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Chosing the right vap

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by ctdtst, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. Andreaerdna

    Andreaerdna If God is the answer, then the question is wrong

    Another +1 for arizer and vapcap

    Both Reliable, easy to use, giving fat solid results

    Once you get used to vaporizing you can upgrade to something more tricky to use as portables on demands convection units (firewoods or similar)
  2. Used2use

    Used2use Landrace racer

    even if there would be the ultimative, unbreakable vape for all possible needs that could ever be imagined - people would still buy 'backup' vapes... ;) :rofl:
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  3. JmVape1988

    JmVape1988 New Member

    The good thing about vaping is less nicotine than regular smoke. Plus flavors that you like lol.
  4. JmVape1988

    JmVape1988 New Member

    When I switch to vaps less nic health and wealth bro!
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  5. Winegums

    Winegums I make things from wood Accessory Maker

    The Fraser Valley
    You sure about that? A Vapcap is more like a Bong hit than a Joint by far. The thick vapour that pours out, the ritual of loading a bowl then dropping it into the glass, the short vaporization time, etc. It feels all the world like a bong hit without the combustion.
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  6. MoltenTiger

    MoltenTiger Well-Known Member

    Down down under
    It's a fair comment to pull up, because the VapCap is pretty nice matched with glass.
    And it's fair to say that some will convert to vapour bongs with it without any effort, but I know for me it would take some extra effort to fuck combustion with just a VapCap.
    Now I only have the M, no Nonavong. I do want a Nonavong for my glass though, but I've decided on a WoodScents, to try the Ti VC and to have a better heating mechanism, and to get that gorgeous vong.

    But, the M being SS is said to maintain temperature better than other models, and even still I find it struggled to keep up with my vaping bong habits big time.
    Toking it like a joint is perfect for me, and how I most often use it.

    I've actually been using it recently with glass quite a bit too, and I just think because of the chamber size and because of the drop-off in temp, a bong hit for me far surpasses the intensity I get from straight flower in the VC.
    Concentrates, even a little sprinkle of kief, can boost this potency and is typically what I rely on to get me to Glormax 9 with a VC.
    Old school hits from the bong make getting there much easier, and coming from a heavy hitting bong smoking habit the tolerance is already a factor.
    And so that is why I say some effort's required.

    I can't tell you how much effort I had to put in with a modded EQ to rid my smoking habit.
    Albeit tobacco was an issue there, but still.

    The one vape I have that requires zero effort to switch is the Sublimator.
    It is all that bong smoking is and more.
    Not the most convenient or accessible device though.

    My Grasshopper's did a much better job than the EQ, and they were especially good in being portable and interfacing with glass perfectly, but I'd still say there'd be some effort needed to substitute with them.

    In terms of the VapCaps, they're nice and I have a few options still to explore, but they just aren't big enough hitters for me, and most of the bong smokers I know would straight up agree.
    Aussies have big lungs though, typically. Bong fiends down here.

    I've heard plenty of people claim the VC hits hard, and compared to a MFLB I'd agree, but compared to a GH with a 50% bigger chamber and on demand continual heating, or compared to a Sublimator.. those claims don't hold up IME.

    The key to replacing bong hits is cloud density and power, and the VC can only produce this quickly before it depletes.
    Those other vapes will hold true for as long as desired, 40 seconds, a minute, it's easy work for them. That's a big enough hit that makes bong smoking redundant .
    With the VC, the cloud density for a shorter time makes it ideal for replacing joints or pipes in my mind.
    I smoked a pipe for some months years ago, it was my portable go to. The transition then would be simple with a VC, and plenty of people smoke bongs like that (tiny green bowls) and they'd have no trouble. The smokers I know and me personally, would.

    Certainly it's a great vape through glass, and it is nice to use with a bong. But it wouldn't be my suggestion to someone wanting to quit smoking bongs unless they were light users. I'd definitely recommend it, but heavy users will want something on demand and self powered too I think, and they'd be better to start there perhaps.
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  7. invertedisdead

    invertedisdead trance-form

    I agree that the VC is closer to a bong hit than a joint in my opinion, mostly due to the heating style. Old school joint smokers are used to their candle staying lit, so the heating can become a bit fiddly for them; especially remembering the cool down click. Plus every joint smoker I know has completely insane tolerance, some of these guys roll up like 4 grams in one joint, and start rolling another within 30 minutes. Of course we all know only a small fraction of those cannabinoids even get into their lungs, but the negative combustion effects seem to make it much harder for that type of user to transition.

    I see where you both are coming from, as I would agree that the VC bowl is not large enough for someone with a higher tolerance. IMO people don't give enough credit to how large of an impact tolerance can make on vaporizer choice. The guy who vapes one bowl before bedtime to sleep better has way different needs then a quadriplegic who is using all day.

