Kathy recycler, and that worked up wigwag inline would be my top pics, I do love the 10mm mini rigs, and the D020 line in general all perform well IMO. I rotate around as needs change or boredom sets in.

    *For these prices, don't expect top quality by any means. You are not likely to see fire polished percs, and may have some minor scratch/cracks and sloppy welds/alignment etc. I have found my pieces to be more than functional, for the cost, even if they have "flaws" that some might take issue with. Keep this in mind when buying low priced glass. *

    I have many videos on youtube of various pieces...

    Last edited: Oct 1, 2014
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  22. blankrider

    blankrider Well-Known Member


    Man I am fucking high as a kite right now. Almost too high to write this review lol. So anyways I got this from Kathy today. I'm calling it the showerhead to honeycomb to fab egg.

    First off it is easily the cheapest priced fab egg that you can buy and equal or better quality than some of the ones that I have seen from lesser known artist. And these were still going for like $450 so this is around a tenth of the price.

    The piece seems solid, perhaps 5mm thick glass throughout with extra thick base. Showerhead is attached to the bottom and has flame polished slits. The honeycomb is hard to get a good view of but looks very clean and nice. The fab egg section is cool as fuck and unbelievably well done. Like if I didn't order this from China myself I would never believe it. It has 6 holes total, kind of 2 offset lairs of 3 holes and they all connect to the spherical void in the center. If you look down at a diagonal angle you can look right through the piece. It is VERY cool. The 14mm male joint is an angle but not too much and has a joint support. It only took me a second to adjust to not having my vape perfectly upright.

    I water tested it with normal distilled water and loved it. Then I added cranberry extract and went to have a session and got a tasty drink. The natural staking power of honeycomb and lack of volume in the fab egg section and bubblyness of CE are the perfect combination for a drink. I switched back to normal water and the session went on. Then when I noticed how quickly it was getting dirty I decided to try adding just one drop off CE and it helped keep things a little cleaner without the bubbles getting out of control.
    My girlfriend likes to play dress up so disregard the crazy outfit
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  23. blankrider

    blankrider Well-Known Member

    Hey just a quick update on the showerhead to honeycomb to fab egg. I am loving it more and more every single time I use it. I upgraded to 2 drops of cranberry extract and have been able to avoid any splash. I highly recommend purchasing this piece. Here is a water test for you guys

    Click to play YouTube Video
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  24. Frederick McGuire

    Frederick McGuire Aggressively Loungey

    The Land of Oz
    OK, Buckle up folks here's my what I can only assume will be a relatively long review of my ordering process with Cleanclearglass - http://www.dhgate.com/store/18509977#st-navigation-storehome
    (EDIT: Yup, it's over 10K characters so I'm gonna have to split it into multiple posts :o)

    OK, Item 1:
    I thought this piece looked interesting, I thought it looked a bit risky in that it looked likely to perc too much and cause splashback into the mouthpiece.

    Anyway, the perc just looked too interesting to me, so I ordered it anyway on 07-22-2014 08:25 (DHgate timestamp).
    After I paid, CCG contacted me and asked if I could cancel the order and re-place it as they couldn't meet the required shipping time.
    I was happy enough to re-order, though I should note this issue was their fault - JCEX was the only shipping option available.
    I re-ordered on 07-23-2014 11:21

    By 2014-08-04 09:04 I had received the item, but as I feared it was not functional - it was well constructed, but there wasn't enough room in the can and water just shoots straight into the mouthpiece.
    (that timestamp is form when I contacted CCG to let them know the piece didn't function.)
    they replied to me on 2014-08-05 22:31
    So to recap - I bought the bong, it didn't function in a usable manner, and I was offered free shipping on my next item.
    I though this was a fair solution as the item wasn't broken or poorly made, just poor design, which I was aware of when I purchased it.

