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Consumption Stats - Combusting vs. Vaping

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Pappy, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. Pappy

    Pappy shmaporist

    Last year I smoked 1.2 grams (about a joint and a half) per day on average. I can specify that because I was in Florida a similar length of time last year and know exactly how much I took with me and consumed in a given period over several months. Quit smoking and began vaping last April and it obviously cut my consumption, but by how much?

    Took 45.5 grams (13/8ths) and stayed 64 days. Only vaped 43 grams so 43 into 64 = .671 grams per day. By vaping I've cut my long term marijuana consumption in half! :D
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  2. djonkoman

    djonkoman Well-Known Member

    I don't know how much I used to combust but per week it's maybe less then now, since vaing got me into it daily(combustionhigh wasn't good enough since I couldn't even watch a whole movie since I would fall sleep halfway trough due to the aftereffect, so it was nice to get high 1-2 nights a week but the other nights wanted to be able to watch tv/films, vaping however gives me just the high I was looking for wich I can also extend)
    I also don't know how much I now vape tough, it's own harvest and I rarely buy so I don't really have a guideline, also I've never weighed my harvest, but I'm at about 1-2, sometimes a little more, bowls in my VG a day(clip+screen halfway at the beginning of the screwthread, handcarved model)
    what I used to combust in one night could actually be more then then for an entire week, don't really know
    but I used to smoke joints wich were extremely fat, some others guessed I put about 2 grams in one joint
    and I used to smoke 2-3 a night, sharing some with friends tough, about every half hour to an hour a joint I think, if I smoked during the day I usually kept it at 1
    so that would be 4-8 grams a week for combustion
  3. Mrwiggles91

    Mrwiggles91 Well-Known Member

    Personally, I can't give a 100% accurate measurement either way but here's my experience::

    A little back ground; For the past 3 months I have been living where I don't have someone to smoke with often. The bud I have been smoking is honestly the best I've ever seen and I landed a steady, awesome connection to the same strain of same quality steady for the past 2 months. I was smoking with various dry pipes, an Everest 10 arm and a SG stemline. I now only vape using my SSV (usually through my SG) and MFLB for on the go.

    My smoking was on average about .5-1 gram per day depending on work, my mood, what I was doing, etc... Some days it could be as low .25g and some as high as 2-3g. But I have not taken a single day off toking since I got this connect.

    As for vaping I can give more of an accurate guess. I weighed out a gram to see how long that would last. I vaped one load of pressed hash that lasted me one full day and maybe 2-3 dabs in the time I was consuming that gram. I stayed high most of my waking hours for 6 days off that one gram.

    So, using my vague estimations, I have cut my usage by 1/3-1/6!!! I wish I would have learned of vaping 5 years ago when I started toking :D Could have saved myself probably thousands of dollars. Better late than never, eh?
  4. wilf789

    wilf789 Non-combustion-convert

    Used to combust anywhere between 1g and 3g a day at least.

    Been vaping for a year now and it's dropped to about 0.55 per day max.

    This pleases me :)
  5. MG23

    MG23 Relaxin'

    Same figures here too :)
  6. tdavie

    tdavie Unconscious Objector

    Police State of Canada
    From Dec/09 until Jan/11, I was vaping about 1g per day. At that time I started smoking joints again. Perhaps 4 joints during weekday evenings, more on the weekends. 2 oz would typically last fiancee and I 12-18 days, so about 1.5-2.3 g's perday. For moi at least, combustin is far less efficient.

  7. OO

    OO Technical Skeptical

    Paraphernalia Museum
    when i combusted, i usually used a couple calyxes, now i use a little dust.

    i'm such a lightweight.
  8. Purpl3_Haz3

    Purpl3_Haz3 On a Permanent Vakation

    I had results similar to the op and others when switching from smoke to vape. I made a direct change from a blunt the night before the vape came, to vaping only the next day. I still burn occasionally, but not my own herb generally.

