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Customized stainless steel Multi-Functional Magical botanical extractor (NOT the MBM)

Discussion in 'Cooking with Cannabis' started by GreenHopper, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. GreenHopper

    GreenHopper 20 going on 60

    This post is about a 'Customized stainless steel Multi-Functional Magical botanical extractor'.


    This device is similar to the 'Magical Butter Machine' but is produced in China and has a Decarboxylate feature.

    Here are a list of features from the Alibaba page:
    • Multi-protection device :overheat protection, spill proof protection, Anti-dry protection
    • Double layer : Plastic+ 304# stainless steel
    • Capacity :1.1-1.5L
    • Fully automatic , easy to handle
    • Self cleaning
    • Multi-function: Magical butter , Rice paste , Soup , Smoothie , Chunky, Juice , Corn Juice , Nut milk , Veggie milk, Butter , Herbs, porridge
    • Stainless steel motor cabinet
    • Motor power is 250W, Heating power:800W
    • OEM brand , artwork , OEM service is also acceptable
    My experience with this device is so far limited to a single run of Cannabis infused tincture.

    Below are details of my experience:

    • The decarboxylation process was successful and can be used independently from the infusion cycles
      • The decarb process lasts for about 1 -> 1.5 hours
      • Worth shaking the unit gently halfway through process for even heat application (especially towards the minimum material limit
    • The infusion setting for tincture lasted about 4 -> 4.5 hours and was successful
    • The unit is not entirely smell free
    • The unit is as noisy as a blender but this is an intermittent disturbance that kicks in every 5-10 minutes

    I purchased a single one off sample device in order to perform this initial review.

    The device was priced at $30, however the shipping was priced at $78 for a total of $108. I believe the manufacturer is looking for resellers to take up the sale to end users.

    The device came with a UK kettle lead (IEC-c14) to fit the IEC-c13 socket and rated for 220v (I believe there is a 110v variant).

    On top of the device are 5 buttons:
    • Decarboxylate
    • Oil
    • Butter
    • Tincture
    • Clean

    I ran the device through a clean cycle after placing a small amount of washing up liquid and enough water to hover between the min and max markers inside the main chamber.

    The clean cycle ran for less than 10 minutes and basically involved a small amount of heat plus the macerator mechanism spinning up and down several times in a row.

    The macerator mechanism is rather loud sounding like a blender.


    I started with the below items but in the end didn't bother adding the honey.


    I used the minimum material recommended which was 14g of medium to high quality sativa.

    The silver packet is 'Naissance Menthol Crystals 100g 100% Pure' used to add the menthol flavour.


    About 480ml of Spirytus was used as the Ethanol solvent.


    I tore the material up by hand and placed it into the main chamber of the device.


    I then plugged the device in and pressed the Decarboxylate button. There was a red LED on the button that lit up to indicate the chosen program and a whole bunch of flashy pointless LEDs around the circumference of the device.


    After about 1 -> 1.5 hours the device let out about 4 loud beeps to indicate the program had finished. The process was not smell free but not as bad as using an oven.

    The buds came out looking slightly darker than when they went in but I noticed that the parts of the bud not touching the metal sides or floor of the main chamber were still fairly green. Hence why I suggest giving the unit a gentle shake about half way through the decarboxylating process.

    After the decarboxylation process I added the Ethanol and pressed the 'Tincture' button.

    The unit ran for approximately 4 - 4.5 hours with the macerator spinning up for 10 seconds every 5 - 10 minutes. The macerator sounded like a blender when in use so prepare yourself for that as it can take you by surprise. I also ran the unit under my stove top extractor fan as I was concerned about having good ventilation due to the ethanol fumes. I didn't want to have any ignition potential and highly advise anyone using this machine in this manner to ensure the is good airflow, the device is not airtight.


    I poured the contents of the device through some cheese cloth (double lined) which I then squeezed with a 'Potato Ricer' in order to get every last drop of infused liquid out.

    Whilst the solution was still hot I added the crushed up menthol crystals, mixed and allowed to cool. I could have added the honey at this point but chose not to do so.

    Once cooled I placed 10ml of the solution into a spray atomiser and gave it a try.


    At first I was quite impressed but after further testing I decided I need to reduce the alcohol down in order to increase the potency. This was due to only using 14g of starting material, next time I'll use a full 56g (2oz) as the Ethanol is a notable expense where I am.


    I need more sessions to determine the longevity of this device but first impressions are good. For the money and convenience I am impressed.

    The unit is noisy when the macerator is in use and not smell free so be aware of before embarking on an infusion session.

    The build quality feels good and overall I'm happy with my purchase.
  2. ashtonford

    ashtonford Well-Known Member

  3. ashtonford

    ashtonford Well-Known Member

    glad its working good for you. the smell is there with what ever unit you use but if compare it to decarbing in a oven it's still much less smell.

    The sound really isent that bad all brands of units still have the sound you can always just put the unit in another room and just close the door if the sound is a problem. All of the brands of units are basically a emersion blender so its going to have some sound when it comes on briefly.

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