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Concentrate Equipment Suppliers for Worked Items

Discussion in 'ABV' started by syrupy, Jul 3, 2014.

  1. syrupy

    syrupy Authorized Buyer

    If this belongs in the Q&A thread, move it on over.

    I'm wanting to find more online venues for purchasing concentrate supplies. I can hardly click a few times without running into sites selling domeless nails. When I go looking for old school supplies like worked domes, dishes or dabbers, there's barely anything out there. Am I the only one interested in nails/domes anymore? I feel like the last human on earth who still uses a concentrate dish, because they look cool. I know this stuff is out there, if I can get the search terms correct.

    I have found some cool dishes on ebay just searching for art glass..
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  2. CG420

    CG420 Fuck Who You Think I Am

    The Internet
    Vapenwiser dot com.
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    SSVUN~YAH You Must Unlearn, What You Have Learned...

    # Town
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  4. Mynameismud

    Mynameismud But call me Alowishus Devadander Abercrombie.

    @syrupy check out nuggetry you may be able to find something in the glass section. Just be careful and follow the same rules in the classifieds here and you should be fine.

    The nectar collector has been out for a while. It's a nice, and sure is convenient, but I wouldn't want it as a daily driver or my only piece for oil.

    Also, and this may just be me, but after you use it once or twice it just reminds me too much like a crack pipe and I don't like leaving it sit out
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  5. 063_XOBX

    063_XOBX Ganjapreneur

    Aardvark is the only reason I even want a worked dish and I'm having a hard time finding one that isn't ridiculously overpriced.

    With the PNWT/KO and Aardvark it's perfect for use once in a while since you can use the WT on it's own when you don't want the Aardvark.
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  6. syrupy

    syrupy Authorized Buyer

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