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Conc cartridge ?? for total newbie????

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by MinnBobber, Jan 4, 2018.

  1. MinnBobber

    MinnBobber Well-Known Member


    what we have is a failure to ca-muun-e-cate.
    I mentioned to someone that I'd like to try concentrates some time and they asked if I wanted some ?? Well, that would be yes. So they showed up with "it" today and I was expecting wax,sugar, rosin etc but they had a cartridge.
    I never ever expected to use a cartridge so have no knowledge of them but decided to try it anyhow.

    So I dug out my TTZig e vape/cartridge piece, previously established as the worlds' worst vape-- a total POS
    but.....that end screws off and it is cartridge compatible. I'm tapped into a 1 gram 90% ?? SFV OG golden goo

    I'm not sure what to expect???
    How many small hits can one expect off a full cartridge?
    I am a little leery to try this heavy hitter--being a microdoser and flavor chaser.

    What should I expect vs vaping small flower loads??

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