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Cleanest Vaping Atomizer for BHO

Discussion in 'DIY' started by ImAVapist, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. ImAVapist

    ImAVapist New Member

    Hi, I am putting together my own portable vaporizer using e-cig parts. The ideal atomizer would be one that uses no plastic, nickel or other toxic materials and which when puffed without any BHO or materials on it would produce only hot air with no residues in the vapor. Please advise. Thanks!
  2. max

    max Out to lunch

    Most plastics (those used in vapor devices) and nickel are NOT toxic at vaping temps. You should get familiar with materials and temps if you're gonna DIY.
  3. ImAVapist

    ImAVapist New Member

    Ok well what is the smoke that comes off a fresh atomizer with no juice or oil or anything on it?

    What is the cleanest atomizer?
  4. max

    max Out to lunch

    I don't know much about e-cig parts/design. What we do know is that it's hard to do a simple conversion from e-cig to mj vape, and that's what a lot of e-cig makers are trying to do. You may be successful, but long term reliability (sometimes short term) is iffy. Pen style vapes that are designed for mj use, herb or conenctrate, do much better.

    One thing you can be sure of- it's not smoke. Have you asked the manufacturer or supplier of the atomizer what it is? Worth a try. You may well get an answer here too.
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  5. OO

    OO Technical Skeptical

    Paraphernalia Museum
    Unfortunately anything is toxic in high enough quantities, and everything gives off vapor at all temperatures.

    This is not a black and white world, but one in which you can choose how close you are to either. :)
    If you can see something coming off the atomizer, it could be smoke (combustion product), or it could be vapor condensate.

    What the vapor is composed of depends on what was used in the manufacture of the atomizer.
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  6. ImAVapist

    ImAVapist New Member

    I have perfected the portable hash oil vaporizer:


    • Clean Atomizer! (NO SMOKE WHEN BRIEFLY DRY FIRED) VPA-054 Vapage AMG Hybrid Atomizer Universal 2.0ohm (bridgeless for "dripping") or Gentleman's Brand Hash Oil Atomizer V2
    • Adjustable Battery! - Joyetech Ego Twist or VPA-103 U-Turn Battery (I have the joyetech 1100 and have a smaller u-turn 650 on order)
    • Charger
    • "Drip Tip"
    It's fucking amazing. You're welcome.
  7. Breathemetal

    Breathemetal Well-Known Member

    The Mitten
    You should post a video review of it
  8. baltik

    baltik Well-Known Member


    Is the vapage the same as the Gentleman's? have u tried the kangers?
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  9. Pipes

    Pipes Addicted DIY Enthusiast Accessory Maker

    Southern Ontario
    I have used the 2 ohm horizontal coil Kangers many times. Great low cost (5 for $10) disposable oil vape. Yank the upper felt out and load up a few drops down the side per session. Once fouls can soak in ISO to recover the un-used goodness. I found they last for 1 - 2 grams of crap oil before they start to give out. Likely much longer for better quality stuff.
    IMHO it's worth keeping some on hand just for backup or trips (load and go). Specially if you use ecigs anyway. :tup:
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  10. CentiZen

    CentiZen Evil Genius in Training Accessory Maker

    America's Hat
    I'm really glad to hear that testimony lol. I'm on vacation right now and brought along some of those in case my main units fail. Never used them but I heard they worked well.
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  11. JohnxBlaze

    JohnxBlaze New Member

    East Coast
    vapist, can you post a link of where you got the atomizer? Looks to identical to my vc discreet atty which i need to replace. Any other suggestions on atomizers?
  12. ImAVapist

    ImAVapist New Member

    I've found some better sources for parts and they are listed below. The best oil I have found so far is Grape Ape Indica CO2 oil which has a syrup consistency and comes in a syringe. Solid concentrates work great too.

    The gentleman's brand atomizer is the best I know of. The vapage hybrid is a little less consistent / reliable.

    I tried the Kanger and yes they are good tasting, clean, reliable, cheap.... BUT.... They are wayyyyyy too long and difficult to insert a tool into to load small amounts of concentrate or reposition it on the coil or even just to look in and see what's going on. Even the others are too long but the Kanger is twice as long.

    Anyone know where to get shortened Kangers or know how to cut them?


    Battery: http://www.litecigusa.net/Joye_ego_c_Twist_650mah_Manual_Switch_Battery_p/ego-twist-650.htm
    Stealth Battery Auto (suck to activate): http://www.litecigusa.net/Joye_510_Auto_Switch_Battery_p/510abatt.htm
    Stealth Battery Manual (button to activate): http://www.litecigusa.net/Joye_510_Manual_Switch_Battery_p/510mbatt.htm
    Atomizer: http://www.gentlemansvapes.com/products/hash-oil-atomizer
    Dry Herb Chamber: http://www.gentlemansvapes.com/products/blank-dry-herb-cartridge
    Tips (Use different colors for different oils): http://www.litecigusa.net/510_901_K...at_Tip_Drip_T_p/alum9-fslash-5flatdriptip.htm
    Charger: http://www.litecigusa.net/Joye_510_USB_Charger_p/510usbc.htm
  13. MTBerVAPEer

    MTBerVAPEer ibikeivape

    united states - washington
    Not sure if you already got an answer for that but it is machining oil. like when you buy stainless steel it has a nice even look till you burn off the preservative (machining oil)then the stainless steel will give the "rainbow" effect on the metal.

    I still wonder what the best atomizer and form of concentrate to use is. I really care about

    1. Effect, Taste, I want it to work real good and taste good.

    I have all the tools I experiment but normally just stick to the type b but don't enjoy the constant reloading.

    I like the idea of the dispensarys that sell mixed pg/vg and c02 or wax those would be nice but do they work.

    I could go back to dabbing but I hate the torch idea and pens are much cooler

    (i have a vamo v5, ego c twist - various tanks, RDA, vhit type b)

    1. RDA (nimbus clone) I can rebuild coils throw chunk right on. ive wanted to try stainless steel rope and mesh as the wicking medium for oil though. I think this one would be the best.

    2. making a pg/vg BHO liquid for use in a protank 3 for dual coil and glass reasons. or maybe even "drip it"

    3. 510 dab attachments. had glass globes they are garbage in my opinion. I like my seego vhit type b for stealthy and quick but I hate reloading it every 3 draws.
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