    My combustion use had my going through an eighth in about 3 days, now that I vape, an eighth lasts my 7, to 7.5 days.
  9. OhTheAgony

    OhTheAgony here for the chicks

    The Flatlands
    I honestly don't now how you people do it.

    I'm still at about twice the amount I used when I was still smoking, and that takes me so much restrain. I would be happier if I could use about 3 times as much compared to when I used to smoke, but that would just become to expensive. Not to mention it would leave me to dreamy/slow/chaotic the better part of the next day (usually I just vape in the evening when it's time to relax, I don't like being high when I have to do stuff). I guess I'm getting really high of vaporizing if I can still notice it like that the next day (never had that with smoking, not to this extend anyway), but it somehow doesn't feel like that while I am actually vaporizing and it's starting to get really frustrating now.

    I've tried about everything I can come up with, even a 2 week tolerance break. I really don't want to go back to smoking so I guess the only thing I can do is either quit this daily habit and turn it in to a weekend thing or go back to growing my own with all the risks it brings along with it. I've considered getting a log type vape to help me conserve, but I'm afraid it would only leave me even more unsatisfied. Perhaps I should just switch to a heavier drug :p
  10. Nycdeisel

    Nycdeisel Well-Known Member

    you dont like vaporizing or smoking hashish? :rolleyes: :brow: :cool:
  11. LivingInSpin

    LivingInSpin Active Member

    The Beach

    There is a secret. Don't let it become a habit. Mentally decide to change it from a habit to an activity. Something you do as a positive choice, not a compulsion.

    Unless it's your meds, and that's another story.
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  12. OhTheAgony

    OhTheAgony here for the chicks

    The Flatlands
    I do Nyc-D, but I always use it as an additive and mostly for the taste. Hash on it's own also never did that much for me, and even less when vaping it oppose to smoking. Except for the really good ones perhaps, but that's like 3 or 4 times more expensive over here than really good weed plus I'll need an awful lot of it to get something out of it so it's not really an option.

    I'm afraid you're right LIS...

    I've been using marijuana on a daily bases for about twenty years now apart from 3 or 4 T-breaks a year (usually when I'm traveling abroad), I guess my body is trying to tell me it's time to change my ways. I do also use it for medical reasons though, so I do have to find alternatives first I'm afraid. Which will not be easy because I turned to marijuana after trying many many other regular meds without success. The thing is I have a pretty weird body-chemistry or so it seems. Often regular medication that works well for most people don't seem to do anything for my or only for a short period of time before I become immune/only receive the side-effects. I feel like I've already wasted 2 years of my life experimenting with different kind of medication, not really wanna go down that road again. I guess moderation is my best option for now, and well, that's just not something I am really good at.
  13. weedemon

    weedemon enthusiast

    Ontario, Canada
    i like that look on it. that's a good take. at the time of 420 i flicked the ssv on, but i realized i was pleny high enough so no need to use it and turned it back off. :D

    when i was on a budget i weighed out my daily allotment of herb and this helped a lot. set a limit and stick to it. make it inconvenient to get at the rest of your stash if you have to.
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  14. djonkoman

    djonkoman Well-Known Member

    I have this sometimes too, I vaped a lot(compared to what I use now) but I didn't get really high
    turned out the solution for me was very easy, instead of vaping more to get higher I had to vape less
    it began with the idea of a tolerance break
    but I never intended a full tolerance break, my plan was to just vape less during a period but not be very strict about it(so no vaping by myself behind the tv, but if I was offered a sesh by a friend I wouldn't decline, and also bring some of my own to participate)
    and I noticed that on some of these days that I inted to start a break I got really high so I aborted it again
    thebn the idea arose that it was mostly a mental thing
    but still I couldn't fix it, so I decided that I would lower my tolerance permanently by just vaping a lot less, the idea being that at first I wouldn't get high from that small amount but I would make it a habit to vape this smaller amount and overtime my tolerance would lower and the small amount would get me high and I would stay on that level because I made it a habit

