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DaVinci Love Letter Contest

Discussion in 'Past Contests' started by Davinci_vaporizer, Aug 8, 2014.

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  1. Davinci_vaporizer

    Davinci_vaporizer Well-Known Member Manufacturer

    Las Vegas, NV
    Hey everyone! We are running a love letter contest on Facebook this month. The idea is to write a love letter to your DaVinci. I think that you guys here on FC love your DaVinci’s more than anyone on the planet, so we are going to run the same contest here! The rules are as follows:

    1. Write a love letter to your DaVinci Vaporizer (If you don’t have one, pretend you do)

    2. Share your letter here

    3. The winning letter will be turned into an audio/video file and displayed on our website

    4. Please keep it PG-13

    5. 8/8/2014-8/21/2014

    To enter the Contest, you need to share your letter on the contest page by 08/21/2014 03:00PM PST. Anyone can enter. Our team will choose the letter based on creativity and relevance. The winner will get a FREE Ascent Vaporizer. We will announce the winner on this contest page and share the winning letter and member on the Ascent thread on 08/22/2014.

    Good Luck to you all!


    Dearest Ascent,

    My longing for you feels so perfectly true, dreams running constant of just me with you. We'll create our own adventures, it doesn't matter the place, our love is so strong, it transcends both time and space. Walking the dog, or both of us out for a jog, nothing sweeter than your kiss, your love brings the fog. Away from each other, I long to gaze upon your face, while you let me caress you, and I inhale at my own pace. Our lips come together, our love lifting us higher, like a phoenix out of the ashes, back into the fire.

    Out in the forest, we create our own path, to that secret place with flowers, we've got the perfect grass. Lying ever so comfortably, we have arrived, its moments like this for which both our hearts thrive. The river flows freely, the sun rising at dawn, my body's receptors electric, we're completely turned on. You are on another level, in a completely different class, that sexy glass on glass provides your love en masse.

    Oh, the warmth you give me is unlike any other, you make me feel young and alive, the two of us as cool as cucumbers. We lounge and talk freely for hours, pondering the world's wonders and mysteries, this planet is ours to conquer, together always vigorous, devoid of misery.

    Please take this, my love note to you - I know the feeling is mutual, when we both look up at the moon. No matter what we do, wherever, whenever, and whatever ... it will be you and I, my Ascent, together forever.

    mod note: Please do not post in this thread unless it is a contest entry. Thanks.
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  2. GeekyGodiva

    GeekyGodiva Happy Hairy Herbal Faerie

    Vansterdam, USA
    Dear DaVinci,

    Oh, my sweet darling! Can you believe it has already been a little over a year since we met. You looking like a little radio, me sipping from your antenna, it just fit. When I needed help you have been right there for me. We have had our problems, but they were always easy to fix with a little communication. When I am away from home, I know I still have you. When the pain becomes overwhelming you comfort me. I don't know how I got along without you.

    It never takes long for you to warm up, practically good to go in seconds. When I click your switch and see your blue light I feel a thrill of anticipation. I can dial in my perfect temperature, and you will adjust as soon as I ask. You are quick to tell me when you are ready, and when your little red light turns green I know it's time.

    You lost your brush a while back, but don't worry you can use mine. You still look gorgeous, you've got great hygiene. You got a small makeover- new straw, new charger, and I gotta say I love you more than ever. I admit that in the past I have wished you could last a bit longer, but that's no judgement against you. We're as tight as ever and you know nothing that stays plugged in at home could ever be your equal on the go.

    When I am walking down a beach with you in my hand, nobody knows our secret plans. Your sweet scent fogs my mind, blocking the pain and worries. My friends all adore you, and encourage me to bring you to our outings. Don't worry, I'm not jealous, because they know you're all mine. They may get a kiss or two, but I know who you're going home with in the end.

    Lets travel some more, baby and I will tell you all my secrets.

    Yours always,
    Geeky Godiva
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  3. dorkus_molorkus

    dorkus_molorkus Well-Known Member

    My dearest DaVinci,

    Ever since we met at that party I have been able to think of nothing else but you. I first saw you across the room, being caressed by another. Initially I didn’t pay much attention, just another model in a sea of contenders I thought.

    Besides I was happily married to another.

    But I soon noticed your slim and modest shape, then I saw how clever & intuitive you were.

