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Want to Buy D-Nail SiC Halo with Slim Series nail, Sapphire Insert, and matching carb cap with dabber

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Silver420Surfer, Feb 14, 2018 at 12:00 AM.

  1. Silver420Surfer

    Silver420Surfer Well-Known Member

    Financially challenged, legal, medical cannabis patient looking to upgrade from my current Auber RDK200 w/flat coil and universal nail. I recently was lucky to try a friends D-nail SiC halo setup and was blown away by the smoothness. Same meds in my Auber setup...quite a bit more harsh. I cannot afford to upgrade to D-Nails controller, and have seen quite a few folks around here running the Auber controller and flat coil with the D-Nail SiC Halo...I would love to do the same. I guess I am one of the few who is lucky enough not to suffer from V.A.S. Haven't upgraded my e-nail setup since I bought the Auber RDK200 in 2014.

    I would love to purchase/trade for a D-Nail SiC Halo with Slim Series nail, Sapphire Insert, and the D-nail carb cap with dabber(I believe total cost from D-Nail site is like $220 new). If I had a choice, I would prefer the 14/18F base, but can make the male base work with my current setup.

    In trade, I have a couple US blown, scientific glass pieces, a DynaVap TI-Woody Cocobolo XL-S, a DynaVap Wenge Dynastash XL, and a W9Tech Persei with Hercules SR-71, to offer.

    Hopefully one of our many members with too much gear and a soft spot for those less affluent, will be able to help propel me into a more healthy 2018 and beyond.:lol:

    Thanks for reading and be well!! :peace:

    P.S.--I am NOT looking for a "deal", only to turn around and re-sell in the "Classifieds" a month later. I have already tried the items which I seek. If you can glean anything from my post history, it's that I stick with what works for me. No buy-n-try here.
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