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Concentrate Glass Assortment Starter Pack

Discussion in 'Sold, Traded, Found, Closed' started by farscaper, Feb 1, 2014.

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  1. farscaper

    farscaper Well-Known Member

    Here is a nice little assortment of glass that i have collected that has subsequently been collecting dust. I need to purge it and i'm sure someone would like a great deal on some concentrate glass so i assymbled a nice little "dry" concentrate starter package. Note that you can easily make this a "wet" package if you add a 14mm ash catcher your in business.


    1 "OG" Oil slick ball (large) from oil slick
    1 14mm blackleaf J hook from planet vape
    1 14mm oil dome (large) from Aqua Labs
    1 14mm cup head quartz concentrate nail from Aqua Labs
    1 14mm divited head quartz concentrate nail from Aqua Labs
    2 14mm keck clips from Aqua Labs in a kinda medical scrubbs green color
    1 14mm m/m glass adapter from Aqualabs (has a small chip on the inside of one end. almost imposible to get a photo, but it came from ALT that way... does not effect the use of this piece.
    1 18mm keck clip from mariposa
    1 14mm male 18mm male adapter from mariposa
    1 14mm male 18mm female adapter from mariposa
    1 18mm 3 hole diffused glass bowl
    1 Vapenwiser 14/18mm titanium concentrate nail
    1 Vapenwiser titanium dabber

    I have included a couple extra adapters to really give this kit a kick for someone who might have a piece but lack concentrate glass for it. With the exta 14mm/18mm male/male you can run with the 14mm quartz nails on a piece that has a female 18mm joint. Note that both of the quartz nails have been used, but minimilly. I used them on a trip I took and havent used them since.

    Another adapter that I have included that you will find invaluble is the 14mm male 18mm female. Why is simple. you pop that Vapenwiser nail right on in there and there is no worry of that puppy tipping. The Vapenwiser tends to wobble on a 14mm joint. You can also place that very clean and uncombusted bowl in there on the dry pipe and vape some bubble through a screen... or smoke a bowl if you wanna go there... yea i said it.

    The vapewiser is a used nail. the area that has seen the least heat as you can see is blued nicely. the head of the nail and the bottom have seen the most heat as the previous owner flame cleaned the bottom. This nail has seen 2 owners, but can be resurfaced if you desired to do so.

    The j hook looks wet, cause it is in the picture, i had just finished cleaning it before the picture, the rest was already clean.

    The Pictures:

    The business:
    I'm looking to get $50.00 US out of this kit. plus $10.00 US shipping...
    for a total of $60.00 US sent through paypal.

    PM with offers, not saying I will accept trades, but I have a SOLO and no extras at the moment...


    Edit: Sold for listed price.
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2014
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