    From the second you touched my hand, I was captivated.
    I ran my fingers around your smooth edges & before I knew what was happening, we kissed.

    In that stolen forbidden moment, I was seduced by you. It was the sweetest most delicious kiss of my life. My lips tingled from your touch, it was as if I could inhale your very essence & it fulfilled me like no other had before.

    I wasn’t looking for you, in fact I wasn’t looking for anything.
    I thought I was happy with my life, but you have awakened a yearning in me that will never be quenched until you are with me.

    I will move heaven and earth make you mine.
    I would scorch the earth & break whole continents asunder to hold you once again.

    Please be mine my beautiful Da Vinci, I stand here proclaiming our love from the rooftops for all to see & hear without shame.

    Some may say our love is wrong, but how can that be when it feels so 'right'?
    In time the others will accept us for who we are & maybe one day when the laws change, we will marry.

    Love after all, comes in all the colors of the rainbow.

    Now please process my credit card with express shipping.

    Forever yours
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    SSVUN~YAH You Must Unlearn, What You Have Learned...

    # Town
    My Dear DaVinci,


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  5. CarolKing

    CarolKing Singer of songs and a vapor connoisseur

    My Dear Ascent,
    As our first anniversary approaches I can't stop thinking about when we met for the first time. I had heard for weeks of your arrival. The anticipation was more than I could stand. I had heard many wonderful things about you . I wasn't disappointed....

    The day that you arrived I fell in love with you at first sight. Your beautiful dark skin and tight compact body. I admired the silhouette of your physique in the moonlight.

    Once our lips met and I breathed in your essence there no going back. Your body produces the heat that
    makes my flowers radiate with warmth. I took in a breath and exhaled, yes you are the one.

    You and I cuddled up on the sofa together our lips met again. I held onto your hard, firm, warm body. There was no going back. I had ascended - You and I were one. My body was relaxed and my desire for life was rejuvenated. You make me want for more. I will keep you close to me always.

    I've had a lot of users and losers. You are definitely for keeps.

    Love you always,
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  6. lwien

    lwien Well-Known Member

    Arcadia, California
    Dear DV,

    I know that my communication skills leave a lot to be desired but I must tell you how I really feel about you but to put it into context, I also need to tell you about my past relationships as well as recall how we first met.

    My first relationship was with VaporGenie and while I liked her a lot, I never really fell in love with her. She was pretty temperamental in how she accepted my affections. If I came on too strong, she literally turned black with rage. You’d think that a Genie would have her act together, but alas, we really never really know a person until we live with them for awhile. We had some issues.

    We later went to couples therapy where I learned what she really liked but every time I went down on her, she always had this strong woody taste which was kind of turn off. I know it could have been worse, but still. I guess she was just born that way, but for me, it just wasn’t going to work.

    I then met Miss Purple Days. What a looker. What a body? Her skin was just sooooo smooth. Oh, and when we cuddled up at night that smooth skin got so comfortably warm that I just couldn’t keep my hands off of her. And in the sun, she just literally glowed.

    And frugal?!? My God, that lady saved every damn penny. But like Genie, she too had kind of a woody taste. Maybe they both hung out together. Either that, or they were closer than I thought. Maybe they had some kind of vapor lez thing going on but either way, her woodiness wasn’t nearly as bad as Genies and she was just so good in every other respect, that we stayed together for over 5 years. But man, that lady really required some foreplay before she wanted to play, but she was just so good in getting me off that I never really complained.

    But then it happened. One night, her vagina collapsed into her asshole. I was like………….WTF?!?! Called 911 but it was too late. She was gone. Sniff…………..!! Sad.

    Anyway, life goes on, and in my search for some company, I met LSV. Man, what a fucking woman. She had this silver see through dress that exposed just about everything and she LOVED to play in the water. I was never really into water sports before but she changed all that. And when she introduced me to playing in warm water, well…………it was all over. I was truly in love. But man, talk about rocking my world. That lady could do it like no other lady that I ever knew. And unlike Purple, she didn’t waste ANY time. When I wanted to play, she was ready for action within a few minutes and was always willing to take me to places that I’ve never been.

    She had this velvet fetish though. Always liked to caress herself in velvet after a night of partying.

