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Cone cover to fit over 510/M601 adapter

Discussion in 'Vapor Related Equipment' started by apocalypse-cow, Mar 16, 2014.

  1. apocalypse-cow

    apocalypse-cow Member

    Hey there,

    So I recently purchased a Vision Spinner and an adapter so I could use my Omi carts. I wanted to buy a battery that didn't have O-phos written on the side in case an LFO in a less-friendly state decided to use Google on his smart phone when I'm traveling (unlikely, I know). I'm probably worrying too much, but whatever.

    I spent a long time researching clearomizers that could handle Pure Gold (it's what I use when traveling), but eventually decided that I'd just get an adapter instead. Now it looks even more conspicuous and I'm worried that it could snap in my pocket.

    Anybody have any luck finding a cone cover that'll fit over it?


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