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Discussion in 'Medical Discussion' started by GenYHippie, Mar 9, 2014.

  1. GenYHippie

    GenYHippie Well-Known Member

    Southern California
    I know being new to this there is going to be a learning curve and all but the lack of consistency is really getting me down :(. I was very happy to find even a small amount of relief in Jack Herer strain but the last few days it just hasn't really worked.

    Right now isn't the best time for me having to go off certain meds and supplements for tests so I was hopeful that MJ could smooth that out some but I cant seem to get the same result even using the same batch, vape, and temp each time. Yesterday wasn't fun and today there were a few hours of "if this doesn't get any better im going to have to swallow my pride and go the ER.

    Anyone have tips for getting a more consistent result? So far all ive noticed is that I get better results if I vape when I have little to nothing in my stomach. But that doesn't give much opportunity for relief given the nausea issues. My stomach takes so long to move things through that pretty much gives me 2 opportunities a day.

    But with that frequency its not improving my quality of life much :(. When I vape with something in my stomach I feel more unpleasant tingling and dizziness/pressure behind my eyes and not as much relief. Im going to keep up with it but yesterday and today the discouragement has had me in tears....

    When I tried a different strain the other day I only ended up feeling worse than I already was, I know I have to keep pushing through and trying but its hard when MJ has really been the final frontier for me and sometimes it makes me feel worse.

    I keep reminding myself to start small and if it goes wrong its only 2 hours, just two hours of extra misery and then I will likely be back at baseline which isnt leaving me feeling very optimistic.

    I try to keep my grind size the same, stir the bowl, etc... My containers aren't perfect (currently plastic bottles, jars, baggies) but I keep them well sealed and out of the light. Since its hard to grind such small amounts as to only fill one bowl does the pre-grinding and storing change the potency or effect significantly?

    Even if I break bits off with my fingers first I still end up with enough for 2 - 3 bowls and I only really go through one bowl every 3 - 4 days depending (not comfortable enough yet getting predictable results to wake and bake when I have places to get to) on what ive got going on. If the pre-grinding effects it should I put it in the fridge or freezer?

    I don't know what to do and its so frustrating when all I want to do is feel better. Doctors really cant offer me much. About all that left from them is adding steroid injections which I don't want. I really desperately want to figure out how I need to use MJ to help me....

    *sighs* if you made it this far thanks for letting me vent, hope someone has some tips for me. Tonight staring at my box of equipment and stash is getting me teary again. I want to use it and not worry about feeling worse :(
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  2. t-dub

    t-dub Vapor Sloth

    Umm . . . thats not good.
    I see what you are saying. When I started vaping all day, every day over 3 years ago (after decades of abstinence) I went through an "adjustment" period. My tinnitus increased as my perception was enhanced to the point of feeling like my ears were being "boxed" sometimes. They are ringing right now. There were other "adjustments" I had to make as well but unlike you I grew up a little more "experienced". What I feel in your energy is a new person to cannabis getting a very heavy dose from vaping. It seems very natural to me. To counteract I would add CBD, or heavy indica strains, and lower your dose until you are more experienced.
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    RUDE BOY Space is the Place

    I would even go as far as to suggest that you only use mid grade herbs or only buy topshelf that has a very low THC content. It's so easy to get caught up in all the new so-called "Medical Marijuana". New strains are so potent as to produce the negative effects your feeling IMHO. "Jack" and other strains like it are great for getting fucked Up on a Saturday night but not what I need for nausea for sure.

    Go back to oldschool seed ridden buds and I think you will find some of the relief you seek. That's how it works for me here in the sunshine state.

    PEACE and Well Wishes;
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  4. Snake Plissken

    Snake Plissken Transcendentalist

    As unpopular and out of place as this might be.........

    If I have extreme nausea, vaping at that moment has a good chance of increasing it. I would smoke a joint to knock it down 1st. Even beyond what is being absorbed, the method of ingestion produces drastically different results. While vaping is an attempt at a healthier lifestyle, it is not always possible for all of us. Sometimes smoking a jay is the only way to go.

