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Desktop whip session vape - specific requirements

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by Crumpet, Mar 7, 2017.

  1. Crumpet

    Crumpet Well-Known Member

    kinda north, eh?
    Hey folks, it's been a while!

    After several years of using the Arizer Solo (and now also Air), I'm finally ready to buy a desktop vape. I've searched the recent threads, and none of them seem to have the exact needs I do. Here's what I'm looking for:

    - price: Ideally not more than $300 Canadian - can MAYBE bump it up to $400 if the quality/feature difference over a $300 device is that noticeable. Reliability is very important.

    - usability: It's going to have to sit on a table behind my couch for space reasons (and for dogs not knocking it around reasons), so it can't be something that needs to be fiddled with (no stirring or heating with a torch). Occasional interaction, such as turning the temperature up, is of course fine.

    - features: Needs to have a whip. Would also like water tool integration. I don't want something that sits on top of the bong like the Solo and Air (and from the pictures I've seen, Herbalaire). I want to be able to shove the end of the whip into my bong using some sort of adapter (my co-vaper has delicate lungs, so the more we can cool it down the better).

    - availability: I need to be able to purchase it from a reputable Canadian vendor (due to past customs issues, I don't buy cross-border). I'm very familiar with PlanetVape, so if they stock it, fantastic!

    - efficiency: Semi-important. It takes us about 40 minutes to deplete an herb load in the Solo when we're puffing full strength through a bong (we don't like to turn the Solo up past 4 as it gets too harsh for my co-vaper - else it would last longer). So if you're familiar with the Solo, it should have a similar efficiency.

    Thanks in advance for the help!
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  2. PPN

    PPN Fleurs&Vapeur

    Herbalaire without any doubt!
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  3. little maggie

    little maggie Well-Known Member

    This is an older one but new to me and I love it. It's replaced my Arizer EQ. It takes up little space and my dog's tail which seems to be a vicious weapon besides destroying everything in it's path hasn't knocked it over. It works fine with water:
    (Not recommending this store- was checking to see if it's available in Canada since planetvape doesn't have it.)
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  4. Prolusio

    Prolusio Well-Known Member

    @Crumpet Have you looked at the Extreme Q by Arizer? I believe it should meet your requirements!

    Price: 190 from Planetvape.ca. Enough left over for a VapCap ;)

    Usability: It has a remote control if you don't want to reach an inconvenient location; uses IR I think so you need to point at it but it's still easier than getting up. The bowl sits on top of the heater so it should stay secure behind your couch, it's durable if it gets knocked over, and you can get different lengths of tubing if it's not long enough to reach. It does benefit from a stir during a session but it's definitely possible to thoroughly vape a bowl without doing so.

    Features: Whip. Remote Control. Aromatherapy dish. Easy to find attachments for glass/water use. They'd attach to the end of the whip so you can keep the unit behind your couch. Fan, so you can use it with an assisted draw or switch to using bags if you feel like it. I almost never did with the EQ but it's nice to have the option; and they are great for those with delicate lungs IMO.

    Availability: Excellent. Planetvape.ca stocks them as well as several accessories.

    Efficiency: It has a decent sized bowl and requires enough herb to provide some resistance for the air going over it to get optimal use; so I did not find it good for micro dosing stock. But I still feel it was very efficient and there are several accessories, like those produced by @DDave, that make help it perform as a hyper-efficient device comparable to a log. You can also more or less leave the EQ on constantly so it makes efficient use of your vaping time as well.

    Reliability: The EQ I owned was built like a tank. I tossed it around for years carrying it from session to session in a backpack, and it outlived several power adapters which I also abused by feeding unreliably off of car power inverters at music festivals.

    I've also heard really good things about the quality of Herbalaire that @PPN suggested. It's also stocked at Planetvape and I think it's even made by a Canadian company. I don't know a ton about it so I can't exactly recommend it based on specifics but it seems there are definitely enough positive reviews out there to make an informed decision.

    I'd love to hear what product you end up going with! Keep us posted!
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  5. Crumpet

    Crumpet Well-Known Member

    kinda north, eh?
    Thanks a bunch folks - it's very appreciated! I'll investigate these ones further and definitely let you know what I end up with :)
  6. Crumpet

    Crumpet Well-Known Member

    kinda north, eh?
    Thanks again all for your input!

    We went with the Extreme Q - it being an Arizer product was the deciding factor, since we love our Solos and Air.

    It arrived yesterday from PlanetVape, and I must say I'm very impressed.

    However - I really need to learn how to pace myself with it! Even though I thought I was starting slow with it, I had myself knocked out and ready for sleep hours before my usual bedtime :tup::zzz:
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  7. ginolicious

    ginolicious Well-Known Member

    I say Vapir rise 2.0. Great desktop vape. Well in your budget at $200

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