    On 08-13-2014 08:09 I ordered the 2nd item:

    As per our agreement, CCG removed the shipping cost and I paid the base price for the item (approx $27 discount)

    I received it by 2014-08-26 15:19, and it was not functional. The connection between the uptake tube and the return funnel was done poorly, and the hole was too small.
    This caused the water to perc bacwards up the return tube, and the piece is utterly unusable.

    I notified CCG of the issue the same day I received it (at the timestamp posted above).
    by 2014-08-29 13:39 they still had not responded, and I had to send them a 2nd message asking if they would fix the issue.
    they responded at 2014-08-29 14:10
    I responded at 2014-08-29 18:26
    At that point it had been over 5 weeks since my first order and I was loosing patience with the matter.

    At 2014-08-29 21:13 they responded:
    My reply 2014-09-01 14:51
    After a couple of messages we agreed upon Option 1 - with me to pay $70
    2014-09-02 16:05
    I was unable to place the order due to an issue with the dhgate system - one of the items had no shipping option to Australia, so on 2014-09-02 23:49 I contacted CCG
    CCG replied 2014-09-03 08:06
    I replied on 2014-09-03 23:44 again explaining that I could not place the order until the listing was updated.

    By 2014-09-04 17:34 the issue had not been rectified - I attepted to use the dhgate live chat feature with CCG - Unfortunately I don't have the transcript of that, but basically I outlined the problem again maybe 4-5 times until the person I was talking to understood, then they said they weren't at their computer and couldn't do anything at that time.

    Up to this point I had been annoyed but tried my best to remain civil (keep in mind this is now 6 weeks since I ordered the first piece, and had only received 2 non-functional items)
    So on 2014-09-04 17:34 I sent a rather aggressively worded message:
    I received 2 replies:
    2014-09-04 17:43
    At this point I placed the order for the 2 items - The total came to $110ish or so, and I was waiting for CCG to discount it to our agreed upon $70
    2014-09-04 20:02
    This response from the "owner" of the store is UNACCEPTABLE. It is disrespectful, and made me see red.
  25. Frederick McGuire

    Frederick McGuire Aggressively Loungey

    The Land of Oz
    I replied with this screed:

    2014-09-05 17:00

    reply from CCG at 2014-09-05 16:55

    On 2014-09-06 08:24 I replied - they still had not discounted the order to $70 - I asked that they apply the discount, but I understood they had a national 3 day holiday at that time, and there may be a delay in processing the discount due to that.

    On 2014-09-11 06:20 I sent another message requesting the discount be applied

    CCG replied on 2014-09-11 07:07

    TBH, to me that message bordered on gibberish and I found it very hard to understand - giving the benefit of the doubt to language barriers, I replied with:
    2014-09-14 19:27

    By 2014-09-17 07:14 I had to message them again

    (My emphasis added there - there was no bold font in my message to CCG)
    5 minutes later I added:
    2014-09-17 07:19

    By 2014-09-22 14:01 I still had no response so sent the following messages:

    2014-09-22 17:04

    Finally got a reply:

    2014-09-22 20:45

    Again - borderline gibberish, but they seemed to be accepting my offer

    2014-09-23 10:10

    (Again, my emphasis added)

    by 2014-09-25 08:02 I had re-placed the order and was yet again waiting on CCG to apply the discount.

    They applied the discount within an hour - the order was discounted to $70, so I have no idea what the fuck "for your order,we also want to make it better deal for both of us

    but only USD70 is too low for us,we will lost too much

    If possible,we would like to offer you both the two bongs free and you pay the shipping cost" was supposed to mean :shrug:

    The discount applied to the order was $22.13. (I paid $27.27 for the recycler - this will become relevant in a minute)

    I received the 2 replacement items by 2014-10-09 11:20
    They were both well constructed, and were functional.
    The inline to honeycomb turned out to be a inline to fritter - so I was excited, but the inline has down facing slits, and an open end - so it's chug city and the inline is essentially pointless:cuss:
    Not exactly dispute or refund worthy, but annoying...

    My replacement recycler was nowhere to be seen.

    2014-10-09 11:20

    They replied:

    2014-10-09 13:00


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