    I think some of the design cues like the adjustable screen position hint at the vapcap being more for those who use smaller doses. IMO it can pretty much milk a water pipe with the best of them, but it definitely runs out of gas way before my Flower Pot. Not a bad thing IMO, just a function of its particular design.

    There's so many points one could debate, like vapcap vs grasshopper; would you rather load more bowls or more batteries? I feel every vape has these tradeoffs, and truly all that gives must take.

    I've said this a few times on this board, but it would be really cool to see a slightly larger scaled up version of the vapcap, designed to be heated with quad jet lighters, or perhaps a cooking torch. Something between current vapcaps, and say, the Supreme V3.
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  8. MoltenTiger

    MoltenTiger Well-Known Member

    Down down under
    I definitely agree (and with the rest too!)
    I have thought this a couple of times, but it would still have difficulty keeping up for a long drag.

    And interesting point about the joint smokers. I guess that's the one style I haven't ever really enjoyed much or practiced.

    So maybe it's most fair to say that's it's, on average, as suited to either style.

    For me, as I never enjoyed joints, I found the VC to be the closest I've come to enjoying a joint.

    But, yeah they do go through some gas and the reheating thing makes them quite different.

    The heating makes them hard to use anywhere but in privacy where I'm from too

    And with the VC/GH thing, yet another good point, but and what I'm considering as a bong smokers, I'd prefer to have bigger hits fewer times, than small hits continuously. That's the difference I have between either through glass with my usage and tolerance
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  9. invertedisdead

    invertedisdead trance-form

    Agreed, never was into joints either, so a VC is as close as I can get to really enjoying one. I just prefer vaping through water in general because I find vapor dry. A few old school joint smokers in my family though so I have to deal with them frequently lol. Don't get me started on when they claim a joint is the only true way to taste the flower... :rofl:

    Exactly, no 10 minute session vapes! I don't know a thing about Aussie smoking culture, but in California the etiquette is to finish your bowl in one rip, we call it a snap. A lot of folks consider it impolite to pass someone a charred party bowl. I don't have giant lungs though, so I can't crush bowls like some people on here who can take 60 second inhales, but I also prefer my bong hits to be one and done! :science: I always kinda thought of my Arizer Air as being an electronic joint based on the draw resistance and session style.
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  10. MoltenTiger

    MoltenTiger Well-Known Member

    Down down under
    Haha, well it's easy to be ingrained in our ways for sure.

    But it might also have something to do with their depleted sense of smell and taste!

    One thing I've noticed since distancing myself from smoking, one of my guys places always has me smelling of smoke and it's crazy to me knowing that I was the same once. I never really noticed it.

    He's got my EQ now, but...
    Aussie smoking culture is pretty rancid!
    We typically do similar to Cali snaps it seems, but generally out of Bonza bongs, if you're lucky. Many, many people just use repurposed PET bottles, often with garden hose as a stem.

    Lots of drug abusers here, heaps of disco biscuits, ice and opiates.
    Our snaps are called cones.
    Mixed with tobacco and weed, just shy of half and half, it's super addictive and extra gross.

    Very happy to see the other side of it. I guess in a way that spawns my passion for alternative measures.
    But I have only managed to convert one person to vaping out of the many smokers I know here.

    So for me, when I consider a bong smoker, I'm thinking of an even harder convert potential than a joint smoker, who are typically the more sensible ones down this way

    Apart from the Sovereignty guys, this is pretty much the pinnacle of Aussie smoking
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  11. invertedisdead

    invertedisdead trance-form

    Damn, that rig is scary bro! Younger bong smokers here tend to have pride in using glass, a common phrase is "glass or pass" but older types still use plastic bongs with metal bowls, and I know more than a few friends fathers who still use aluminum pipes!
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  12. MoltenTiger

    MoltenTiger Well-Known Member

    Down down under
    It has to be one of the rudest examples of a bong I've ever seen haha. It stinks of Queensland.

    "glass or pass" is pretty much what I lived by for the last couple years of smoking. But it's hardly a cleaner/healthier option.
    People are impervious, I use spray on deodorant but I still wouldn't smoke out of aluminium!
    Unless I was in a pickle.

    My DynaVap is now my pickle solution, no more coke cans!
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  13. KC2K

    KC2K Active Member

    Ha ha showed my wife the awesome Australian ingenuity.... her reply was... 'Does it work? Whats the problem?', she's a bit old school ha ha. Doesn't have to look pretty, just do the job, now thats my girl :D
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  14. Mr. Me2

    Mr. Me2 Well-Known Member

    I'll keep my suggestions short:

    Fury2, gh, and dynavap.
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  15. Tiny88

    Tiny88 Deluxe420

    Vancouver, BC
    I second @Mr. Me2 for the Fury2. It is a great starter vape (about $149) to see if you even like it. The Fury2 is a hybrid style (conduction and convection), and the bowl is not too big, ideal for micro-dosing. Plus their customer service is first rate.

    Check out the video.

    Click to play YouTube Video
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