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Cloud Evo Tool Holder (Bamboo Protector)

Discussion in 'Vapor Related Equipment' started by withoutbliss, Oct 5, 2018.

  1. withoutbliss

    withoutbliss Accessory Maker

    After a few close calls with my bamboo I decided to design some bamboo protection. This project ended up doubling as a tool holder and eventually a couple other things.


    THE TOOL HOLDER is held in place by tightly hugging the Evo while velcro keeps it from sliding off the heatshield. The top sits right above the bamboo so the Evo can take a fall without having to be sent in for repairs. It holds up to 10 baskets and/or tubes (can be customized with more or less holes). Each hole has a diameter of 13mm and can also have inserts for smaller diameter tools.

    THE LID is for extra protection on the go or to reduce collecting dust at home. When the lid is not on the tool holder, it can be used as a hydrafoot or a stabilizer for the Evo. A male joint attachment is fastened to the lid (with a 3D printed nut) when being used as a hydrafoot. The heatshield's velcro slides thru slots in the lid to secure it to the Evo's feet when using it as a stabilizer. The stabilizer prevents air flow restriction (from clothing, blankets, etc) and helps prevent the Evo from tipping over.


    This project is still a work in progress at the moment. I would love some help brainstorming and testing this prototype. Lemme know if you have any ideas and feel free to message me about testing inquiries / FC discounts. Links in signature.

    Current Drawbacks:
    -Glass/quartz tubes heat up passed melting point of PLA so they need a minute to cool off.
    -Can't use Evo upside down on most glass pieces.

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