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Depression,Anxiety, and BPD- Volcano

Discussion in 'Medical Discussion' started by GoldenBear, Jan 5, 2014.

  1. GoldenBear

    GoldenBear Member

    Hey Guys,

    I am about to pull the trigger on a classic volcano and I was wondering the appropriate temperature range to use my vaporizer as an AntiDepressant, Anti-Anxiety relief, and for Bipolar Disorder. I would also like to use it as a sleep aid. I have seen the boiling chart but if I am just cooking up 1-2 bags how would I go about adjusting the different temperatures in the same bag?

    Thanks guys
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  2. GoldenBear

    GoldenBear Member

    I am looking at the Herbalizer now as it seems to be more medical minded. Can anyone share any experiences? Hopefully I can get one!
  3. Magic9

    Magic9 Plant Enthusiast

    Middle of the Map
    Are you new to vaping? I prefer Sativas for anx, dep, and BP. Strong indica for sleep. I use a log vape so the temp is set, but I feel I get the plants full profile. A lot of new users who are set on bags, end up not using them at all.

    Never used either vape, but the Volcano has a solid rep and the Herbalizer looks awesome and more versatile. Read through the threads here and see which fits you best.

    Welcome to FC.
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  4. cawshook

    cawshook Solod out.

    In short, diff people require different medication. Try experimenting with it, but careful dont over medicate. It might make it worse.
  5. GoldenBear

    GoldenBear Member

    I am not too new to vaping. I have been using a DBV for quite a while now but hate how I cant get the benefits I am looking for (medically speaking). This is why I am trying to venture out to something that allows me to rapidly change the temperatures.
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  6. Tweek

    Tweek Well-Known Member

    If you suffer from anxiety, be careful around too much Sativa. For me, pure sativas drive my anxiety upward. I prefer indica and hybrids. Indicas can cause your depression to increase as well, so be careful there too.

    I have a volcano. They are ok, but I was never a fan of how drying the vapor from the bag was. I generally crank it fairly high, around the 7-8 mark on the classic (396-417). It's a bit harsher at that temp, but worked quite well for me.
  7. Steele Concept

    Steele Concept Transformer Tubes Manufacturer

    Nice input Tweek, I also prefer 7-8 on the classic. Pure sativas or saliva dominant strains can really drive a lot of people's anxiety through the roof. I know a whole lot of people who don't appreciate those loco weed strains, hehe.

    I read Matt Mernaugh's Marijuana Smokers Guidebook yesterday after having checked out this guys website from time to time. He does a great job at touching upon those good strains for those people who like the classic indica stone rather than the racy sativa high. With that fresh in my memory I'd recommend some of the following strains if anxiety has been an issue for you (keep in mind tho a lot of people like some sativa for anti-anxiety and anti-depression stuff as well so your mileage may vary) In addition if you have mental health issues Cannabis could work for or against you depending on brain chemistry, environment, strain etc. So use good judgement and moderation if you partake.


    Black Domina
    Afghani Kush
    Master Kush
    Hindu Kush
    Grand Daddy Purple
    Northern Lights

    Basically stick with old school afghanis and the REAL kush. Not the OG super crystal funk space capsule XXXL new "kush" of the month derived from ChemDawg genetics ;)
  8. smokum

    smokum I am who I am and your approval isn't needed!

    I suppose I'm of the small minority with anxiety, depression, and anti-social issues (brain injury), coupled with chronic pain from physical injuries, that 'prefers' the effects of a recent strain I just finished and intend to keep growing:

    Chocolope from DNA Genetics
    OG Chocolate Thai x Cannalope Haze
    95% Sativa : 5% Indica
    Flowering Time: 8 - 9+ Weeks (I harvested at 30% amber trichs - 65 days in my set up)
    Yield: 500-600g/m2

    It really took me by surprise how well it worked for me considering what the norm says in regards to Sativa's, and also considering how paranoid and laid out I end up with a heavy Indica like canatonic, or grapefruit, or that of the 'kush' families. This (my 1st time growing out a Sativa) one really seems to level out my racing brain to the point that my word finding difficulties become non existent, and for the first time in a very long time I was able to go out in public 'under the influence' :clap::D

    Just further proof (in my eyes), that effects are those of the user and their 'own' personal endo-cannabinoid system and receptor uptake with regards to strains and individual needs :shrug:
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