    What a lady and I am still with her today and I don’t ever see us breaking up. Oh, and that woody taste? LSV must have been hanging out at different places than either Genie or Purple 'cause she had none of that. Just pure sweetness. If I had anything bad to say about her it was that they never cut her umbilical cord when she was born. It’s still hanging out of her ass and that fucking cord is really thick and gets in the way sometimes. But hey………no one’s perfect, eh?

    Then one night, I was hanging out with my friend, Haiku, and he said, “Hey, I know that you and LSV are still going strong so don’t get any ideas, but I just have to introduce you to a friend of mine who just moved in from out of state and she’s just looking for a bit of company. Nothing serious, just a casual friendship. Hey, maybe you can even introduce her to LSV. I think they’d hit it off. Her name is…………..achhh, just call her DV. She likes that.”

    So Haiku and I went down to the Vapor Lounge and there sitting at the bar was this gorgeous lady who Haiku than introduce me to. “LW……meet DV. DV…………meet LW”. Our gazes locked on to one another. All of a sudden, I started to feel a bit guilty. LSV is just faithfully waiting at home for me to return, and here I am with Haiku and DV and my heart is starting to pound out of my fucking chest. Fuck……..this could complicate things.

    (to be continued….)
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  7. CG420

    CG420 Fuck Who You Think I Am

    The Internet
    Dear DaVinci,

    I met you once and you had this aura. It felt overpowering, so sleek yet so comfortable.. I had dreams of your shape and size. Seen others not quite like you. I wish I had been able to take you home with me but unfortunately I had no cash for you to be mine at the time. I long for sessions where walks wouldn't be so lonesome and that I had a chance to vape alongside of the bright city lights on the streets of beautiful LA. I can't imagine how much longer it would be until I would finally be able to see the Ascent of my dreams. For it always seem so closely held right in the palm of my hands each night I sleep. Imagine if I were to leave a gram under my pillow, that the DaVinci fairy would slip one under, packed and ready for tomorrow. I'll keep hoping until one day I'm finally holding you with words unspoken. I plan to show us off to the whole wide world. If we ever travel far... that is.


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  8. DieHard

    DieHard Vertical transportation specialist.

    Dearest Beloved,
    Our first meeting was a chance encounter at a party. Do you even remember me? I can never forget you. If my friends had not introduced us, I would never even know you. I didn't even know your name and my lips were..
    I will not kiss and tell. But I think that I have never felt so fulfilled. I combed the internet to find a picture of you, to know you, and finally, there you were, in all of your glory. And alas, your name, I could finally know your name: DaVinci. Ahh... A beautiful name it is. Now I do nothing but pine for you, day and night. I relive that moment at the party in my mind every day. I long for the moment when my lips will meet you again my dearest DaVinci.
    Love always,
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  9. CarolKing

    CarolKing Singer of songs and a vapor connoisseur

    I don't see many replies. I'm going to try again.

    My Dearest Davinci,

    From the moment you came into my life I have been in love with you. A new world has been opened up to me.
    You are my miracle here on Earth. We will go everywhere together.

    Time stops when we are with each other. When we are apart I think about you always.

    When we are back together I fall in love with you all over again.

    Your flowers get hot and spark. We make fireworks together.

    We will discover new heights of ecstasy.

    The future is ours.
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  10. Deja Vu

    Deja Vu stay true to yourselves


    Here is my entry [​IMG]


    faithfully yours; Deja Vu [​IMG]
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  11. justme

    justme New Member

    Dear DaVinci,

    How I love your meticulous attention to detail and beautiful design... The beautiful glass-lined ceramic bowl is inspired. DaVinci really are a work of art to be appreciated. The Ascent is way above all the rest.

    You radiate heat so evenly. I can't believe how dependable you are. I love your long life battery and convenient charging. DaVinci your are the most forward thinking and visionary. I will now have the power of pure vaporization along with extreme efficiency. I love how you are inspired by advanced technology and have such a sleek look and feel.

    I look forward to being able to dependably medicate at my desired temps. It feels like you were made just for me. I will love the new freedom. Dependably and ease of use will really benefit me greatly. I will no longer have to jump thru hoops to be able to gain a bit of relief. I will love my new DaVinci and really will appreciate it and be really thankful for it...

    looking forward to a new friend... thanks,

    just me
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