    I feel the same about gardening. While I try to stay 100% organic ( or at least 'natural'), I am not going to let my garden suffer for it. If there is a problem, I might need to address it outside of my desire/abilities to stay 100% organic.
  5. syrupy

    syrupy Authorized Buyer

    Try edibles. Also, if you are experiencing symptoms drastic enough that you're contemplating going to the ER, I might suggest your medical issues might not be fully addressed with vaping. From your original post, it sounds to me like the Jack is just increasing your anxiety about the situation.

    I thought sativas are better for mood disorders, and indicas for pain/nausea.

    To piggyback on rudeboy's post, consider trying a low-thc, high cbd strain.
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  6. GenYHippie

    GenYHippie Well-Known Member

    Southern California
    Thanks for the support t-dub and advice. I originally tried a hybrid edible (didn't go well), then a CBD heavy hybrid (also didn't go well) and I was worried about indicas making me sleep all day so I kind of stopped experimenting in that area after I tried Jack. I think I should go back now though that I know I need to wake an bake on an empty stomach to get the best "feel" for what a strain does for me.

    And yeah I certainly have zero experience. Outside of hospitals the heaviest thing i was prescribed was low dose Xanax an ive never "experimented" with anything but an occasional bit of alcohol in my teens and only them maybe a large glass of wine tops. So im sure my body is going WTH?

    Thanks RB . The place I have been getting my herb is one of those higher end lab teasted places. They have variety but as far as bud their range per gram is between $13 and $20. They specialize in high CBD so about 1/3 of theirs have a low THC content. I was thinking of maybe trying their house shake (that gets great reviews) or GSC next time I order. But they have a $50 minimum which is pricey for me especially after buying my solo.

    As far as ratio do you have any advice? The high CBD i tried gave me rushes, spin, and a lot of unpleasant tingling it was 3.02 THC 8.81 CBD I was only vaping level 2 on the solo though so im not sure what I was getting that mae me feel like that.

    Thanks for chiming in but my lungs cant take any kind of smoke. I cant even go in the kitchen after someone makes toast or my asthma kicks in big time. Then my inhaler gives me a racing heart which aps all the other bad stuff up.

    Hi Syrupy I do have two edibles to try, haven't been able to keep enough down though to try them. ATM I have a keif honey stick and a 420 chocolate bar.

    As far as my health ive been in bad shape for about 7 years now. second and third year I was in and out of the ER about every other week for months at a time. I decided to try MJ since MD's have said it all except "go home an wait for your body to give you because we don't know what to do with you". Found a gastr willing to repeat the tests and toss in a new one but most look at my chart and wont even see me :(.

    After the two poor experiances with indicas/hybrids I switched to sativas but I got several different strains in a variety of hybrids, sativas, and indicas so I just need to push through and go back to more indicas.

    Thanks for supporting the noob everyone :) I appreciate it. Its hard to find support period but try finding it for MJ advice lol its ALOT harder.
  7. syrupy

    syrupy Authorized Buyer

    Keep trying, and hopefully you can find a strain that works for you. What I noticed, and it sounds like you've found out, is that recommended strains can have different effects on different people. I use blue dream to help with sleep, even though it has some sativa in it. Some indicas energize me. Dr. Andrew Weil wrote an excellent book on drug effects called Natural Mind, that talks about how everyone processes drugs/medicine differently.

    Also I keep a log with each strain I try, of the effects it gives me for various conditions. But I've found varying effects even from the same strain when purchased from different vendors, or the same dispensary at different times. It seems the skill of the grower might come into play, or possibily some strains are mis-identified by the dispensary and aren't what they are labelled.

    Hang in there, and hope you can improve your health. One piece of advice is never give up trying to get better. It's a lifelong project. :)
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  8. Enchantre

    Enchantre Oil Painter

    WA USA
    A high-THC Indica vaped at a lower temp, may give you an alert, calm energy, with some pain relief/nausea relief. That's what I use, when.

    The whole plant works/helps, but what we try to do with strains/temps is tilt the ratio a bit.
    High temp/high CBD = couchlock/sleep
    Low temp/high CBD = not much good for me
    Low temp/high THC = some pain relief, lower anxiety
    High temp/high THC = pain relief, more interesting deep stoner thoughts
    btw, I only use Indicas & Indica-heavy hybrids, as Sativas unleash the inner bitch.
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  9. GenYHippie

    GenYHippie Well-Known Member

    Southern California
    Another Weil fan as well :). Want to check out Lowdogs book too (recommended by another MJ fan). Yeah im one of those people with RX drugs I get the off the wall rare side effects. Even OTC benedryl makes me hyper not sleepy. Antibiotics and narcotics are the worst though bad bad effects :(.

