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Dealing with BM sellers. Opinons, please!

Discussion in 'Glass' started by Tstat, Jun 9, 2014.

  1. Tstat

    Tstat Dead Foot Designs Accessory Maker

    The Medical North East
    Ok, I feel kind of bad because I really blasted this guy I bought a bubbler from. I believe I'm right, but I still feel bad, I guess. What do you guys think?

    OK, saw an auction for a Swagger double chambered perc. He wanted to start at $100 with a BIN of $200. In the description he stated it was in perfect shape except for 2 scratches or cracks near a joint. I asked to see better pics of the cracks/scratches but he said he couldn't get them to show up on camera because they were so small.

    OK, I offered $120 and he accepted. I paid $100 right away with the promise that I would pay the rest the following day. That next day before work I sent the money via PP, but I must not have completed the transaction. I went to work and later around 1:00 check BM. There was message saying "where is my $20, I'm going to refund your $100 since I didn't get it." He also called my out on the BM thread saying I didn't pay. Well, I was pissed but sent the $20.

    Next he emails and says he "forgot" to tell me the piece has a "burn mark" from torch use. Then he says he unpacked the tube thinking I wasn't gong to pay the $20 and then 'forgot" to include the dome that was to come with it!

    So, I realize I have dealt with this guy in the past and he sold me something he claimed was made by guys at Sov. He also said it had a thick joint and some had thin joints. Mine came with the thin joint. With this Swagger he tried to say it was made by Mad Rob.

    Anyway, I was pissed and killed him on email and threatened to ruin his rating if the tube was shit. I still haven't gotten it, so I don't know how that is going to go. Since then he offered to sell me a fake pax for $40 to make up for it. Then he offered to give me a Pax he had "lying around" that had a stuck MP. I refused to take his BS offers.

    That's where we stand now. Am I wrong? Overreacting? or is this guy a liar and borderline scammer?
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  2. farscaper

    farscaper Well-Known Member

    man, its so frustrating dealing with sketchy people. you wanna go into it trusting some people.... but after some weird conversations and then shit not showing up.... and then they try to make it up with even sketchier deals....

    I usually try not to flame on them directly.... until after the transaction is beyond fixing or is done... cause I figure its either they really are fucking me around and I dont want to sink the deal deeper in shit... or I have misinterpreted the whole ordeal and blew it out of proportion in my mind... and they made some legitimate although stupid mistakes... I do it often enough I know how it feels to make a dumb mistake you know you could have prevented.

    either way I make a mental note to avoid dealing with them. cause its not like I wanna get raked over the coals again.

    at least you used paypal and can get a refund
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  3. Tstat

    Tstat Dead Foot Designs Accessory Maker

    The Medical North East
    Yea, well I got it. The "burned joint" was actually just burnt crud from use. So, I cleaned it up and it revealed a nice chip and crack in the fucking ground joint...
  4. budz and bhombs


    wow, thats some BS right there! whata sketchy fool, just trying to get EVERY penny he can. i HATE dealing w ppl who arent truthful about everything! i mean CMON! wtf?! its GLASS! 1 word you bastards! KARMA! hahah :shit: :dog: :ko: :uhoh: :disgust: :goon:
  5. PhotoRider

    PhotoRider Diagnosed with level 11 G.A.S.

    Oregon USA
    The question is did he know it was cracked and chipped. See if he admits that (not directly of course).

    This all started with the $20 timing and his over reaction of that, throwing you into an over reaction also. Not saying it isn't deserved. It's just best to keep your cool until there is no hope. Once the situation becomes combative or emotional, progress if any comes with work and added stress. Avoid that, bite your tongue etc. Just work out the original deal and avoid any blaming. That is glue, not grease.

    Now if he knew the damage and masked it in anyway like not being up front then their is no reason to trust him. Avoid it and drop it.

    You said you have history with him, is this typical for him, or is this out of character?

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