    and that is when the revelation happenmed, it turned out that if I only took 2-3 hits and stopped after that, that after a bit of waiting I would get really high, much higher then from more

    altough it still doesn't compare to the strong effect some of my friends get from weed, sometimes I'm a bit jealous they can get that high, but on the other hand it's also a blessing since I can enjoy weed on any ocassion and I will always be able to function just as well as I would sober(or better)
    the strain I have now has a mild effect tough, so it could be that I get higher after next harvest when I have some other strains(and more, so I can chose different strains every sesh, if everything goes well I will harvest a few more then 10 strains)
  15. daddygreenjeans

    daddygreenjeans Med Card Holder

    I have to agree with Agony that I go through twice as much when using my modified Buddha (ssv heat cover and whip). I've even tried the mini wand and it just goes through it.

    So I bought a MFLB for on the go and was using that for a while.
    I got tired of charging all those batts and it wasn't working as well as it should. So I went back to smoking.
    I ended up getting a replacement Lb and Powerex 2700batts which fixed that issue.

    Now with the fresh taste of vapor again I might have to try the buddha again.
    Honestly i think a lot is down to tolerance and device.
    The ssv and Buddha kick ass and take names but aren't known as the most efficient of devices.
  16. oldiebutgoodie

    oldiebutgoodie Apostle, Church of Vaporization

    I think djonkoman has a good point. It has been a big challenge for me coming from combusting because I have always preferred the stoney high that comes on fast. The by comparison mellower and slower come-on from vaping just doesn't have the same punch. I expect that this desire is one of the primary reasons many of us are into the monster size & density hits. It was easy for me to get into a routine of vaping enough to be ripped thru every evening, with the additional tolerance that created resulting in my slowly increasing the number of hits. Finally realizing that this was going to take me down the rabbit hole, I (with great difficulty) used some discipline and now vape 3-4 times a week max, with the same basic routine & amount each night except one (Sat is usually my night to have extra R & R ;)). I've been motivated to stick to this because the sessions are higher quality now, and while I miss it if I have to skip a session, it doesn't really bother me. Although not exactly the same as what combusting did before for me, overall more satisfying - and a lot of that comes from how one looks at it. Still have to work at it, though.

    As a result, I've gone from using more material not long after I started vaping, to now using less than before. That translates into ~.2-.3g on week-day sessions, and ~.5g on the week-end. I didn't weight measure before vaping, but for sure it's considerably less than when I combusted. (Of course, amounts can vary considerably depending on quality, but the ratios are pretty much the same.)
  17. djonkoman

    djonkoman Well-Known Member

    for me looking for a stoney combustion high wasn't the cause for my vaping 'too much' , it was just that I didn't know a few hits did such a good job even better then more
    but it's not while looking for a combustionhigh, quite the opposite, if I still combusted I wouldn't be a daily smoker now but still once-thrice a week or so, combustion high is nice but not nice enough to experience everyday, the vapehigh is(in my opinion, I also like sativa's a lot but rather avoid indica's)
  18. OhTheAgony

    OhTheAgony here for the chicks

    The Flatlands
    It's kind of a relief to read I'm not the only one that's throwing more weed in my vap then I use to put in joints like I thought I was. Thanks for sharing your experience guyz, some of those tips will prove useful in the future I'm sure :)

    And Djonko, I only just realized you're fellow dutchman dude!

    Proost :lol:
  19. oldiebutgoodie

    oldiebutgoodie Apostle, Church of Vaporization

    When I said you had a good point, I was essentially referring to "tolerance". Regardless of the kind of high that is desired, it's very easy to ratchet up the consumption to maintain that level when sometimes it can be better - in more ways than one - to be more moderate.
  20. charliedontsurf

    charliedontsurf Medical

    West Coast
    Vape usage for me is higher than combustion usage, for sure.