    The differences between bacthes why I decided to go with lab tested dispensaries and just hope they are honest about it. Then if I get a different result I can check what the last batch % was and maybe figure it out.

    I went to my dispensary menu and saw they have a few new strains with purple and indica linage like triple crown I may try next order. I have a hybrid with a high CBD linage but a low CBD percentage which confuses me but I may try that next. I think that one was 80 indica 20 sativa but it has less then .30 CBD so who knows.

    Finding relief is a long painful and often disappointing project. Not to sound ungrateful or offend but I think id feel more hopeful if I knew I was terminal. Paradoxical but the idea of livingpast 30 (im nearly 25) is one of the worst thought imaginable to me in the state my body has been in for 7 years :(...

    Thanks for the tip Enchantre. Its hard to make up my mind on temp at times. Ive never smoked or inhaled anything so if I do more than 2 - 3 hits or even 1 at a higher temp my chest hurts for a day or two. So im stuck between so I go high temp and maybe get relief/sleep but with my experience thus far more unpleasant side effects, or do I go low temp more hits and maybe overdo it and get to much sativa feelings.

    I appreciate the guideance chart I am printing that part out to add to my binder. Yes I am a nerd who keeps a binder of MJ info, terpenes, legal resources, etc... lol
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  10. vap999

    vap999 Well-Known Member

    With you citing " I only really go through one bowl every 3 - 4 days," your basic problem could be dosage. Your dosage could simply be too low for the rather potent effects you seek (multi-spectrum symptomatic "relief"). A bowl lasting 3-4 days might be considered lower-end recreational consumption. I presume most medical users consume higher dosages than this. Continue to consult with those more knowledgeable about medical use.
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  11. GenYHippie

    GenYHippie Well-Known Member

    Southern California
    A possibility for sure but when I do more than 2 hits at a time I get dizzy/spinning/tingling issues. yesterday I felt awful so I did 3 hits on level 3 instead of two hits on level 2 and admist the spinning I was seeing moving dots on my PJ pants and walls for about 20 minutes. The tingling rushes lasted longer but at that point I just turned off the lights and curled into the couch. That was with Jack Herer though so maybe if it got enough of an indica that wouldnt happen?

    I don't have any important appointments next week other than one nurses visit so I have the luxury of time to experiment more.
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  12. Caligula

    Caligula Maximus

    SB420 Land!
    About that 420 Candy Bar... ONLY EAT ONE SEGMENT. I know it may seem rudimentary, but some people may think an entire bar is "one dose". May want to try with half of a segment actually. Give it 45 minutes and if you feel you need more eat the other half. Repeat every 45 min as necessary. The good thing is that edibles like that are pretty consistent so once you find your proper brand/done, stick with it.

    Also I find your environment has a LOT to do with effect. A dark, relaxing, familiar setting is usually best. Relaxing music helps too.

    Also remember, you cant "OD" on MJ and there isnt anything a doctor can do other than tell you to wait it out.
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  13. GenYHippie

    GenYHippie Well-Known Member

    Southern California
    Lol don't worry if I was feeling daring I might even try a half segment ;). I always start at 1/4 - 1/2 dose suggested depending on what it is. An yikes if someone thinks that one $20 dollar bar is a dose they must be made of money! I have delayed emptying so when it comes to food I need a minimum of 90 minutes to see what the effect of anything ingested would be.

    It would be great to have consistency. Id love edibles for nighttime so im not waking up puking between doses of my other meds. When I have been trying new strains I usually do it in the morning, on an empty stomach, on the couch, curtains drawn, a heating pad, and some re-runs or a movie :). Music tend to amp me up so I only put it on after I feel like im good to move.

    Yeah the no OD thing is an upside and a downside best you can do is sleep it off but its good it wont kill you lol
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  14. GenYHippie

    GenYHippie Well-Known Member

    Southern California
    Ugh feeling frustrated again. My dispensary web menu wasn't behaving so when I placed my order 3 of the 4 were no longer in stock :(. Havent been feeling well enough to get on the phone and sort out what the current menu is.

