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Dabbing on quartz without a torch or e-nail

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by MeditativeMind, Jan 13, 2019 at 2:47 AM.

  1. MeditativeMind

    MeditativeMind *Insert 'custom title' here*

    In the clouds
    Is there any way to dab on quartz without using an e-nail or torch?

    Are there any portable or electric devices that have an isolated heating element in which the oil/wax never comes in contact with metal or any material other than quartz?

    I see Source Vapes has a quartz insert for some of their atomizers. It looks like it would work but does anyone have any experience with them? Or any other suggestions?

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  2. Abysmal Vapor

    Abysmal Vapor Shaman of The Pyramid of Orlin'Malah

    7th heaven - 666th pit (EU)
    I also thing there is a quartz bucket for this one . http://fuckcombustion.com/threads/saionara-atomizer-thread.25980/page-15

    I personally recommend the quarta 510 motar giraffe attachment ,you can see i posted the model in the longmada thread. It can run Temperature control based on resistance.
    If you are in need of a stealth go with the Saionara.
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  3. Ramahs

    Ramahs Fucking Combustion (mostly) Since February 2017

    The Internet
    The Sai makes both quartz and titanium bucket inserts for it's TAF model.


    I've been meaning to get one myself.

    I've been reading around about current wax pens, because I'm in the market for one. The Sai seems to be one of the the top recommended of models right now.
  4. Sick Vape

    Sick Vape Solar Dabs

    I just had a motar (giraffe:lol:) in my letterbox. Not sure I paid for it. The heating bowl and air path is all quartz glass.
    I have no battery to test it atm but it looks decent for a very affordable price.
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  5. biohacker

    biohacker 710 Cannasseur

    Heat gun?
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  6. JCat

    JCat Well-Known Member Accessory Maker

    Ontario, Canada

    You just have to drill a 1/4" hole through the front and insert a silicone hose. ;);)

    In all seriousness though ... I tried the Source Products and was seriously disapointed ... I quite like my Sai TAF Quartz bucket though :) ... When I had it on the Pico 75 w/ Arctic Fox it was ok ... but since I got it configured right on the Paranormal DNA250C device, it's absolutely great!
  7. Sick Vape

    Sick Vape Solar Dabs

    Haha great one or just microwave a banger until its hot enough. Probably you need some water on it or so. But I think it is not possible in a normal microwave to go hot enough. Pling...
    I would try to heat a banger on or in the wood stove. Old school.

    I everywhere read Sai TAF. Must be very popular and good. And thats what I looked for when I stumbled over that Motar.
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  8. Alexis

    Alexis Well-Known Member

    Do you know the magician Dynamo? Well let me start by telling you that this is not tricks and games this man is a real magician doing real black magic except he is not really the one doing it.

    It is all a deception he has long ago made a pact with an entity from the 4th dimension known as a "Jinn" or shadow being. The shadow being has the power to manipulate this artificial 3rd dimensional reality plane. Im being deadly serious btw. It's dark stuff really.

    I don't like Dynamo one bit. He is so coy, cagey and sheepish. I am all about truth and openess. Honesty, sharing, getting closer. Narrowing that gap.

    This man deceives and pretends, getting a massive kick out of guarding deep, dark secrets. Loving everyone thinking he is such a superhero. Talk about an ego!

    Okay, sorry. Rant over. But my point- some of his "tricks" involve getting his jinn to heat things up to mega hot, or cool to frozen. Right before the crowd's dazzled eyes. So...one way to heat a banger without a torch or an enail....is to get Dynamo,

    Or even better, get a jinn! :evil: A jinn would be able to give you more accurate performance at any temp you like, all day long bro!
    However, there is a price for this "service". You will have to ask Dynamo about that, he has it all ahead of him still.
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  9. Sick Vape

    Sick Vape Solar Dabs

    No I don't know dynamo.

    Wasn't there a russian lady that could heat things too? Think she got the power from the good ones she says.

    The most obvious is SOLAR DABS !!!

    Take a magnifying glass and heat your dab to evaporation with the sun. don't forget the:cool:, it looks cooler:). (No honestly, put sunglasses it is very powerful light that can damage your eyes)
    Depending your glasses you can try with these too. Or a filled water glass lens etc.

    It tastes absolutely delicious!!!
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  10. Alexis

    Alexis Well-Known Member

    David Blane? Same deal, same kind of show. Dark characters. He could heat the banger too if you asked him nicely. There are others as well.

    Personally, I say go straight for the Jinn. If you can get hold of a "Yellow Pages" you should be able to look one up in your local area. :lol:
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  11. Sick Vape

    Sick Vape Solar Dabs

    I have heard that name. I think I don't like the show IIRC. Does he do "cold reading" and stuff like that? edit: just checked, I mixed it up. Still don't like it, but do not know it well. Houdini copy, somehow?

    I'd go with the solar powered dab rig. Just probably works better with a banger with low walls.
    Seriously try it out. We did that a while ago with normal pipes (spoons) and it tastes fantastic.
    Best is to put good sunglasses or something like that
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  12. biohacker

    biohacker 710 Cannasseur

    Lots of people love it, lots of people hate it. I tried it twice and it just didn't produce. It's also one of the most frequently listed vapes for sale on Reddit Entexchange so perhaps have a look there if you want to save a few bucks.
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  13. Sick Vape

    Sick Vape Solar Dabs

    Thank you very much. I might even skip the SAI as this box mod and software thing does not inspire me yet. It sounds quite complicated for a novice like me.

    Specially compared to the battery free solar dab ;)
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  14. mrbonsai420

    mrbonsai420 I love Grass and Glass!


    You have a lot of options! I have several that fit that bill. From the best to worst ...sort of. I would stay at the top of this list...anything at the bottom has been replaced by all of the devices at the top for me.

    Dr. Dabber Switch w/Quartz insert
    Puffco Peak with Quartz insert
    Top Airflow Sai with Quartz dish...the Ti rocks too.
    Triton OS - W9 Quartz dish unit
    The Divine Tribe QQ
    The Source XXL Quartz dish
    The Vivant Incendio
    The Longmeda Motar

    Also keep an eye out for @FocusV Carta! If I was going to get a portable dab rig right now, I would wait for this pre-order.
    Check it out, similar to the Peak but with a slightly smaller, quartz insert.


    If you want it today the Peak and Switch are the top dogs for big purchases, and the Top airflow Sai from HVT is a great investment if you want to spend much less.

    And flashing the firmware on your mod is NOT necessary to get good performance from any of the 510 devices above like the Sai and the Source, BUT it is also 2 clicks easy and helps performance and usability. There is no computer knowledge or skill required. The Divine Tribe Thread will tell you everything on that. Joyetech devices are the best bang for your buck. I am getting Cuboid Mini mods for under $20.
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  15. ShovelHead

    ShovelHead Bikes don't leak oil, they mark their territory!

    Pulsar APX Volt Wax :tup:

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