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Counterfeit MFLB's......

Discussion in 'Counterfeit Vaporizers' started by lwien, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. HillaryClinton

    HillaryClinton Future ruler of earth

    Having used both a friends MFLB and owning a Palm 2.0(Friend now has it) I can say that the 2.0 did advance it a bit, removable screen is a slight improvement but the real thing here is comfort, the Palm 2.0 just feels better in the hands when using it AND is more discreet if you ask me, you can barely see it when palmed. Its plastic sure, but its also 50 bucks at various places and honestly I cant seem to name a better vape for 50 besides the Vaporgenie and thats not so discreet.

    Also it taste better...which is odd since it is plastic, but this thing has a cleaner taste then my Vaporbrothers, its near the Vapolution, damn I want another one now :\.
  2. combust

    combust New Member

    I just noticed a site that I've bought some cheap stuff from before (car lighter USB charger, $12 earphones) has some vape gear showing up, mostly ecigs and the no-name knock-off vapes it looks like, but I saw the Magic Flight Launch Box when I checked it today. Anyone know if these are legit for $79?

  3. stickstones

    stickstones Vapor concierge

    That's hard to tell. It looks good from the top side, but the warranty page says one year warranty when the real box comes with a lifetime warranty, so I would stay away at this point just to be safe. The real test is if there is a serial number on the bottom of the box.
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  4. max

    max Out to lunch

    Judging by the photo, and the other items I see on the site, I'd say it's a real MF. Doesn't make much sense to sell all those brand names, along with a fake MF. I would certainly ask why it's listed with a 1 yr. warranty. They're either mistaken or something is not right.

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