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D Nail Analog vs Digital

Discussion in 'ABV' started by Dabology, Jun 30, 2014.

  1. Dabology

    Dabology New Member

    Just wondering if its worth the extra 250 for the Digital D nail or if the Analog one will do the trick , id prefer to only spend 200 but if the digital one is worth all the extra money let me know and the reasons why thanks
  2. vapor 4 life

    vapor 4 life Well-Known Member

    i started with the analog and was instantly sold on e nails. Using a torch seemed cave man tek after. But after a few weeks i decided to upgrade to digital . If you go analog you might want to get a non contact infrared thermometer. ($20 amazon) The analog did have a higher temp fluctuation than i desired. Too many times I would take a dab too hot or waste a dab from it being too cold. You could easily temp gun the nail before each hit and a few times a day adjust the analog slightly to get desired temp to save the money but I grew tired of this. I have my D nail on any time I am awake and at home. Either way you go you will be stoked any more questions feel free to ask

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