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Completely New To Vaping. Need All Advice I Can Get.

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by new2vape, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. new2vape

    new2vape New Member

    I have never vaped before. Years ago I smoked weed recreationally, before quitting in my early twenties. About a year ago I tried smoking again for mild anxiety relief in social situations. For weeks I tried this method, to no avail. Even one small hit was getting me completely stoned for hours, accompanied with worse anxiety. I have read that "vaping flowers" or "concentrates" gives a much smoother, mellow, and "clean" high. I'm looking to get a really mild high that doesn't fog my mind, or cause fatigue. Any info, website, or book references would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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  2. max

    max Out to lunch

    There's a forum site with lots of good info, and no link needed since you've already found it. Don't know of any books on vaporization, and really, you just need to go ahead and try it to see if it's for you. Vapor certainly provides a cleaner high than smoke, and the consensus is that it's less of a drowsy effect. With smoke you get sleepy effects due to the smoke byproducts, which have nothing to do with cannabis itself. You should keep in mind though that all cannabis isn't the same, either in strength or the type of effect you'll get.

    Since you say that "even one small hit" when smoking was too much, you may want to get a vape that has a restricted draw, thus making it easier to keep your hits small and controlled. I've got a couple of portables that I use currently, and they're quite different in performance. The Odin is designed with a more wide open vapor path, for bigger hits. That's the type you should avoid, at least initially, if one small hit is more than you really want. The other portable I use is very nice for stealthy use and carry, but has a smaller, narrow vapor path, providing much more restricted hits. You're not likely to even feel a small hit from a model like the HipVap, especially if you start with a low temp. You can set it under 320 and get active vapor. Although you may not feel the hit in your throat or lungs, you will feel the effect. You'll just have to wait for it. With higher temps the effects will change somewhat. As you move up in temp, the effect will become closer to that from smoking. Also keep in mind that your tolerance level will change with regular use, although it doesn't require more and more all the time like some other drugs. I'm a daily user, and have been for decades, yet I don't really use that much to this day. I don't try and stay high all day either, and that does matter.

    Your best bet for answers and info on specific questions is to just google your questions. For instance, 'cannabis effects by temperature' will give you hits like this . Don't take any one article or site as the gospel, just read and try to get a consensus on your question. Whether you're looking at this forum or any other site(s), it's up to you to read and come to your own conclusions. But the bottom line on whether vaping, or cannabis for that matter, is for you, is that you'll have to get a vape (doesn't have to cost much over $100) and experiment.

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