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Cloud EVO Vs Sublimator

Discussion in 'ABV' started by Kenzie, Dec 25, 2013.


Which Vape for the biggest one hit clouds?

  1. Cloud EVO

  2. Sublimator

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  1. Kenzie

    Kenzie New Member

    Hi Everyone, I am Looking at buying one of these units but cant tell which one will give me the better clouds. Im after something that hits really heavy and demands satisfaction. The price is pretty much the same for either unit. I am looking for something that will give me the best one hitters(all the Vape in one go) in some glassware. I am only going to be smoking green out of it not concentrates.
    The sublimator looks really good but it looks like it could be improved (heat shielding, 20 Minute warm up time, voltage meter included...ect). It still looks like it hits you really heavily with a big cloud.
    The Evo looks like it is really simple to use and give a strong cloud but what is the wait on a back order? What is the difference in vapor density between the units? Does anyone own both and are able to give an opinion? Are there any other vapes out there worth looking at?
    Help me people I cant decide. Thank you

    Cloud Evo:
  2. notmyrealUSERname

    notmyrealUSERname Notmy Well-Known Member


    I personally think the Sub will be better suited to your needs, it's the best one hitter quitter vape I have come across. I don't have an Evo but I have had multiple clouds, and in no way can they compete with the cloud production of the sub.

    Evo obviously is better than the cloud but it appears that the company is still having issues putting a consistent quality product out there - some are hotter/colder than others, warranty coverage maybe questionable and how many times are you willing to pay for return shipping in order to get what you paid for?

    The sublimator company hasn't had any of these issues.

    I'm glad I supported a Canadian company, that has given me the most satisfying vape I have ever owned, and it been 100% reliable.
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  3. Elluzion

    Elluzion Vapeosaurus Rex

    If you want single hit extraction, the sub is the way to go. You can do one hitters through the evo, but will need a small cap method or something, otherwise itll take a few hits to fully extract the load

    I bought my sub used and its been 100% reliable and has functioned flawlessly
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