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Combustion question (carbon filters part deuce)

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by herbivore21, Feb 15, 2014.

  1. herbivore21

    herbivore21 Well-Known Member

    So I have sorted out a Luke Wilson 15 arm tree bubbler for myself (cheers @Frederick McGuire ), and awaiting the imminent arrival of my custom GonG adapter for my Pinnacle Pro. This may be another week or two yet, and my PonG (number 3) has started melting - unfortunately a PC PonG rather than the PES.

    So, I am back to combustion for now. I want to use the new bubbler to keep the smoking smooth (I find smoke so harsh already after 3 weeks as a pure vapist), but would it be worth grabbing a cheap active carbon filter to smoothen this out more especially for concentrates?
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  2. grokit

    grokit well-worn member

    the north
    Get moar (of the safe) PonGs stat!

    You might also want to add a cotton ball in the downstem, to keep your new piece from being soiled. It will be easier to do this if you are using a screen, so you can dump your ash rather than shoot it into the glass.
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  3. herbivore21

    herbivore21 Well-Known Member

    Thanks!!! Not soiling the piece is a major point of order! My custom GonG will save the day, it has already left the US for my side of the globe. I wouldn't use a PonG connection on anything that involved using the PNP upside down. That is a recipe for melting plastic :-/
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