    Been having a lot of days with my heart racing and BP yo-yoing around giving me headaches or making me dizzy/unaware. Only vaped once yesterday and none today. Not sure if/how the strains I have are contributing to the heart stuff so im waiting till I either get more stable or more desperate to feel ok.

    I think the strains I have now are too "buzzy" except for cannatonic but I don't have the tolerance for that yet nor do I feel like giving myself another headache trying it. Been trying to cut down on one of my RX's as I can feel ive developed quite a tolerance to it :(.

    Man I wish I knew for sure what to do, hoe much to vape, and at what temp. I get so frustrated sometimes all I want to do id get completely trashed so I don't care how I feel anymore :(.

    Sorry im a bummer to be around right now. I take pills I feel worse, I don't take pills I feel worse. I vape maybe im ok, maybe I feel nothing, maybe I end up with a pounding heart, an anxiety attack, and a headache. "I don't know" seems to be the answer to anything ATM.
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  15. ataxian

    ataxian PALE BLUE DOT

    Pacific Ocean
    "I don't know what to do and its so frustrating when all I want to do is feel better."

    Can't sleep!
    Two Session's = Best I've felt at this time of morning! Very Citrus (Orange/Pineapple) Flavor decent Medication however well grown Grand Daddy Purple (GRAPE SODA) medicates even better! Unfortunately I'm out!

    I have lots of top shelf flowers just not the best effect!

    I feel better now!
    @GenYHippie I hope I haven't miss led you?

    I was a healthy straight arrow (No Cannabis and no hard booze however wine at dinner) for decades.
    Before college I was a recreation marijuana surfer dude!

    After College I went into the corporate world and was a week-end surfer and fitness nut!

    In my mid to late 40's when my career was taking off I noticed I was starting to loose my balance?
    My boss would make fun of me because after 1/2 glass of wine I would start to slur?
    It was from the bread I later found out!
    (When I omitted gluten from my diet I regained my ability to speak clearly!)
    Many doctors and $1,000's of Dollars on top of insurance I spent to find a cure to my sudden loss of balance? Remember I was a fitness guy! Back in Nov. 2010 I went to the best NEUROLOGIST in Orange County before my 1st trip to TAHITI with my Family Surfing. Members of my Family wanted me to surf perfect waves with them.

    The Doctor told me, "I know what is going on however let's do a MRI to confirm before I tell you what I think it is"? (think Dr. HOUSE). I had the MRI the very next morning with a follow up appointment. The Doctor told me to sit down!

    He then proceeded to say:

    1st the bad news: You have SPINAL CEREBELLUM ATAXIA (SCA)!
    "What is that's"? I replied!

    "Your CEREBELLUM is shrinking", he said!

    I replied, "What does it do"?
    "It controls your balance and speech"!

    2nd the good news: "It's late on set! Plus you won't die from it however you will die with it"!

    I did not surf in TAHITI however I went with my family.
    The food was amazing (FISH and ORGANIC VEGGIES + Lot's of Coconut Milk).
    We go at the end of the year each year now!

    When I returned to my corporate schedule and pharmaceutics I really thought I could manage SCA.
    At first I hide it pretty well. I was very prideful being a fitness guy most of my life. To have ATAXIA?
    I was not accepting this! So I found myself becoming fatigued so I took something to make me alert!
    At night I couldn't sleep so I took sleeping pills. Before you know it I was depending on my meds to keep me in the game.

    My boss who made fun of me for my gait (the way I walked or started to).
    When I was in other states or countries on assignment my colleagues would ask, "Have you been drinking"?
    I then received a phone from my boss asking me to see the corporate nurse to make sure I'm fit for travel?
    So I schedule an appointment to see the corporate nurse. While on a trip to other country I thought to myself is it worth it! I tried so hard to maintain and keep working as I was only 52?
    I called HR and told her I have to stop working!
    I called the corporate nurse and cancelled my scheduled appointment.

    To leave my dream job was hard to do!

    I went on disability.

    The meds I did not need anymore to keep working so I looked for a better way to manage!
    I was on the ataxia forum with another person who had ATAXIA and was still working. He told me he was using cannabis at night only to sleep naturally and got off sleeping pills.

    Some of the meds I was taking made me sleep walk and my house has a stair case.
    So I got my medical marijuana license.
    Walked into a dispensary and I did not want to be seen in this kind of place.
    I was so nervous!

