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CBD Vape Pen

Discussion in 'E-cig Based Portables' started by MasteRaccoon, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. MasteRaccoon

    MasteRaccoon New Member

    )Hey Guys,

    I'm getting way & way more interested in CBD, it all started with a 1:1 strain that amazing (Juanita la lagrimosa) and I got into vaping cbd since a couple of weeks now.
    Do you guys already have experience with CBD Vape oils ? I did my research and found 2 brands that offer amazing stuff but i have trouble finding the right Vape Pen to use them.

    Right now I have a Joyetech Q16, it's tiny (900mAh / 1.9ml / 1.6 ohm Clearomizer) but you can control the temperature and the smoke is smooth.
    I would like to try a more powerful Vape Pen but when I used a Sub Ohm vape (Istick Pico 75w) it was dripping in my mouth and the taste was so bitter.
    This device is amazing with high VG liquids though (without cbd), but it's worthless when I try with my cbd juices.

    The thing is that the E Juices contain more PG than VG which make them very thin/liquidy, so my question would be : Do you guys know if I can use a stronger Vape Pen with my cbd e liquids without having drops/bitter taste in my mouth ?
    The aim is simply to ingest more smoke & enjoy the experience as the Justfoq q16 only delivers tiny amounts.

    Thank you for help :)


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