    It's just so... Painless, for the most part, and generally enjoyable, that I just go through it sometimes. But I need to take like a year long T break, I'm probably not a typical example.
  21. crawdad

    crawdad floatin

    potano territory
    like others, i too have found out ways ("secrets") to maintaining continual enjoyment from one bowl to the next without having to take a break (thus far). however, i would have to say that the notion that ive "got it licked" or figured it all out would be a total joke.

    my ritual with herb is a journey, not a destination...i feel even when i maintain the ritual in predefined ways over and over, it still manages to change and emerge in new ways which usually leads me to altering things slightly and the journey continues, never really stops.

    one thing i have noticed with myself i think worth mentioning in the combustion vs vaporizing is that when i want to sort of "push the limits" and get further than normal away from baseline i have to increase by huge amounts on combusting however with vaporizing i only need a continually decreasing amount extra than what i started with to sort of "stair step" my way to an altered state.
  22. vapirtoo

    vapirtoo Well-Known Member

    charliedontsurf, That's the only frank zappa album I ever owned and loved!( I ain't jiving )
    With vaping I can do it every day with no regrets. I still have an urge to combust,
    but that's just my body/mind missing all of those nasty toxins.
    I can function and be social on a light vape high; a combustion high
    makes me self concious and paranoid. Vaping has allowed me to save
    some money and get high more often. The launch box has allowed me
    to get vaked in new and wonderous places- NYC aquarium- . :lol:
  23. PeaceLuvPot

    PeaceLuvPot Well-Known Member

    Well, I been smoking for 26 years now. I never got those that said they needed a t-break. I never smoke pot and do not get high, not ever, unless its just rag weed. I am sort of a pot snob though, and only ever smok the dank if I can help it. But the only thing I ever encountered that is close to what some sy, is, when I was buying weed, if I bought too much of the same stuff, I seemed to get immune to it a bit. I smoked about a 1/4 oz a week when I was a smoker. If I got the same stuff 3 weeks in a row, that 3rd week, just didn't seem to get me as high anymore, but as soon as it changed to something new, I was right back where I wanted to be. And reading all the people that state they need t-breaks, well, I consider myself lucky, because I am a full time stoner. I smoke before work, at lunch, after work, and all night. Always have. I live stoned. Yet I never ever have an issue with getting high. And I only need 2 or 3 bong rips to get there.

    Fast foward to Feb of this year, I got my first vape. A Da Buddha Vape. I have not combusted since. And I am getting a MFLB to make sure I can vape on the go as well, cause i never ever plan to combust again. I love vaping so much. I also discovered BHO, so I vape flower, and I vape oil (With a TI Curve). Now that I am used to the DBV I absolutely use less weed, about half of what I used to. a wand just vapes and vapes and vapes. Get multiple sessions out of each wand. I have a custom glass set now for my DBV, and I have added one of their water filters (I have a bong but this thing is SO much better for vaping) that I also use as a mini bubbler oil rig and it works fantastically. Vaping thru this walter filter bubbler is incredible.

    My main piece of advice about vaping and getting the most out of it is this. Grow your own weed. I have vaped "bought" weed, even good stuff, and have not achieved even close to the high that I get when I smoke my lovely self grown Lemon Skunk, which is also some of the frostiest stuff I have ever seen. I also have some Vanilla Kush that I grew, and its great bed time vape. But for me at least, there is a HUGE difference between freshly cured weed, and weed that has been traveling around a lot. Try some fresh stuff, and I think you will be pleased.

    I waited so long to try vaping, because I wanted to try one first, but I finally realized no one was getting one, so I did, and I will probably never combust again. Vaper 4 life here. Peace.
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  24. Pappy

    Pappy shmaporist

    @ PLP ^ Great endorsement!
  25. Papoose

    Papoose Well-Known Member

    As a daily smoker for the last 15 years or so, I can honestly say that since I bought my Extreme Q the consumption at my house has dropped DRAMATICALLY! Seems to me that my girlfriend and I are running through maybe 1.5 grams per week. Let me qualify that statement by saying that during the week we only vape once per day, at night after supper. Maybe twice on weekends if we've got nothing pressing to do. I've only had my Q since January but it has literally already paid for itself.

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