    My journey was about to begin.
    Since this time I study the science of CANNABIS.
    The problem is our Doctors don't know enough about it in this country.
    So here we are (people needing direction)
    I'm still figuring it out?
    Getting closer however I still have a lot to learn.

    I have had strains that are considered the bomb by recreational users that made me feel weird and I don't like that at all.

    1/8 every 2 weeks at first to 1 ounce a month.
    I heard of a member who only uses 1 gram per month?
    I couldn't do it and I tried.

    Back to 20 to 30 gram a month (depends on the strain)
    I make SHATTER with whatever flowers are left over.

    Then there is the money factor?
    My wife gives me a budget to buy cannabis.
    She got me into growing my own medicine. (She was never tried cannabis)
    I'm still learning!
    Clone of plant I'm flowering one week into veg!

    When I get a strain I don't care for I try to finish it up and go back to a strain that works for me.
    I tried converting the flower to wax to economize.
    If it's not the right strain as a flower as a wax won't help either!
    However I've learned that if you like the effect as a flower you will love it as a wax.
    So much trial and error plus way too much money wasted.
    I'm going back to what works for me.
    Even vaporizing I had to learn so much.
    Before I went straight I was smoking joints!

    I don't want you to be misled!

    That is why I told you a little about my journey.

    @GenYHippie when I read your last post I related!

    I hope you find your way!

    Kind regards,

    There is a lot of good people to learn from on this forum!!!
    I learn from them

    The World is changing it's view point:

    Last edited: Mar 17, 2014
  16. GenYHippie

    GenYHippie Well-Known Member

    Southern California
    That is quite a journey Ataxian thanks for sharing with me :). I went through the dispensary sight last night and looked intot he lineage of some of the higher % indica strains to find what people seemed to recommend for the effects I want. I need to call though since the website is still not working well. Will have to find another place to get shake though an the price just went up :(. Its just for salve anyway.

    Been really depressed since the 16th, I think being stuck in indecisiveness isn't helping any. Going to go back to MJ tonight just a few light hits, get back on track to bulding a tolerance so my body stops freaking out so much. Ive been feeling more nauseous in the morning again since I haven't been using it :(.

    Tempted to have some Jack H to perk me up so I can get stuff done but im afraid of getting hat racing heart again. It knocks me on my bum for about 2 days when that happens. So for now small steps trying o convince myself to get up and do anything to make progress.
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  17. ataxian

    ataxian PALE BLUE DOT

    Pacific Ocean
    The sad part is the bud tenders are nice people however they are recreational types. We have a medical condition. We are looking for something total different for our needs.
    They are not medical doctors!
    Unfortunately we have to be proactive and do the research!
    Being engaged to the growing side of this scenario I am learning a different side of this debacle!

    Most of the strains at the dispensaries are marketing gimmicks to go after the recreational users.

    From a business perspective I see their point!

    88% recreational
    12% medical

    Ok where's the $$$?
    Looks like were on our own!

    Then I find out about genetic?
    More than 80% of the strains are
    unstable. I learning who the best seed companies are and why do they stay with proven genetics?
    Stability is important!
    I finding that if I stay with pure strains I have a more controlled effect.
    Blue Dream is a great strain however their are so many different versions out there?

    Girl Scout Cookies, Dutch Treat, Grand Daddy Purple for example there name might be used to help market however could be something else?

    I may pay extra and get proven seeds and grow it myself!

    I know I must sound paranoid?
    I am!

    Thats why I cook at home instead of going to a restaurant. Or make my own concentrate. I don't trust people wanting my $ to provide my medicine or meals!

    I'm growing DUTCH TREAT crossed with JACK HERER hoping to find a strain that works during the day for me. (For NAUSEA it's suppose to be the ticket!)

    My next grow I want to try this 100% INDICA for sleep.

    I have a vast seed collection. Looking for the "HOLY GRAIL"!

    I started my journey with vaporizers however their just a device.

    Cannabis is the material (MEDICINE)!
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2014
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  18. GenYHippie

    GenYHippie Well-Known Member

    Southern California
    Yeah a lot of it is targeted at recreation use. The dispensary I use right now is one of those lab tested ones (to what degree that is accurate I don't know) but they had a few hundred good reviews an the bad ones were mostly about price.

    They are the only high CBD dispensary in my immediate area and they have a great selection if you want capsules but not as much in high CBD bud. My body wont tolerate gelatin and choking down a horse pill when your as nauseous as I am on the daily no not gonna happen anyway :p.

    Lol you don't sound paranoid im a control freak too and it would be great to grow once i knew what worked but for now I don't nor do I have the space. Besides growing when on the next street over we have a cop, parole officer, and a firefighter doesn't seem like the brightest idea even if its legal for me. We are close to two school as well and it just seems like a good way to get hassled ALOT which I don't need in my life.

    Good luck on your grow for now I am back to experimenting.
  19. ataxian

    ataxian PALE BLUE DOT

    Pacific Ocean
    I found that the more expensive lab tested dispensaries to be best.
    I have some PROBITICS that come in a capsule however I can't swallow them so I open them up and dump them into my smoothie.

    My grow space is very stealth. My family that does not live with me doesn't even know I grow!

    We need to keep it quiet.
    People in general look at Marijuana as an evil to society.
    I call it by it's proper name: CANNABIS!
    For me it's safer than drugs!
    Healthier too!
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  20. GenYHippie

    GenYHippie Well-Known Member

    Southern California
    Good to know about your experience with the lab tested ones thank you. Probiotics are hard for me as im allergic to cows dairy, soy, and nuts so there isn't a lot to culture them on. Ive tried them int he past but they weren't very helpful sadly.

    Yeah it would be nice if society could standardize and understand. For now ive found people get "uppity" and argumentative with me if I say cannabis outside of a dispensary. They seem to think by me saying that im some kind of promoter lol. If I stick to the usual MJ/Ganja they take it as more casual recreational don't do it every day meaning. Whatever If that make sit lest hostile then fine by me they don't nee to know how much I use anyway.
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  21. ataxian

    ataxian PALE BLUE DOT

    Pacific Ocean
    I keep to MySelf for that same reason!
    Preachers take vicodone for back pain?
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  22. MinnBobber

    MinnBobber Well-Known Member

    I hope you find a strain/procedure that works.
    As someone else stated, for your med issue your dosage seems very low. I just started vaping after
    a 25 year break from occasional / rare use so my body was also very unaccustomed to it. After a few days I try a bigger dose and got an uncomfortable dizzy feeling.
    You may want to experiment with small doses with time in between. One small hit, wait 30 mins, repeat.
    This may enable you to get the dosage you likely need without some/all of the negative feelings.
    Hope you find a strain/method/procedure that works. Keep trying!!
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  23. ataxian

    ataxian PALE BLUE DOT

    Pacific Ocean
    I was 30 years free from Cannabis!
    Told it was evil?

    Why does it make me able to manage better?
    Why I don't have side effects like drug's?

    I started with 1/8th every 2 weeks to 30 gram/month to about 15 grams/month. (additional 3 grams/month concentrate)

    We all have different needs.
    I know people who use 1 gram/month.
    Some need 30 grams/week?
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  24. GenYHippie

    GenYHippie Well-Known Member

    Southern California
    Thank you for the kind thoughts MinnBobber :). Part of the reason or the low dose is that im very prone to dizziness so nauea + dizziness not such a great combo. Once I find a strain I know I can get relief from then at worst is just be dealing with the dizziness not the nausea as well and I can go higher (pun intended ;) ).

    Ive been doing pretty good keeping up with using some daily usually at night or first thing when I get up. I think i feel ok about doing the small hits throughout the day now that ive got some more indica dominants. Hopefully that will get me where I need to be. ATM im having o be sneakier my sister and BIL who im visiting don't care that I use in fact my BIL gets a huge kickout of it lol. But understandably don't want it around young kids so im sneaking off to the garage, proch, or an upstairs bedroom with a large woindow for the time being.

    Im happyt obe finding even fractions of relief but after so many years of being sick I was kind of hoping to find what "wow miracle" sooner. But im working on it :)

    Yeah im figuring that out. The querkle I have I can see myself going through ALOT faster than the sativa's and sativa dominant hybrids I got at first. The sativas were more restricting because of my heart issues and dizziness, so far I get a lot less dizziness and chest tightness with indica dominant. I miss the mood lift a little though. But this week anxiety is more prevalent then depression so im rolling with it.

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